Cherry Crush Bio, Age, Height, Facts And Family Life Of The YouTube Star

Cherry Crush
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Cherry Crush is not one who is unknown to many people that are always on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, or even people that really love ASMR on YouTube. The social media celeb has carved an interesting name for herself, doing some of the very unusual stuff that although may not interest a lot of people, still manages to keep her followers faithful on multiple social media.

Here are some very interesting things to know about her:

Cherry Crush Bio, Age

From Florida, Cherry Crush was born on July 10, 1990, but her real name has always remained hidden from the public. While her father is from England, her mom is from America and that accounts for the reason why she has a sort of mixed accent that is neither entirely English nor American.

While growing up, she lived with her English aunt and one of the things that would grow to influence her choice of vlogging is that she had always loved making videos even when she was just a child.

For her education, Crush attended homeschooling until 12th grade. The only time she attended a regular school was in her 9th grade and although it was just for a week, she didn’t like it so she decided to stop and go back to homeschool.

Before settling for what she is doing today, Crush was working in the beauty industry but probably because it paid less, she decided to let go of it.

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Cherry Crush has maintained a rather very hidden life that almost no one knows what she is all about or even the silliest details about her. However, although she has a large followership on youtube and other social media sites including Twitter and Instagram, she is also a pornstar and that is what many of her followers do not know.

Cherry Crush
Cherry and her friend Bob (Image Source)

With over a hundred and thirty thousand followers on Twitter, she has kept the account locked but for her Instagram where she has over 160 thousand followers, the young woman has kept off any indecent materials.

Even though like many other things about her, it is unknown if her parents are divorced or not but what is known is that the two are not together. At first, she was staying more with her father than she was with her mother.

Nevertheless, the very beautiful social media celebrity revealed that at a point, her father got to know what she was actually doing for a living after quitting her day job. Although she didn’t point out if it was her life as a YouTube personality or as a pornstar, she said that he kicked her out of the house for it.

What was more for her was that although her mum accepted her after she was thrown out by her father, she also in the same light, kicked her out of her house after she also got to know what she was doing and that made her try and work things out for herself by staying in a hotel for some time.

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With the years that have gone by, both her parents have come to accept her even with what she is doing. In facts, they are cool with it since she is not hurting herself or those around her.

Cherry Crush Life of the YouTube Star

Looking at her life as a YouTuber, Cherry Crush has a very interesting followership across her two channels, ASMR Cherry Crush and Cherry Crush. While the former has as much as over 344 thousand subscribers, the other has over 170 thousand subscribers.

Cherry Crush Quick Facts and Height

  • She was born on  9, 1990
  • After her parents found out what she was doing, they both threw her out of their homes.
  • The young woman revealed that she has more than 70 pairs of underwears.
  • She does a lot of working out to stay beautiful.
  • Apart from being a social media personality and running her own YouTube channels, she is also into the adult film industry.
  • She lies to people about what she does for a living. She is not happy about it.
  • Cherry is a very strong fan of the mythical stuff and magical creatures and her appearance is not devoid of their influence.
  • She has no specific Idol or role model.
  • Crush hates school.
  • She loves her cat, Bob.
  • A very beautiful woman, crush has a height of 5.2 Inches.