Caitlin Carver
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Caitlin Carver constitutes a part of the budding young talents who are making a great impact on the entertainment scene. True to her craft, she is popularly known as a dancer and actress whose career was launched to a higher dimension after her impressive work in the 2015 movie named, Paper Towns. In the movie, she played the role of Becca Arrington. Most recently, she got the opportunity to join the cast of the television series titled, Hit The Floor. Here are more interesting facts you should know about her.

Biography – Who is Caitlin Carver and What is Her Age? 

Caitlin Carver was born in Huntsville, Alabama in the United States of America on the 31st May 1992. As a kid, she tried her hands on quite a handful of activities as she was such a very lively and bubbly kid. She was a gymnast, took dance classes, played basketball and softball. In addition to all these, her interest in acting started becoming prominent when she began high school at Sparkman High, located in Harvest Alabama. In the course of time, Caitlin graduated from high school in the year 2010. Information concerning her college education is unknown.

After the completion of her studies, Caitlin tried out her hands in dance. She was able to gain mild success in the field. Some of the recording artists she got a chance to dance for as a professional include; Ne-Yo, Pitbull, and “the queen bee” Beyoncé. She then began making inroads into the acting industry and was luckily cast as a dancer in a good number of successful television shows like Recreation, Nashville, Park, and Glee.

Her popularity further soared after appearing as a regular cast on the VH1 show “Hit The Floor.” On the show, she played the role of a cheerleader and being that she was already a skilled dancer, her role was less demanding for her. Caitlin Carver would later get a few guest appearance roles in 2014 in series such as; Southland, Stalker, and Twisted. That same year, she landed a recurring gig to star in the ABC series, The Fosters, which lasted for two seasons. In the process of acting in the FostersCarver was billed to be a part of one of her highly successful movies, Paper Towns.

This movie was based on the best selling novel by John Green. It quickly struck a chord with a wide audience hence its success. The following year in 2015, Caitlin Carver was cast alongside Amber Valletta, Don Johnson, and Scott Michael Foster in the ABC soap opera titled, Blood and Oil. Two years later in 2017, she got the chance to play the character ‘Nancy Kerrigan’ in the award-winning movie, “I, Tonya.”

Caitlin Carver
Caitlin Carver as Muffy Tuttle in the movie, Dear White People

Her talents were later employed to bring the character ‘Muffy Tuttle’ to life on the Netflix produced series, “Dear White People.”

Net Worth

Caitlin Carver took the bull by the horns when she decided to pursue her dreams as an actress and she has proven that with dedication, focus and smart work one can achieve anything the mind is set to. For her work as an actress, she earns an impressive sum in addition to her other streams of income like sponsorship and endorsements which are quite huge as well. All these and more put her net worth at an impressive $5 million.

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A lot of young celebrities like to gush about their families or relationships but there is still a good number who do not fancy a tell-all when it comes to such topics. With Caitlin Carver, she tends to be quite the private type as she hasn’t shared a whole lot of info concerning her parents. Though her mother’s name is known(Michelle Henderson), her father’s identity is yet to be revealed. More so, information about any possible sibling(s) of hers is also slim.


Hollywood is an industry which tends to thrive on looks as well as overall good body structure. Though talent still rules but an actor usually has a higher advantage when he or she is good looking. With Caitlin Carver, she doesn’t disappoint in this category because asides her endearing talent as an actress, she is a gorgeous young lady, a sight for sore eyes that shines each time she appears on the screen. More so, with an average height of 5 feet 4 inches(1.63 m), she gives other fledging actresses a run for their money.

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