Charlie Zelenoff
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When you heard the name Charlie Zelenoff the boxer, you sure did think he is actually a real boxer right? Sorry to disappoint you but the internet sensation who claims to be the greatest boxer of all time is only a world champion in his mind and probably on the internet where he has earned the title of world’s biggest boxing bully.

Zelenoff’s trick is to challenge opponents to a sparring round which the opponents usually assumes to be something easy but soon discovers his trick when he gives them an unexpected punch while they are still trying to fix the punching gloves, this throws them off guard and Charlie goes ahead to declare himself winner claiming another victory. He has tried this trick on so many including Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Learn more about the self-acclaimed boxing champion below.

Biography – Who is Charlie Zelenoff The Boxer?

There isn’t so much information about his early life, parents, siblings and all of that but it has been confirmed that the Russian-American was born in Los Angeles on the 27th of July 1988 and attended Fairfax High School in L.A.

Charlie Zelenoff obviously has a passion for boxing but since he has failed to get himself registered with a recognized boxing body/agency, he decided to take his destiny into his hands and get himself all the fame and popularity he desires in his mind and via the internet by declaring himself the best boxer in the world; he even goes around with a title belt which he claims to be the “UBF WORLD CHAMPION”.

Zelenoff has really not had any real professional fight, all he does is to trick his opponents, (victims is the appropriate word to use) to sparring round and while they are still trying to fix the punching gloves, he gives them an unexpected punch which throws them off guard. As they are still trying to understand what just happened, he asks them if they wanted more and when the reply is a NO, he turns to the camera declares himself the winner and claims another victory.

He uploads clips of his supposed fights in gyms where he knocks out amateur boxers with what he calls “4,500 PSI” power shots. He once tried his trick on Floyd Mayweather Sr during an informal exercise but Floyd taught him some lessons he will never forget in a hurry. The video of the “fight” was uploaded on YouTube in March 2017 and currently has over four million views.

There is another sensational video that trended online in which Charlie Zelenoff is seen hitting some teens during sparring bouts in a gym when a sixteen-year-old stood up to him and knocked him in and out of the ring.

The internet troll has also challenged other boxers even those outside of his weight category. He once challenged Ukrainian former professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko to a fight, claiming he would break his jaw and reduce him to nothing less than a jelly; there is another YouTube video where he was badly beaten by a heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder. Viewers have come to the conclusion that he has a mental issue that he doesn’t want to address.

His Net Worth

Charlie Zelenoff’s net worth is not so certain at the moment as there are conflicting figures as to how much he is really worth; some sources claim he is worth about $155,000 while others claim he is worth as much as a million dollars and even above.

Who is His Wife?

Charlie Zelenoff
image source

Many may not believe in Zelenoff but that does not really matter to him as he gets all the support he needs at home from his beautiful wife Diara. There are, however, no info concerning how they met, when they got married and how long they have been married but the couple has been together for a couple of years and are happy together.

Diara once appeared in one of Charlie’s video as they both celebrated his 169th victory together.

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Quick Facts

Full Name: Charlie Zelenoff

Famous As: Internet Boxer

Date of Birth: July 27, 1988,

Place of Birth: Russia

Nationality: Russian/American

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Education: Fairfax High School in L.A.

Maritual Status: Married

Spouse: Diara Zelenoff

Children: N/A

Parents: N/A

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