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Stand-Up comedy has been a pivotal part of Hollywood’s entertainment industry for a long time and Dan Cummins is a wonderful addition to the already existing comedians. Apart from his main focus as a stand-up comedian, he is also the host of the Timesuck Podcast. He got his big break in 2009 after the distribution of his debut comedy album (Revenge is near) by Warner Bros. Records. The album was listed by Punchline Magazine as one of the top 10 comedy CDs in 2009. The following year on Comedy Central, he performed his hour-long special which he titled, “Crazy With A Capital F,” on the 29th of May 2010. Here are more interesting facts.

Dan Cummins – Bio

Dan Cummins was born in the small town of Riggins, Idaho on the 17th of May 1977. After graduating from high school in the year 1995, he proceeded to study Psychology in Gonzaga University located in Spokane, Washington. He graduated in 1997 after which he got a job as a child and family counselor at a local residential treatment center. Though he worked there for only six months, he described the experience as utterly horrible.

Dan’s journey into a career in comedy began in the year 2000 when he performed at the now-defunct Laugh’s Comedy Cafe open mic show which was hosted inside the Season Ticket Bar close to the Spokane Arena. The following year, Dam Cummins signed up for the Seattle Comedy Competition and ended up becoming a  runner-up. In the course of the competition, he met another stand-up comedian, David Crowe, and they formed a two-man stand-up sketch/music act, COBDOG, (Crowe On Bass, Dan On Guitar). Together they were able to get radio air-time to host some of their comic materials including; “Bob And Tom Gone Wild,” and “At The Coffee Shop.” Unfortunately, the duo went their separate ways in 2003.

As time passed, Dan would later come to the notice of The Late Late Show talent booker as well as Comedy Central executives in 2005. This was when he made an appearance on the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival at the New Faces showcase. This led him to be booked for a performance which also became his first television performance on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham in 2006. Just a month after Comedy Central, his network television debut was recorded on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In the same year, the HBO Las Vegas Comedy Festival was his second major show.

In 2009, Dan Cummins hit a milestone in his career when his Comedy Central show became voted by fans in the annual Standup Showdown of comedy central, as the third best comedy show. Also in 2009, he launched his first hour-long Comedy Central special and had a sold-out show at the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, Washington. In September 2014, he performed an opener on the “Siren Songs” tour for the recording artist, Hughie Stone Fish, who is based in Los Angeles.

Dan Cummings

News came in on the 5th of January 2015 that Dan Cummings would permanently be a co-host on The Playboy Morning Show. On the 18th of September 2016, the first episode of Dan’s comedic/historical podcast titled, “Timesuck was released. The episodes on the podcast have since exceeded 100 episodes. Pandora later spotlighted Dan Cummins as it’s comic, which also made him the first comedian to be given such an opportunity on the company’s platform.

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This occurred after Dan’s comedy podcast station became one of the most listened-to podcasts, hosted by a comic. It is also interesting to note that Dan Cumming’s growing success in his chosen field led seasoned filmmaker, Newman Mike, to start developing a documentary since 2009 centered on his stand-up comedy journey.

Wife and Family of The Top Comedian

Dan Cummins used to have a tight-knit family but he is just living as a single man at the moment. Before his return to the singledom, Dan was married to Lynze but the pair got divorced in 2009. While they were still married, they had two wonderful children together, a son and a daughter. Currently, Dan and Lynze share custody of the kids. When it’s Dan turn to have them the kids, he travels between Coeur d’elene and Spokane to be with him.

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