Caleb Logan
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If you’ve come across the “Bratayley” YouTube channel then you probably knew Caleb Logan. He was the oldest child of the YouTube-famous Bratayley family and thus he was known online as Caleb Bratayely.

The Bratayleys can be likened to an online but much more modest version of the Kardashians. However, the Bratayleys, unlike the Kardashians, do not have the glitz and glam of Hollywood. They are just regular people who happen to share their daily lives on the internet.

Caleb Logan starred in his family’s YouTube channel alongside his sisters Annie and Hayley. The family’s popular vlogging YouTube channel documents their daily life as a family: homeschooling, baking, baseball games, just regular family stuff.

The Bratayley’s most viewed video has raked up to 58 million views and their fan base cuts across various social media platforms.

Unfortunately, the young YouTube star passed away in October 2015 following an undetected heart condition. He was only a teenager. The last vlog in which Caleb featured was uploaded a day after his death and it was titled “Dear future self”. The video showed a healthy though sleepy-eyed Caleb having breakfast with his sisters.

His death raised a lot of online speculations with many questioning it as mysterious. The speculations were however put to rest after an official statement from the police department confirmed that there was nothing suspicious about the death of the youngster.

Caleb Logan’s Bio, Wiki

Caleb Logan was born Caleb Logan LeBlanc on July 13, 2002, to Katie and Billy LeBlanc in Georgia. His father Billy Leblanc is a military man. The Bratayley YouTube channel was started in 2010.

Through the family’s daily vlogs, Caleb was endeared to many as a teen who was incredibly funny with a loving and wonderful spirit. The young star also ran a gaming channel called “blazenoutlaws” where he frequently posted Minecraft videos. He had over 113,000 followers on that channel.

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Caleb’s love for Baseball was obvious from the family’s vlogs. His father took him to a professional baseball game for his thirteenth birthday, the last he ever had.

The Bratayleys
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The “Bratayley” channel was originally created for Caleb’s sister Hayley but it ended up being a family vlog channel. The channel name “Bratayley” is a combination of Brat and Hayley.

Caleb Logan’s nickname was “Baked Potato” and his Instagram handle was also iamabakedpotato. He created the “I am a Baked Potato” song which is played at the end of every vlog. He was featured on a channel called “truthplusdare” also ran by the Bratayleys and he collaborated with his sisters on the “OMMyGoshTV” channel.

He wanted to be a baseball player and a gamer. His favourite colours were purple and black and his favourite food was macaroni and cheese.

Caleb Logan was signed by Disney’s Maker Studios. Before his death, the family was recruited by Disney for the unboxing of their latest Star Wars toys.

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Caleb Logan’s Death And How He Died

Caleb passed on in October 2015 at the tragically young age of 13. He died of natural causes at 7.08pm on October 1, 2015. His passing was announced on social media by his family.

His medical report revealed that the YouTube star suffered a medical emergency and was promptly rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His death was devastating to both the Bratayley family and their numerous fans.

The cause of death was revealed in a tribute posted by his family on Instagram. He died from an undiagnosed heart condition Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. According to the American Heart Association, the condition affects one in every 500 people. The youngster had remained asymptomatic and the heart condition remained undetected in his yearly medical check-ups. As the condition is a genetic one, the Bratayleys had Caleb’s siblings checked to forestall a reoccurrence of such tragedy.

Caleb Logan’s hour-long memorial service was broadcast via live stream on Facebook and Periscope by the family and over 40,000 people tuned in to witness it. After his death, the family took a break from their daily vlogs in order to mourn their beloved son privately.

From about 1 billion cumulative views before Caleb’s death, The Bratayleys YouTube channel has accumulated 3 billion views.

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