Brittanya Razavi
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Brittanya Razavi is an American actress, model, fashion designer, businesswoman and erstwhile reality TV contestant. She is famously known for her appearance on the VH1 series Rock of Love Bus in 2009 and Charm School with Rikki Lake, in addition to these, she is also known for physically assaulting another woman with a “pimp chalice” in 2008 which resulted to her much embarrassing six-month prison sentence.

Here we are going to write all Brittanya Razavi is known for, starting with her bio, age, family, career, height and some interesting quick facts about this glamour model.

Brittanya Razavi’s Bio, Age,

The celebrity model was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1985 in Oxnard, California into a family where she had four other siblings. Being the youngest of the kids in the family, she was shown much love and care from her parents as well as her elder siblings, but things changed before she turned sixteen when her father was sent to prison leaving her mother to cater for the rest of the family.

Family Life

From this point onwards, childhood was no longer as rosy as it used to be for young Brittanya. Her mother single-handedly struggled to raise her and the rest of her siblings and to this, she can be said to have done her best the way she could.

It is widely believed and said in not so pleasant terms that the lack of a fatherly figure in Brittanya Razavi’s teenage years contributed much to what she is today especially with regards to her bubbling career as a glamour model. Whatever be the case here, you are at the discretion to pass your judgement based on your appreciation or otherwise of her glamour modelling career.

There is no information about her educational background or that of her siblings, what names they go by and what they are up to recently or in the past. Whatever be the case in this regard, we assume they are as successful as their younger sister has been in her career or simply just doing fine and are out of trouble.


The extrovert social media star gained fame in her debut reality television show named Rock of Love Bus and Charm School. This fetched her huge attention and publicity as many magazine companies started approaching her to grace the cover of their magazines. It wasn’t long before she became the favourite face on many magazine brands and was well known among the masses. In a short period spanning just eight months, she had covered for magazines like Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, Tattoo Energy and many more.

At this time, she was also quick to develop her own known international clothing brand named 187 Avenue thereby expanding her source of income and ultimately her net worth.

Height and Body Measurements

Sexy Brittanya with a body measurement of 36D-25-25 stands at a height of five feet two inches (5ft 2in) with a body weight that hardly exceeds 57kg or goes below 50kg. This is a pointer that she lives and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

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Quick Facts About Her

  • Born on 7th July 1985 in Oxnаrd, Cаlifоrniа
  • She belongs to white American ethnicity
  • Her name was formerly Brittаnуа O-Cаmро
  • Raised from her teen years by her single mother
  • She is rumoured to have given birth to her first child at the young age of 15. Same age at which her father left his family to serve time in prison
  •  The child is rumoured to be living with her grandfather
  • Unkwon to most people who associate her only with things that are adult rated, she co-authored the book Millionaire Self Talk.
  • Affair – Brittanya Razavi was rumoured to have had an affair with Nico Vaquez, but they broke up quite early after just getting started
  • Marriage – she is said to be now married to a man named Luсkу Mое Rаzаvi which is why she now answers Brittanya Razavi. She is still being addressed as Brittаnуа O-Cаmро Razavi
  • She is said to have 5 kids in this marriage. Even though the sexy model doesn’t look it, we won’t rule out entirely the veracity of this claim
  • Net worth – for her hard work, commitment to making life better than it met her, with her successful career and business, Brittanya Razavi has a net worth put at $6 million
  • Signature look – she is known for her love for body piercing and tattoos which has really enabled her to stand out in the glamour model industry.