Dan Abrams Illness: Is He Sick and Where Is He Now?

Dan Abrams is currently not sick, however, he battled cancer in 2003 and survived. Currently, he works with the NewsNation channel as the host of his self-titled prime-time show, Dan Abrams Live.

Abrams is a well-known American media entrepreneur, author, television host, and legal commentator. Apart from being the host of the ‘Dan Abrams Live’ prime-time show, he also serves as the chief legal analyst of ABC News. He had always been popular, but after he announced his cancer diagnosis, he became even more known in American media circles. Thankfully, with the right medical treatment, Dan was able to beat the ravaging disease.

Dan Abrams Was Diagnosed With Cancer in 2003

The media veteran was diagnosed with testicular cancer in the year 2003. According to several media reports, he first became aware of the deadly disease while he was working in Mexico that year. He was only 37 years old at the time. After he discovered he had cancer, Dan did what most people would do—he kept the news to himself and did his best to battle it without the interference of the public and the media.

Opinions are divided as to why he chose to keep his diagnosis to himself. Some say he probably kept his illness under wraps in order to maintain his pride and his privacy. Some others speculate that it was a wise career move to protect his job. The media as we know it is very cutthroat, and a sick presenter is at risk of losing his/her job.

Dan mostly fought his cancer diagnosis alone, with only minimal support from very close family, because of his fears. It’s also very notable that he did not speak on his illness until after he had long recovered. This was also aided by the fact that he was not married at the time and didn’t have any children.

The TV host would later reveal that because testicular cancer had a cure rate of about 95% chance of survival if detected early, he was very optimistic about beating the disease which he actually did. According to a report by Hopkins Medicine, only about 400 men worldwide die from testicular cancer each year. The disease is most common in men in their late thirties and above, which precisely fit the age at which Abrams was diagnosed.

He Underwent a Series of Surgeries to Remove the Cancer

According to Dan himself, he took a couple of complicated medical treatments that worked out well. The media presenter and entrepreneur allegedly underwent a series of surgeries where cancerous tumors were removed from his testicles, lymph nodes, and belly.

The surgeries were quickly followed by an intensive treatment regimen in order to keep him cancer-free and it worked. Dan Abrams was never really explicit with the details of his illness or even a breakdown of the treatment, but he recovered nicely and is currently in great health.

Dan Abrams Was Declared Cancer Free in 2004

The news that Dan recovered from testis cancer broke in 2004 after the media personality finally opened up and decided to talk about it on air. In September 2004, on World Testicular Cancer Day, the media personality made the first public announcement of the news in a statement aimed at bringing more publicity to the public about the disease.

He spoke about the fact that despite how often survivors relapse, that was not the case for him as he did not relapse. He also shared his hopes that his story serves as a beacon of hope, not only for those who found out they were diagnosed with testicular cancer but for all cancer patients in general. His message talked about the hopelessness of being diagnosed with cancer and finally the joy of realizing that cancer wasn’t supposed to be a death sentence, especially when it is diagnosed early.

Why Did Dan Abrams Lose Weight?

When Dan Abram was battling cancer, he lost a massive amount of weight. During this period, many of his viewers and colleagues noticed a very obvious difference in his appearance, as his body weight had reduced drastically. While Dan had not yet revealed his cancer diagnosis at the time, it was rather obvious that all was not well with him.

When he eventually revealed his diagnosis, the reason for his weight loss became rather apparent. Dan spoke publicly about his weight loss and its cause in 2004. He revealed that he would never have addressed the speculation if his colleague, Sean Kimerling, hadn’t died from the disease.

Dan then went ahead to speak about how the illness took such a heavy toll on him that even though he gained some weight back after he was cancer free, he never really went back to his weight before the illness. He looks very much healthy at the moment, but fans who knew what he looked like before 2004 can still tell the difference. His current and previous body statistics were, however, never made public.

Where Is Dan Abrams Now?

He has been quite active in the public sphere and is managing his media empire quite efficiently. His recovery was a new lease on life that permitted the media personality to become even more driven with new heights and achievements in his career. Right after his recovery, Dan went on to launch several media businesses. He was also offered a new position as the chief legal analyst of ABC News.

In 2009, Abrams founded Mediaite, a political news website that aimed to focus on world politics. This company forms part of his Abrams Media Network, with Dan himself being the founder, Aidan McLaughlin as the managing editor, and Josh Feldman and Joe DePaolo as senior editors. He also owns the Ev&Em Vineyards, named after his son and daughter. The vineyards were opened in the summer of 2021.

He Currently Has Two Kids With His Longtime Girlfriend

Studies show that one of the major marks of successfully beating testicular cancer is remaining fertile after the treatments. Abrams has more than met this milestone as he share two children with his longtime girlfriend Florinka.

They have a 10-year-old son named Everett Floyd Abrams, and a 1-year-old daughter whom the couple welcomed in 2021. Floyd Everett was born in July 2012, while his younger sister, Emilia Abrams, was born on February 18, 2021.

Abrams and Florinka Pesenti reportedly met way back in 2009 through a mutual acquaintance. Florinka works as a director in the Gucci fashion empire. The family currently lives in New York, in Manhattan.

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