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I have always had a healthy admiration for celebrities who still find time to engage in humanitarian causes in spite of their celebrity status, Danielle Campbell, fondly known by her fans as Dani is one of such people. She is passionate about working with groups and communities for social causes. Dani was involved with the Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

Heifer International, a non-profit organization that supports sustainable agriculture and commerce in poverty-stricken areas have also benefited from Dani’s goodwill activities. In addition to the aforementioned, the actress has been to some places like Guatemala where she worked as part of such initiative.

Biography (Age)

Danielle Mary Campbell popularly known by her fans as Danielle Campbell was born on the 30th day of January 1995 to father John Campbell and mother Georganne Campbell. Dani, as she is fondly called, was born in Hinsdale, Illinois and has one sibling, a younger brother called Johnny Campbell who she is very close to, Dani shares a very close family bond with Johnny and is always seen hanging out with him during her break time. The actress has several pictures with Johnny on the social media which points to the closeness that exists between the siblings.

The actress was discovered in a beauty salon in Chicago at the tender age of ten and at the age of 11, she made her acting debut with a guest appearance in five episodes of the television series Prison Break (2006-2007). Presently, Danielle Campbell lives in Atlanta Georgia. she played the character of Darla in the feature film titled The Poker House in 2008. Not long after that, she was involved in a nationwide advertisement for Build-A-Bear workshop. She is also known to have made appearances in several other television series which include Starstruck (2010), Zeke and Luther (2010) and Drop Dead Diva (2012).

She got the lead role in a teenage romance comedy-drama film titled Prom in 2011. The next year, she was seen playing a major role in the feature film titled Madea’s Witness Protection. From 2013 to 2016, Dani played a role in the television series The Originals where she made appearances from season 1 to season 3. The actress was a part of the reality television cooking competition ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in the episode ‘Aerial Maneuvers’ in 2017. Later in the same year, April to be precise, Flaunt Magazine featured her as part of a Spring/Summer photo shoot project which was done in association with Harol Baez. She is rumoured to be part of the feature films Race to Redemption and F the Prom which are presently in post-production stage. The web television series Runaways; which is based on the Marvel Comics of the same title is another film she is known to be involved in.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Danielle Campbell
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Presently, Danielle is not married but that does not mean that she is not involved in a romantic relationship. Just like other celebrities, she has become the focus of attention and the subject of rumors both true and false. Some years ago, Dani’s name was linked with that of Tyler Posey whom she was involved with for a very short time. The affair between Dani and Tyler spanned for a period of 2 months before they broke up.

Presently, Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson, an English singer and songwriter are in a relationship. The couple is not making any attempt to keep their relationship secret because some few months ago, Louis was spotted with Dani and her family in an ice cream parlor in Los Angeles. The lovebirds are openly posting their pictures all over the social media, especially on online mobile photo-sharing platforms. The pictures they have released to the public is a testament to how close they have become and how agreeable they are with each other as they present themselves as a couple to the public.

Height And Other Body Measurements

Dani is a beautiful, cute and attractive brunette who looks good in anything she puts on. She is not very tall but what she lacks in height, she makes up for in looks which are visibly outstanding. Dani stands at a height of 1.6 meters or 5 feet 3 inches, it might not be much, but the young actress still makes a big bang anywhere she goes because of her beauty which is exceptional.

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Other Facts You Need To Know About Danielle Campbell

Full name – Her full name is Danielle Mary Campbell but is popularly known as Danielle Campbell.

Pet Name – She is fondly called Dani by her fans.

Date of birth – The actress was born on the 30th day of January 1995.

Place of birth – Dani was born in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Profession – She is a talented actress.

Parents – Her father is John Campbell and her mother is Georganne Campbell.

Sibling(s) – she has a younger brother named Johnny Campbell.

Net worth – Dani’s net worth is pegged at $500,000.

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