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The 21st century has witnessed a massive development, bolstered by the emergence of information and communication technology (ICT). The growth of ICT which in turn led to the rise of several social media platforms have changed the norm of things, making it possible for virtually anyone with a pretty face, an interesting life, or some sort of talent to make a career for themselves without being in a contractual relationship with a proper management team. That’s the story of Chloe Woodard, a famous American internet personality and comedian who achieved stardom by posting regular six seconds funny videos on Vine, which helped her amass a large number of loyal fans within a short period of time.

Chloe Woodard’s Bio

Chloe Woodward was born on July 18, 1999, in Naperville, Illinois, USA. She is of white ethnicity and an American by nationality. There is no information as regards her early educational background or qualifications as a result of her desire for privacy. As a child, she was known to be highly interested in listening to music and reading books, hence, it can be said that her hobbies helped shape her personality.

Her foray into entertainment officially began in March 2012, when she signed up on Twitter and began posting comedy contents on the platform. Her ambitions to reach a wider audience saw her set-up a Vine account (as it was a video sharing platform). Drawing inspiration from fellow Viner Ezra Koenig, she soon began posting short clips of herself doing funny and ridiculous stuff on Vine. In less than no time, she amassed a large number of followers on the platform as a result of her uniqueness and dedication to making people laugh. Chloe’s most popular Vine video was ‘Who Is She’, as it quickly went viral on its release, making her account one of the most talked about on the platform. The success of that single Vine video earned her close to a million followers until the app was shut down.

Choosing not to be deterred by this setback, Chloe Woodard took her trade to other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram where she continued posting videos and beautiful pictures of herself. She also uses her social media accounts as an information tool to keep fans up to date with the latest happenings in her life.

Her Family

Despite being a very popular social media figure, not much is known as regards the family of Chloe Woodard. For what it’s worth, she was raised by her parents alongside her younger sister in Illinois but moved to Chicago when she came of age.

During an interview, she described her father as a lover of good literature and music before going on to reveal that all her favorite books were recommended by him.

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Facts About Chloe Woodard

The following are fun facts to keep to in mind about the ever-buzzing social media star and comedian.

1. She once had a very heated dispute with famous Viner, Jake Paul. As the story goes, Jake posted an exact copy of Chloe’s famous Vine video “Who Is She” on his Twitter page, using the title “Don’t let Vine die”. Chloe, in turn, called him out on Twitter and entreated him to cease using her content; an act that fueled Jake’s anger, leading him to copy Chloe’s signature move in a new video by flipping his head and showing her the middle finger.

2. Chloe Woodard stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch and has a weight of 50 kg. As regards her other body measurements, she has a chest size of 32 inches, a waist of 24 inches, and hips of 33 Inches.

3. Clearly a lover of good music, her favorite bands are Twin Peaks, Beat Happening, Naked Raygun, Teen Suicide, Talking Heads and Ty Segall. She released her first single titled “Old Man” on her YouTube Channel in 2017 and has since reiterated her desire to kick start a band with her friend Nichole.

4. As regards her relationship status, Chloe Woodard is currently single and not rumored to be romantically involved with anyone.

5. The internet celebrity can be found on other social media platforms. You will find her on Instagram @Contrachloe. Her Youtube channel is Chloe Woodard.

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