Dakota Alan Norris – Everything About Chuck Norris’ Son

Dakota Alan Norris is the son of Chuck Norris, the veteran Hollywood actor. He is one of the twin children born to the actor through his second marriage to former American model Gena O’Kelley. Dakota was born August 30, 2001, and is a 22 year-old social media personality and martial artist. 

Summary of Dakota Alan Norris’ Bio

  • Full name: Dakota Alan Norris
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: August 30, 2001
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Age: 22 years old
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Girlfriend: Ashleigh
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Parents: Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris (father), Gena O’Kelley (mother)
  • Siblings: Michael Norris (half-brother), Eric Scott Norris (half-brother), Danilee Kelly Norris (sister), Kelley Gene Tagudin (half-sister), Timothy Robert Hinschberger
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Height in Centimeters: 173
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Net worth: Est. $200,000
  • Famous for: Being one of Chuck Norris’ three sons
  • Dakota Alan Norris’ Instagram: @d.ak.ot.a

Dakota Alan Norris Is 22 Years Old

Dakota Alan Norris was born on August 30, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, United States which makes him 22 years old. The celebrity kid’s birth sign is Virgo and he is an American citizen by birth and parental affiliation. His ethnic identity is not as straight forward as his national identity due to his father’s Irish and Cherokee ancestry.

Dakota Alan Norris

Speaking of parents, the social media personality is the first and only son of the renowned martial artist, actor, and screenwriter Chuck Norris, with his second wife Gena O’Kelley.

Dakota spent his formative years in California but details of his formal education background have so far been withheld from the public.

His Mother Is A Former Model

Dakota Alan Norris’ father does not need too much of an introduction due to his massive accomplishments in Hollywood and beyond in the world of entertainment. On the other hand, there is plenty to read and write about his mother, whose societal influence and popularity increased when she tied the knot with Chuck Norris in the late 1990s.

Born on August 10, 1963, in California, Gena O’Malley was one of 4 children born to the late Alan Gordon O’Malley and Anette O’Kelley. She is a sister to a brother named Eric, and sisters Maureen and Elizabeth. Her father, who unfortunately passed on in 2008, worked as a security staff for Hewlett-Packard as well as Kunde Winery.

In her heyday, Gena O’Malley earned a living as a model and an actress but she has also proven to be an astute businesswoman in recent times after leaving the entertainment scene behind to run a couple of businesses with her husband, Chuck Norris. On the manifesto of the bottling water company CForce, Gena O’Kelley is listed as the CEO and co-founder.

It is just one of a handful of business enterprises that she runs with Dakota Alan Norris’ father, enterprises that have contrived to give them a combined net worth of over $70 million.

Dakota’s Parents Have Been Married For Over 20 Years

November 28, 1998, will always be a date to remember for Dakota Alan Norris’ parents because that was the date they exchanged marital vows with each other. That commitment to love and cherish each other is one that they have faithfully upheld for more than two decades now.

Dakota’s parents met in 1997 at a restaurant. An interesting fact to note is that Dakota Norris’ father was on a date with another woman when he laid eyes on his mother. Through his assistant, he was able to arrange a meeting with the then-34-year-old Gena O’Kelley, and they ended up having their first date in Dallas, Texas.

We all are witnesses to the sequence of events that led to them becoming a couple despite the 23 years between them. Both Dakota Alan Norris’ parents are in their second marriage. His father was been previously married to his classmate, Dianne Kay Holechek, for more than 30 years from 1958 to 1989 while his mother was also previously married to Gordon Hinschberger for an undisclosed length of time.

Dakota Alan Norris Has Six Siblings

For the most part, the celebrity kid grew up with a sister named Danilee Kelly Norris. Being that she is his twin sibling, they share the same birthday- August 30, 2001. We have yet to uncover the age-old twin-related argument of who came out first.

However, the actor’s twin sister is the only sibling he shares both parents with as he has three half-siblings from his father’s side and two half-siblings from his mother’s previous marriage.

On the former’s side, the actor has two older half-brothers named Michael Norris (b. October 4, 1962) and Eric Scott Norris (b. May 20, 1965). Both siblings were a product of Dakota Norris’ father’s first marriage to Dianne Holechek.

Sandwiched in between the actor’s older half-brothers from his father is an older half-sister named Dina Norris DiCiolli. She was born in February 1963 and while she has been publicly acknowledged by the veteran actor, Dina Norris is the child he had with a woman named Johanna. They were never married.

On the flip side, Dakota Norris also has two half-siblings from his mother’s marriage to Hinschberger- an older half-sister named Kelley Gene Tagudin (b. September 11, 1985) and an older half-brother named Timothy Robert Hinschberger (b. May 3, 1987).

Chuck Norris’ Son, Dakota Alan Norris, Is A Martial Artist

The social media personality has followed in his father’s footsteps as an actor and a martial artist. He was only eight years old when he decided that he wanted to sharpen his martial arts skills and he couldn’t have asked for a better coach to guide him than his father, Chuck Norris.

Under the astute guidance of his father and later the famed martial arts tutor Derrick Stinson, Dakota Alan Norris has blossomed into a formidable martial artist. His 5 UFAF championship titles all stand as evidence of his skill and dedication to the craft.

Dakota Alan Norris is also a 5th-level black belt holder, a level he has reached alongside his twin sister. The young son of Chuck Norris also has a YouTube channel where he displays his martial arts skills and accomplishments to the world.

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