Christopher Scarver
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When in 1992 an unknown Christopher Scarver was convicted for robbery and murder, the belief was that it would get him to repent of his crime and change his ways. However, he would soon be known for killing the infamous American serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer and beating up another convicted murderer, Jesse Anderson who would later die as a result of the injuries he sustained. These deeds have left many asking several questions about Mr. Scarver, if you one of those, here is your treat.

Who Exactly Is Christopher Scarver?

It was as Christopher J. Scarver that the convicted murderer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He was brought up like any other child alongside his 4 siblings as the second child.

The soft-spoken Scarver got his education from James Madison High School. However, when he was in the eleventh grade, he dropped out of school choosing instead to enroll in carpentry as a Conservation Corps job for a year. According to him, he was assured by his supervisor that after the training he would be hired on a full-time basis.

By the time he was through with the program, the supervisor who assured him was fired and so he was left without a job. This soon sent him into alcoholism and smoking. He consumed 40-ounce bottles of beer, and in the least, four marijuana cigarettes each day.

The behavior got out of control forcing his mother to kick him out of the house. To compound his woes, his girlfriend was pregnant. It was at this point that he began contemplating to have his revenge on the program that failed to hire him.

On June 1, 1990, the 6 feet 3 inches Christopher Scarver decided to go to Wisconsin Conservation Corps training program office where he met the new supervisor, Steve Lohman. Scarver collected $15 from the supervisor and then he turned to John P. Feyen who was the site manager. He forced the man to give him a check of $3,000 dollars.

As he fired two more shots on Lohman who was 27 years old, Feyen got to run into the street with a shot fired at him before Scarver fled the scene.

Two hours later, Christopher Scarver was arrested sitting in his girlfriend’s apartment with the semiautomatic pistol he used in committing the crime, the check he got, and credit card in his pocket. He told the arresting officers that he knew what he did was wrong and so had planned to turn himself in.

Although Scarver who before then had never had any issues with the law pleaded not guilty on the grounds of mental illness, psychiatrists claimed he could stand trial. In April 1992, the then-21 years old Christoper was found guilty and sentenced to life and 20 years.

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Why Did He Kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

Christopher Scarver
Jeffrey Dahmer and Christopher Scarver (Image Source)

A year prior to the sentencing of Scarver, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested (in July 1991) and charged with murder. The serial killer and cannibal pleaded guilty to 15 counts of murder, claiming to be insane. He was, however, deemed sane and was handed 16 life sentences.

Following their separate convictions, both Christopher Scarver and Jeffrey Dahmer were separately sent to Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

In 1994, Scarver, Dahmer, and Jesse Anderson who was also serving life for the murder of his wife were cleaning the prison gymnasium toilet. However, when the convicts were left without the presence of a corrections officers, Scarver claimed he was poked from behind with a mop and when he turned, the other two men were laughing.

Not sure who did it, he first cornered Dahmer and showed him a newspaper that he had in his pocket containing his crimes before he crushed his skull with metal bars. He would later die on his way to the hospital. Next, he went after Anderson and dealt him the same fate. However, Anderson survived for two more days before he died at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison after he was removed from life support by doctors.

According to Scarver, what happened was not accidental as the guards disappeared before the incident because they all hated Dahmer. That was all he said, refusing to add more to it as he was scared that there would be reprisals if he said too much.

For the fresh crimes, he was given two more life sentences before he was later moved to the Centennial Correctional Facility (CCF) in Colorado where he continues to serve.

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