Who Are The Members Of CLC And Who Is Their Current Leader?

The seven-member Korean all-girl band CLC (Crystal Clear) was formed in 2015 by Cube Entertainment. Initially a five-member group, CLC had begun gaining publicity before their official unveiling through roadshows they put up to raise money for disabled children. Since the launch and release of hit singles like “Pepe” “First love”, “High Heels” “Crystyle” and “Black Dress”, CLC members have gone on to win The Great Awards Thailand, KMC Radio Awards, and the Korean Culture Entertainment Award, among several nominations.

Things appear to have even gotten much better with CLC’s current leader but who is she and who are the members of the CLC?  These and more you will find out as you read further.

Meet The CLC Members

As already mentioned above, CLC was initially a five-member group; however, the group currently consists of seven band members and they are Yeeun, Seunghee,  Eunbin, Yujin, Seungyeon, Yeeun, Sorn and Elkie. Get to know them below.


CLC Members

Seungyeon was born on November 6, 1996. She joined CLC from its inception contributing immensely to its success. Besides being the main dancer, she is also a vocalist. Gifted in the guitar, Seungyeon has been a backup dancer for the group G.NA, a model for the uniform brand – Smart and has featured in the promo videos by boy bands Got7 and B1A4. She also speaks Japanese and is good at sports.



5’4” tall Seunghee was born Oh Seung Hee on October 10, 1995. She has two siblings and is nicknamed Hani. She was a backup dancer for G.NA and was one of CLC’s earliest members. Seunghee was also the group’s former leader, she attended Cheongdam High School and has appeared on TV.  Her passions are cooking and poetry.


CLC Members

Choi Yu Jin joined CLC as co-vocalist and dancer the year it was formed. She has made appearances in MBC’s Real Men and web dramas Nightmare Teacher and Green Fever (2017).

Like Seungyeon and Seunghee, she was a backup dancer for G.NA; she was also a SMART brand model. She is fluent in Japanese. Yujin, who was born on August 12, 1996, attended Hanlim Art High School.



Sorn was born Chonnasorn Sajakul in Bangkok, Thailand on November 18, 1996. Her Korean name is Kim Soeun and she schooled at the Korea Kent Foreign School. Her father holds a top government position working for the Prime Minister of Thailand and is her role model. She won the TV competition Kpop Star Hunt as the first show winner. As a member of CLC, she is a vocalist who joined the band at the initial stage. Sorn speaks English, Thai, Korean and Chinese. She also runs a Youtube channel “PRODUSORN”


CLC Members

Born Jang Yee Eun on August 10, 1998, the 5’5″ tall singer was one of CLC’s five original members. She’s CLC’s lead rapper and has been known to have written many of her rap lines. She’s also an MC for MTV’s Music show popularly known as ‘The Show’. The talented Yeeun speaks English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


CLC members

Elkie is a musician from Hong Kong. She joined CLC much later as a co-dancer and vocalist. Before this, she was a child actress and a member of the Hong Kong girl group “Honey Bees”. In 2018, she starred in the Korean Drama Rich Family’s Son.

Elkie was born Chong Tin Yang on November 2, 1998. She attended Carmel ParkU Secondary School and speaks Korean, English, and Mandarin. She loves steak and mango rice and goes by Elkie Chong in English.


CLC Members

Kwon Eunbin joined CLC at the same time as Elkie. She had appeared on the show Produce 101, and in the dramas Bad Papa and Top Management. In CLC, she is the face of the group and lead rapper.

Born January 6, 2000, she is the youngest CLC member. Eunbin attended Onham Middle School and speaks English. She plays the guitar and shares a CLC dorm room with Seungyeon.

Meet The Frontman

The debut of Elkie and Eunbin in the group, in 2016, came with a leadership change. Seungyeon replaced Seunghee as the group’s leader as they prepared a Japanese market launch. Seunghee was the group’s leader since its inception.

In a poll taken on the fan forum, Amino App, to determine the most popular CLC groupmate, Seungyeon came second behind Sorn.

Seungyeon attended the famed SOPA – School of Performing Arts, Seoul. She was also one of CLC’s first five members known for their philanthropy. Although a fierce, passionate and outgoing dancer, her groupmates think she’s clumsy. Seungyeon’s symbol is the orange and she learned stage confidence while with G.NA.


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