Christopher Bourdain – Bio & Family Life of Anthony Bourdain’s Brother

Christopher Bourdain is the younger brother of the late Anthony Bourdain and while they were brought up in the same home, one turned out to be more popular than the other. Anthony was the most successful one who went on to become a chef, author, and television personality. He was not just your regular celebrity but one who had earned recognition among the hot shots in the world. However, his brother Christopher gained very little fame, he is only known as the younger brother of Anthony Bourdain.

Nothing has been documented about the life and profile of Christopher Bourdain. Even his pictures have not been seen on the internet yet. Thankfully, unlike Anthony, Christopher is very much alive. The sad news of Anthony Bourdain’s death rocked the internet sometime in the year 2018. His death came as s surprise to Anthony because it was a suicide. For someone that famous and successful, suicide was the last thing one would expect that Anthony would imagine, talk less of executing.

Before his death, he was popularly known for his authored books such as Kitchen Confidential: Adventure in the Culinary Underbelly. It became a bestseller in 2000 when it was released. He is also popular for his works on television. He hosted award-winning shows, one of them include CNN’s Parts Unknown that ran from 2013 until the year of his demise. His brother, Christopher has no records of any famous achievements. Currently, it is not known if Christopher has a job or career. That notwithstanding, let see what we can find about him.

Christopher Bourdain’s Bio

The profile of the subject of this article is a tough one to come by. His birth date, month and year are not disclosed. It is also not known where he was born. However, it is known that he was born into the family of Pierre and Gladys Bourdain. Pierre was a record executive and former floor manager while his wife was a New York Times editor. Asides Anthony, it is not known if Christopher Bourdain has any other sibling. It is not known where Christopher grew up or what academic institutions he attended. If he is a college degree holder or a dropout, that is not also known.

Everyone aspiring to be great has to choose a career path. It could be piloting, acting, music, dance or the likes. Despite the truism of the above statement, it is not known if the subject of this article is involved in any career pursuit as such information is not available. There are no records of him being a staff of any company or owner of one. However, we sincerely hope similar information will surface the internet soon.

Family Life – Meet His Brother

Christopher Bourdain
Christopher Bourdain (left) and late Anthony Bourdain

Nothing is known about the family life of Christopher Bourdain. It is not known if he is currently married or in any relationship. There are no records of him attesting to such facts available online or elsewhere. There is also no record that he has any children.

In contrast to what we know about Christopher, his late brother Anthony Bourdain was known for his various life endeavors. He is particularly remembered for being an exceptional chef who began his culinary career as a dishwasher in restaurants in Massachusetts. He did the job while studying at the Culinary Institute of America. After graduation, Anthony went back to the culinary field. He began to run restaurants in Massachusetts such as One-Fifth Avenue, Supper Club and Sullivan’s. He was good at what he did and this brought him recognition and fame. He became the executive chef at Brassiere Les Halles.

Also, as a renowned author, Anthony began writing and publishing culinary books in 1999. His first notable book was titled Don’t Eat Before Reading This. In the year that followed, Anthony released another book Kitchen Confidential: Adventure in the Culinary Underbelly which became a New York bestseller. Other pieces to his credit include Medium Raw, The Nasty Bits, Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook, Bone in the Throat and so many others. His last publication before his demise was a co-written novel, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi, released in 2010.

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Finally, as a television host and star, Anthony began in 2002 when he hosted the television travel and food series, A Cook’s Tour. It aired on Food channel and ran for 2 seasons that comprised of 35 episodes. He is also popular for his Emmy Award-winning show, No Reservations. Parts Unknown which he started hosting on Cable News Network (CNN) in 2013 won five Emmy Awards including a Peabody Award. Indeed, Anthony Bourdain had an enviable career!

Unlike Christopher Bourdain, who is not known to have any personal relationship or family, late Anthony Bourdain was married and divorced twice before his death. He was married to Nancy Putkoski in 1985. The couple had no children together in their 20 years of marriage before it was annulled in 2005. In 2007, he was married again to Ottavia Busie. Ottavia gave birth to a daughter who they named Ariane, however, Ottavia and Anthony divorced in 2016. Before his demise, he was said to have been dating Asia Argento, an Italian actress.


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