Chris Janson’s Latest Career Highs, Net Worth And All About His Family

Chris Janson is an award-winning American country singer who also equals as a songwriter and is attributed for several hit songs like Buy Me a Boat, Good Vibes and Drunk Girl, amongst several others. He began his music career professionally in the year 2009. In the years that followed suit, the star musician has recorded a good number of chart-topping albums and singles which has brought him into the limelight.

Aside from his burgeoning music career, Chris is also having a thriving marriage with 4 kids. In the paragraphs below, we have outlined all the juicy facts about the growth of his career, finance, wife, and kids.

Janson’s Career Beginnings And Journey To Fame

There isn’t much known about Chris Janson’s early life, of the bit of information available to the media, it is known that Chris Janson was birthed on the 2nd of April 1986 in Perryville, Missouri. As regards his educational qualifications, Janson is a high school graduate from Missouri. Upon completion of his high school education, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee in a bid to kick start his musical career.

Despite the uncertainties involved with moving to a new city, Janson’s hard work eventually paid off in 2009 when he assisted Holly Williams in writing and recording two songs (A Love I Think Will Last and I Hold On) off her sophomore album titled, Here With Me. Both records which became an instant hit on its release made Janson highly sought after by several record labels. He eventually appended his signature in a deal with BNA Records in October 2009.

His professional musical career commenced in great fashion with him releasing his debut single in April 2010 titled, Til a Woman Comes Along. The song was well-received by fans due to its catchy lyrics. It ranked 56th place on the Billboard Hot Country Song Chart on May 1, 2010. His relationship with BNA eventually went sour following its restructuring, thus pushing Janson to join a new label named Bigger Picture Music Group in 2013. He has since taken his career to another level through the release of several other hits songs such as Better I Don’t, Buy Me a Boat as well as releasing his three albums titled Buy Me a Boat, Everybody and Real Friends.

His Latest Works

Due to Janson’s penchant for releasing hit songs, it really is difficult to point one song that was more pivotal to the growth of his career. However, two songs which we think has so far stood out in recent times are; Holdin’ Her and Drunk Girl.

Holdin’ Her is a song off his 2016 album Buy Me a Boat. The song was written and recorded by Janson himself. It received massive airplay nationwide and was recorded to have sold a total of 168,000 copies in the first year after its release in the United States.

Then there is also Drunk Girl which like the name suggest is about a girl who had too much to drink for one night at a bar and as such, becomes a cheap prey to all form of sexual predators. But rather than Janson taking advantage of the girl on the song, he protects and takes her home safely. The song which he claims was inspired by stories of victimized women, took the music industry by storm with it going on to peak at number 7 on the US  Country Airplay Billboard, thus, confirming Janson’s status as a country music powerhouse.

How Much Is He Worth?

Chris Janson is no doubt a top entertainer and as such is expected to be worth a whole lot of money. His current net worth is pegged at an estimated $6 million which is great, given the fact that he is relatively new to the industry. One thing you can put your money on is that his net worth is expected to show a massive rise in the next few years if he continues on the path he is on currently.

What We Know About His Family Life

Chris Janson
Kelly Lynn and Chris Janson

The details about his birth family are not yet public knowledge but an inquiry into Chris Janson’s family life and it may interest you to know that the talented singer is currently married to Kelly Lynn. Although there is no information as regards how they met or when exactly they got wedded, we can be content with the fact that they tied the knot on the 4th of July, 2010.

Janson is a father to four children; two of which he had with his wife Kelly. Jesse Bo Janson and Georgia Janson are his son and daughter respectively while the other unidentified two are from his wife’s previous marriage.

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