Coby Cotton – Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth And Family Life

People making it from total obscurity to social media stardom in quick time hasn’t been news for a long time. There are so many Youtube and Instagram success stories that it all feels like a blur. However, making that same success as a group is something that is unanimously recognized to be much more difficult. Anything from creative differences to financial disagreements can quickly undo a group. But Coby Cotton’s five-man group is proof that sometimes everything does work out.

Coby is a part of the infamous Youtube group known as ‘Dude Perfect‘. In the past decade, Coby and his group have recorded immense success and their channel currently sits at the top of the most subscribed sports channel’s list as well as 7th on the most subscribed channel overall on the platform.

Coby Cotton’s Bio & Age

The Youtuber’s story began in Woodlands, Texas where he was born on July 17, 1987. Nothing else is known about his life experiences before his time at the University. For his University education, Coby studied at Texas A&M University. He enrolled at the prestigious Texan college in 2006 and finished in 2010, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Psychology.

A year before he started attending Texas A&M, Cotton had the opportunity to work at one of Apple’s retail stores located in his home town of Woodlands. While there, he worked as a Mac Specialist. He fulfilled his role for three years before leaving the store in 2008.

Coby And Dude Perfect

A major part of Coby’s success is owed to the fact that he surrounded himself with people like him. He met Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert during his time at Texas A&M University and they became fast friends and roommates, along with Coby’s twin brother, Cory Cotton.

Being from Texas, Coby and the other four shared the same Christian and conservative views and so they did not really party or do other stuff naturally expected from college students. In a bid to kill time and have some fun, the group started betting their sandwiches on which of them could sink the most outrageous basketball shot.

Tyler came out tops most of the time and soon they had the idea to film their basketball challenge. They did this in Toney’s backyard, created a Youtube channel and uploaded the video which they titled “Backyard Edition”. Coby and his team uploaded the video on April 8, 2009, and the results were shocking. In a week, the video had garnered over 200,000 views. The group knew they were on to something and kept filming trick videos from Toney’s backyard and from their Christian summer camp, Sky Ranch. As at 2019, the channel had garnered well over 42 million subscribers and each of their videos has an average viewer count of 10 million.

It wasn’t long before the world came calling. Coby Cotton’s Dude Perfect was soon invited to record a segment by ESPN. The network would later air their segment on many of their shows like E:60, First Take, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, and the SportsNation. Dude Perfect is also swimming in a plethora of endorsement deals and celebrity collaborations. In the course of their career, Coby and his team have worked with the likes of tennis great – Serena Williams, NASCAR racer – Ricky Stenhouse Jr., actor – Paul Rudd, NBA player – Chris Paul, and singer – Tim McGraw, among a host of others. They have also been to Europe to film with the soccer stars of European football clubs like Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC, and Chelsea FC.

The group’s success has grown massively beyond the video streaming platform. In 2011, Coby and Dude Perfect entered into the gaming market with the release of their eponymously named video game. They soon released a sequel Dude Perfect 2 and have since followed this with a few other games. In September, they penned a deal with CMT to start their own television program. It was titled The Dude Perfect Show and was subsequently acquired by Nickelodeon ahead of its second season. They have also been on Good Morning America to discuss their trick videos and how they make them.

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Coby Cotton’s Wife And Family Life

As stated earlier, the Youtuber has a twin brother, Cory Cotton who is also a part of Dude Perfect. Coby also has a sister whose name remains unknown. The identity of his parents and the rest of his family also remain a mystery.

Coby Cotton and his wife, Aubrey Cotton
Coby Cotton and his wife, Aubrey Cotton

However, Coby has started a family of his own. He is currently married to Aubrey Cotton (née Ellett) and they seem to be enjoying life and each other. It is not certain when the two met or when they started dating. Cotton first introduced her to his fan base on May 14, 2017, through an Instagram post. Three months on, in August of the same year, Coby Cotton made another post that revealed that he had popped the question to Aubrey. The couple walked down the aisle on December 2, 2017.

What Is His Net Worth?

Coby Cotton’s affiliation with Dude Perfect is where all his money comes from as far as is known. With an average viewership of 10 million views per video and over 200 videos, Coby and the guys at Dude Perfect are estimated to be raking in about $4.5 million annually – and that’s just from Youtube. Factor in sponsorships, endorsements, their big-name collaborations, television deals, and sales from their merch store and you’ll agree that their take-home is much more.

While many sources evaluate that the members of the group are collectively worth around $20 million, it isn’t clear what Coby’s or any other member of the group’s share of the net worth amounts to.


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