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His passion has always been gaming. In his younger days, his only dream was to launch a career in the game industry. We are not surprised that today, he’s a professional gamer. Meet Cohhcarnage, a North California-based streamer currently making waves as a respected gamer.

An avid gamer famed for making streaming videos, Cohhcarnage, also known as Cohh, shot to stardom after dropping out of school to focus on his gaming career. In addition to streaming videos, he also designs games for several companies and Internet-related organizations.

Cohh is a young and budding star with a promising future. So, we are not surprised that there’s very little information about him. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about him, including lesser-known facts you can’t find elsewhere.

Cohhcarnage’s Biography

Tech enthusiast Cohhcarnage was born Ben Cassell on June 25, 1984, in the United States of America. He adopted the name Cohhcarnage – which is a combination of a Hawaiian name Ko, – when he launched EverQuest.

Details about the avid gamer’s family background, early life and whatnots are currently not available. However, we can confirm that he attended the Full Sail University, where he majored in Games Design.

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Cohh abruptly ended his studies in the university two years after his acceptance into the prestigious institution. He left after tasting a huge success in his streaming career. He went on to launch a site known as Cohhilition, which is currently one of the leading gaming websites on the internet.

The site strictly deals with gaming and related questions and discussions on gaming. Cohh live-streams between 6 to 10 hours every day. Most of the time, he divides his working hours, streaming in the morning and then in the afternoon.

His Wife, Girlfriend

Streamer Cassel is married to Laine Carnage. The couple has been in a relationship for over fourteen years, having met in school in 2002. The sweethearts share a handsome son, Roen Carnage, together.

Cohh’s pretty wife works as an Animal Keeper at a museum, where she takes care of creatures like monkeys, woodchucks, and other animals. An avid animal lover, Laina keeps a horse named Sunny. She reportedly trains Sunny with the Parelli method, a program of natural horsemanship, founded in 1981 by Pat Parelli.

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Hiking addict Laina is also very active on social media. She has over 7k followers on her Twitter page alone.

Cohh has no girlfriend. He’s faithfully enjoying his marriage with his sweetheart and their lovely son.

What’s the Professional Gamer’s Net Worth?

The star’s major source of income is Twitch, a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive. He’s so popular on the live streaming platform to the extent that he has over 10 million views and 650 thousand subscribers on his Twitch channel Cohhcarnage.

Before tasting fame, he was a music producer. He also worked on the East Coast as a DJ and as an IT supporter for several years. The gamer is currently working on an upcoming computer as a lead designer, together with a group of gamers from around the world.

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It is believed that he receives huge cash as a designer of the much-anticipated game, which is still in its initial stage. His annual income is reported to be $150 thousand while his net worth, as of 2017, is around $800,000.

Quick Facts about Cohhcarnage

  • Twitch star Cohh launched his streaming career on April 4, 2013. He basically streams new releases, classics, and community games.
  • All of the gamer’s software – Donations, overlays, website, bots, and many more – are done in-house by his team known as Tech Team 6 (cohhTT6) and occasional programmers/guest artists. Members of the cohhTT6 teams include Triwar, Kimen91, BarryCarlyon, PropidationDannyB, and Rodr1c.
  • He loves animals and reportedly has two parakeets, two dogs, six cats, a bearded dragon, and two chickens.
  • His username – Cohhcarnage is a spelling variant of a traditional Hawaiian name Ko, which incidentally is his friend’s name.
  • Every year, Cohh takes 12 days leave from work. He spends the days with his family and sometimes on vacation.
  • He recently completed his four-year challenge, which makes him an everyday streamer.
  • In addition to his personal computer, Cohhcarnage has consoles (a small piece of electronic equipment that you connect to a screen, used for playing video games) like PS3, PS4, WiiU, Xbox360, and XBoxOne.


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