Claudine Longet

In the ’60s and ’70s, French international singer cum actress Claudine Longet, was a household name as she was known to capture the hearts of many on-screen. Apart from her glamorous career, Claudine was also the wife of a top American entertainer Andy Williams, although their union met its end in 1975.

On the other hand, the actress did not just get the spotlight on her for her great talent and involvement with a widely acclaimed entertainer but Claudine Longet was also involved in the demise of her lover, Vladimir Spider Sabich who was a well-recognized skier.

Claudine Longet Biography

The French international entertainer was born in the capital city of France – Paris, on the 29th of February 1942. Her father is said to have owned a company that manufactures X-ray technologies and equipment, while her mother was a medical practitioner. Claudine Longet is also known to have only one sibling named Danielle Longet whom she grew up with.

With the desire to be in show biz, Claudine at 18, took up a job as a dancer in a famous night club in France named Impresario Lou Walters. From there, she went in for the big screen and began acting in 1963, making her debut appearance in the television comedy series McHale’s Navy. She was then featured in other television series like; The Name of the Game, Twelve O’clock High, The Rat Patrol, Combat and so on. Claudine Longet was also known to be a popular guest on The Andy Williams Show, a musical show anchored by the famous singer Andy Williams. In 1966, the actress hit stardom when she starred in the film Run For Your Life and was able to display her musical side with the rendition of the song ‘Meditation’ by the Brazillian songwriter Antônio Carlos Jobim’s and this marked the beginning of her musical career.

Claudine Longet’s first record deal was with A&M Records and she released several singles alongside 5 albums under the label. Her debut album which was a self-titled one called Claudine made it to the 11th spot on the US Billboard pop albums chart and 500,000 copies were distributed for sale. She had another album Look for Love that was ranked thirty-three on the United States Pop albums chart. After which other albums was launched like Colors, Run Free, Run Wild and The Very Best of Claudine Longet. After her deal with A&M Records, Claudine then signed with Barnaby Record and produced two notable albums with them, We’ve Only Just Begun in 1971 and Let’s Spend the Night Together which was released the next year, 1972.

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Family: Husband, Children

Flipping over her to marital life, it is worth knowing that the veteran entertainer first got married to Andy Williams, an American singer she met in Las Vegas. Their future romantic entanglement and marriage started after Williams offered to help fix her car and the two got connected, subsequently making their relationship official in 1961 when they wedded. The union gave rise to three children Noëlle, Christian, and Robert, but the marriage, unfortunately, ended in 1975.

Claudine Longet
Claudine Longet with ex-husband Andy Williams and their children Christian, Noelle, and Robert Image Source

After the end of her first marriage, Claudine started dating Vladimir Spider Sabich, an Olympic world champion skier.
The pair became so close that Claudine Longet had to relocate to Aspen, Colorado, with her children to stay with her new found lover. However, after one year of romance, the relationship crumbled after Vladimir was found in his own pool of blood, and a gun was seen on her. She was arrested and charged with the murder of Vladimir Spider Sabich, although she revealed during the trails that the shooting was accidental as she was trying to learn how to make use of the gun. With no strings attached, it was known that her former husband, Williams was with her all through the process and even helped her pay all the fees involved. Claudine was at the end convicted of negligent homicide and a sentence was passed on her to pay a token fine including thirty days in prison.

Irrespective of the scandal she faced, the French actress and singer found love once again and this time, it was with Ronald Duane Austin, her defense lawyer during the murder case. The duo got married in 1985 and has since been together till date.

Is She Still Alive, Where Is Claudine Longet Now?

The veteran actress and singer is very much alive and living happily with her husband Ronald Austin and they are said to reside in their home in Aspens.

There have been so many questions surrounding the recent activities of the French actress and our findings revealed that Claudine Longet is currently living a quiet life away from the spotlight which was a decision made after Vladimir family’s lawsuit against her. Although the case was later resolved outside of court, Claudine had to agree to the family’s terms and conditions not to write nor speak of her involvement with Vladimir nor the unfortunate things that later happened.

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