Carlos Scola Pliego Was Sade Adu’s Husband For 6 Years – Meet Him

Carlos Scola Pliego is the ex-husband of Sade Adu, the lead singer of the eponymous band. Carlos is a director and film writer who got married to Sade in 1989 and divorced her in 1995. They never welcomed any children together.

Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu were married for just six years before they decided to cut ties. Meanwhile, though the singer’s ex-husband gained popularity for being married to her, he also has a flourishing career of his own in show business as a director. Despite maintaining a low profile after his divorce, Sade Adu’s fame still has its way of thrusting him into the limelight. All that there is to be known about the singer’s husband has been explored below.

Carlos Scola Pliego’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Carlos Scola Pliego
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Carlos Scola Pliego’s ex-Wife: Sade Adu
  • Carlos Scola Pliego’s Net worth: $70 million
  • Famous for: being the ex-husband of Sade Adu

What is Carlos Scola Pliego’s Age?

Carlos Scola Pliego’s age is not known because his date, month, and year of birth have not been disclosed. All that is known about his birth is that he was born in Spain, but the exact place where he was born is not clear. While his zodiac sign is not known, his nationality is Spanish.

Further information about the names of his parents and what they are up to at the moment has remained off the radar. It is also not known if the assistant director has other siblings or if he is an only child. Other details of where he spent his childhood are not known, but his ethnicity is European and he was raised in the Christian faith under the care of his parents.

Based on the fact that Carlos Scola Pliego maintains a low profile, nothing is known about his academic history. Consequent to this, the names and locations of the schools that he attended from elementary to the university have remained a mystery. However, following his career as a director, it is believed that he got a good level of education.

When did Carlos Scola Pliego Become Sade Adu’s Husband?

Carlos Scola Pliego married Sade Adu in 1989. The duo reportedly met in Spain while Sade  was shooting three of her music videos for her album, Promise with director Brian Ward. After some years, the singer lost her father and had a series of challenges that made her relocate to Spain. This time, she reconnected with Carlos, and they hit it off shortly afterward.

Though when they started dating is unclear, they eventually became madly in love and also supportive of each other’s careers. In 1987, Sade opened up about her relationship and introduced Carlos Scola Pliego as her husband while recording in France. However, at that time, they were not yet married but were head over heels in love with each other.

The assistant director often accompanied his then-lover to the studio for her music recordings and was with her in the studio when she recorded her third album. On October 11, 1989, they got married in a glamorous wedding that took place in a Spanish castle. The event was well attended by family and friends. After they got married, they lived together in their home in Madrid.

Carlos Scola Pliego And Sade Adu Divorced in 1995

Carlos Scola Pliego and his ex-wife’s union couldn’t stand the test of time as their relationship was quite a challenging one. A year after they got married, they split, and Sade Adu moved back to London without making the reasons for their separation known.

However, in an interview, she gave a glimpse of what caused their split, but she was not specific. She stated that she did not get over their love fleetly. The singer went on to say that it was a very bad situation, adding that she had to leave quickly with a very small bag, and that it took five years for it not to be something that affected the way she felt. However, five years after they split, their divorce was finalized in 1995.

Meanwhile, Carlos has maintained a very low profile since their divorce, making little to nothing known about him at the moment. Thus, it is not known if he moved on after the divorce or remained single.

Sade Adu, on her part, moved on to Jamaica and began a relationship with her partner, Bob Morgan with whom she welcomed a daughter in 1996. They later split and went their separate ways, and it was not long before Sade found love again. Currently, she is in a relationship with Ian Watts, a former Royal Marine, with whom she resides in rural Glastersterchire, England, while maintaining a low profile.

Did Sade Adu and Her Ex-husband Welcome Any Children?

Sade Adu and her ex-husband, Carlos Scola Pliego, did not welcome any children together. Since Carlos keeps away from the media, it is not known if he moved on and had children from his other relationship (s), if any.

Meanwhile, in 1996, Sade welcomed a daughter with Bob Morgan. The young girl who later became a transgender man is referred to as Izaak Theo Adu. Sade is also the stepmother of Ian Watts son from a previous marriage.

What Does Sade’s Ex-husband Do?

Carlos Scola Pliego

Sade Adu’s ex-husband is an avid lover of movie production and has worked in different positions on a couple of onscreen projects. Between 1979 to 1980, he worked as script supervisor in the movies La Boda del Señora Cura and Opera Prima. By 1981, he had become the assistant director of nine film and TV projects. His work as an assistant director is evidenced in Eleni and Christopher Columbus.

In 1983, he worked as the second assistant director of the James Bond film, Never Say Never Again during its shooting in Spain. In that same year, he also worked as a second assistant director on the movie Curse of the Pink Panther. He wrote, directed, and produced a documentary short film titled Ngirs: Gorilas En La Montaña in 1988.

After his documentary shot film, he went on to work on a full-length documentary titled Donde Termina El Corazón. He worked as an additional crew member on Gaol II: Living The Dream, a 2007 sports drama. The sports drama is his last work and since he worked on it, nothing had been heard about him. At the moment, he lives away from the media, hence nothing is known about what he does for a living.


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