Interesting Facts About Brandon Boyd’s Music and Who His Wife or Girlfriend Is

Brandon Boyd is a 47-year-old American musician, singer, songwriter, executive producer, visual artist, and author primarily known as the lead singer of the rock band known as Incubus. He began his musical career in 1990 and has remained active to date. Although he has never been married, Brandon has dated several women and is currently rumored to be involved with actress Sarah Hay.

Brandon Boyd is one heck of a multi-talented fellow who knows how to transform his talents into real treasures. He is not only a fine musician but also a visual artist as well as a celebrated author of visual art books. Yet, there is hardly any doubt that music is what has given Brandon his greatest claim to fame and fortune.

In this respect, he probably reached the height of his career as the frontman for Incubus. We’ve discussed the facts about Brandon’s music career as well as his personal life for your reading pleasure below.

The Genesis of Brandon Boyd’s Music Career

He was born in Van Nuys, California on February 15, 1976. Brandon was also raised in another California city – Calabasas. From the earliest days of his life, he began to manifest musical talents. Apart from the fact that he was born and raised close to the entertainment nerve in California, he also received the maximum support from his parents; Charles Boyd and Priscilla Wiseman who are also entertainment enthusiasts.

It is obvious that entertainment talents run in his family. For instance, his younger brother Jason Boyd was once the frontman of the Audiovent music band. Again, his cousin Berto Boyd is noted for being particularly good with the Flamenco guitar and as a great songwriter. So, right from the onset, it is clear that Brandon Boyd was being fashioned for the great heights that he eventually attained.

Another strong influence Boyd had while growing up was Ricky Taylor. Their shared interest brought them close to each other and today, Brandon often acknowledges the influence he got from his friend Ricky. He attended Calabasas High School in California.

His Exploits with Incubus

It was during his high school days in Calabasas that Brandon Boyd founded the rock band known as Incubus with two of his friends, Jose Pasillas and Mike Einziger. Jose played the drums while Mike played the lead guitar back then. After high school, he enrolled for college at Moorpark College but dropped out after his sophomore year to focus on his music career with Incubus.

With time, the band had two more members, the bassist Alex Katunich and the disc jockey Gavin Koppell. As they continued together, they began to organize concerts and live shows where they needed to design flyers, posters, and other advert souvenirs. As they lacked funds then, Brandon tried to design those souvenirs himself. This way, his fine arts talents also crystallized.

He was also cardinal to the existence of the band in more ways than this. For instance, he had the ability to introduce rare instrumentals and quips that went very far in bolstering their uniqueness, creativity, and consequent fame.

Brandon Boyd
Incubus band members: Image Source

Their first album titled Fungus Amongus was released in 1995 and it was a commercial failure. Their second release, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997), also suffered the same fate. DJ Chris Kilmore replaced DJ Lyfe in the band and it was as if he (DJ Kilmore) brought some new lease of life to the band as their next effort in 1999 gave them their first major breakthrough.

Their third album titled Make Yourself was also well-received by both the street and the industry. From there, a floodgate of success was opened for them. Thus, their subsequent releases were always a hit. This includes Morning View in 2001 and A Crow Left of the Murder in 2004.

In 2006, Brandon Boyd again played a major role in helping Incubus release their sixth studio album titled Light Grenades. It was simply an exquisite outing for them which eventually peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

That stupendous success was never a reason for the boys to rest on their oars. Thus, three years down the lane in 2009, they released what many acknowledge as their greatest hit album so far – Monuments and Melodies. Other albums that Incubus dropped include If Not Now, When? (2011), Trust Fall – Side A (2015), and 8 (2017). Having sold over 23 million albums globally, the multi-platinum winning band was nominated for a Grammy in 2005.

Brandon Boyd’s Impact Outside Incubus and Music

In as much as Brandon has been so central in the success of Incubus over the years, his life has not been all about the band and music. He has his solo music records as well as a career history that has no ‘Incubus’ name attached to it.

Between their 2006 album Light Grenades and their 2011 production If Not Now, When, Incubus went on a lengthy hiatus which allowed Brandon ample time to refocus his energy on his visual arts interests. So, he poured his creativity into painting at the time. His first art show was held in 2008 at the Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles, California; the show was dubbed “Ectoplasm”.

Brandon Boyd embarked on a solo career in 2010 and released his debut solo album titled The Wild Trapeze. Three years after that, and in between his activities with Incubus, Brandon also founded another music band known as Sons of the Sea; that was in 2013 and the band embarked on a music tour that year and the next.

Boyd is also a bestselling author. He published his first book titled White Fluffy Clouds: Found Inspiration Moving Forward in 2003 under Endophasia Publications. Then, he went on to publish From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss in 2007 and So The Echo in 2013.

Who Is The Wife or Girlfriend of Brandon Boyd?

Boyd attracts a lot of female fans with his style. Even though he’s a hard rock artist, he has a way of mesmerizing the ladies through his movement and demeanor. His fans, especially the females, would scream their heads out to catch a glimpse of his naked torso – a wish he always grants.

He has been voted by Teen People as one of ‘The Hottest Guys in Music’ and Spin Magazine once labeled him ‘MTV’s newest weapon of mass heartbreak’.

We are sure Brandon Boyd is not married yet. But rumors have it that he is currently dating actress Sarah Hay. On

Recently, Sarah also reavealed via a post on her Instagram that she misses Brandom but for some reason, she decided to pull down the post, but not before we saw it. While that might be a confirmation of some sort, we still hope the duo either confirms or denies the rumors soon.

Before Sarah, the musician dated famous American actress, Baelyn Neff, who is six years his junior. Because they were friends for a long time before taking things to the next level, we cannot tell exactly when they got romantically involved with each other but we know it was sometime in 2008. Their relationship lasted long enough for us to expect it to metamorphose into marriage someday, but sadly, they parted ways in 2018.

A Run Down of His Relationship History

Meanwhile, Boyd has had a number of romantic relationships in the past. His longest of these relationships was with supermodel Carolyn Murphy, whom he dated from 2002 to 2006. He lived with the Estee Lauder queen together with her daughter from a previous relationship, Dylan Blue.

Everyone seemed to agree that Brandon and Carolyn were very beautiful together. But according to a report, they began to grow apart because Brandon was embarking on too many tours that left Carolyn lonely. This led to their split just when everyone thought their wedding would be announced soon.

Brandon Boyd and Carolyn Murphy
Brandon Boyd and Carolyn Murphy: Image source

Brandon also dated the British actress Jo Bourne-Taylor from 1999 to 2000. It was a brief but intense romance. Jo is perhaps best remembered for her 2005 role as ‘Gemma’ in the TV series Dream Team. She also acted as ‘Eve Tyrell’ in 2015’s A Dark Reflection and as ‘Dr. Jane Preston’ in Scorpius Gigantus (2006).

Neither Brandon Boyd nor Jo has divulged the details of their eventual split but it is much speculated that their differing interest and cultural differences may have played a major role in it all. Brandon is an American singer while Jo is a British actress.

Other dates that Boyd has had include the Eglish model Lisa Snowdon, the American model Jessica Miller, and another named Vanessa Marra. We don’t have the details of these relationships and why they collapsed but one may be tempted to wonder if age differences were a factor.

For instance, Lisa is three years older than him whereas many of his fans think she should have been younger. It’s also a similar case with Vanessa who is a whole 10 years older than the musician. But in the case of Jessica, it is Brandon who is 8 years older.

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