Charlie’s Angels – 5 Things To Know About The Reboot Of The Action Adventure

Like it or not, Hollywood has been experiencing the resurrection of many epic fan favorites, and this trend does not seem to be ending anytime soon. From Lion King, to Shaft to Alaadin, fans should be getting ready to feed their eyes on yet another giant return, Charlie’s Angels. The first theatrical trailer for the film was released on June 27, 2019. According to reports, the movie, which was originally set to hit theatres on November 1, 2019, is now to be released on November 15, 2019. This was in order to stop a clash with Terminator: Dark Fate. The box office has seen many epic movie revivals become absolute failures and for this reason, among others, the almighty Charlie’s Angels will be a must-watch to see if it will toe this path or transcend to a box office success as expected.

Charlie’s Angels – 5 Things to Know About the Reboot of the Action Adventure

1. Its Genesis

This fan-favorite began as a TV series of the same name. It starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith in the leading roles and spanned five seasons with 110 episodes. As is familiar with staunch fans of the franchise, the series depicts the adventures of a crime-fighting female trio. Between November 1980 and June 1981, the series hit rock bottom with its poor ratings, and could not escape cancellation by ABC during the spring of 1981.

2. Charlie’s Angels is not a Remake of the Original Film

For those who are not familiar with Charlie’s Angel, its original film was released on November 3, 2000, by Columbia Pictures. It featured Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu as the lead actors. The movie was met with mixed reviews from critics and would later land a sequel in 2003. The sequel, titled Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle saw its original lead cast reprise their various roles and also featured more comical elements than its 1970’s series. Hunger Games star, Elizabeth Banks, who is the producer of the latest film from the franchise, has said that the 2019 film is neither a reboot or a remake, but a continuation. Despite this, it seems the original legacy of the film will be honored from costumes that will be featured to props and photos.

Elizabeth Banks and Naomi Scott in Charlie's Angels (2019)
Elizabeth Banks and Naomi Scott in Charlie’s Angels (2019)

3. The Action Comedy Film is Star-Studded

Kristen Stewart is one of those actors who have stolen hearts since starring as Bella in the Twilight franchise. This history is expected to repeat itself again in this soon-to-be premiered fan favorite as she will be starring alongside British actors, Naomi Scott, star of Aladdin, and The Athena’s Ella Balinska in the movie’s lead roles. Spoiler Alert! The movie will show a comic side of the pretty actress, which is rather far fetched from her serious side that fans are familiar with. Star of Star Trek, Sir Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou of Captain Marvel will also portray different versions of Bosley, an employee of the mysterious Charlie. As for Elizabeth Banks, in addition to directing the film, she also stars in it and so does her Hunger Games co-star, Sam Claflin, who plays a yet to be known character.

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4. The Movie’s Soundtrack

The first film of the franchise spawned the hit song ‘Independent Woman’, which was performed by the now-disbanded female musical group, Destiny’s child, which was a powerful combination of Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles, and Michelle Williams. It’s quite exciting to hear the voices of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey singing the song titled ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ on the soundtrack of the 2019 reboot of the action-adventure film.

5. Charlie’s Angels is Totally Feminist

The 1970’s series, Charlie’s Angels, earned the nickname Jiggle TV, which was also called Tits & Ass Television. These can be attributed to the fact that the lead actresses were frequently clothed scantily or provocatively as part of their undercover characters and the belief that their dressing was a means of attracting and sustaining viewers. Elizabeth Banks, in making this movie more feminist than ever, tones down how the Angels used sex and sexuality to succeed in the previous stories. This also means there isn’t as much focus on romance in this movie as there had been in the previous ones. In addition to this, Banks is making the male villains stronger than ever to only further enhance just how powerful the Angels are.


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