Bradley Cooper’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

You may not remember him from Sex And The City or Wet Hot American Summer, but he certainly caught everyone’s attention in The Hangover and it’s two sequels among other popular movies like American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and for those of you who are into those kind of movies, Aloha.

In addition to the pretty impressive list of movies he has acted in, he has snagged a handful of awards over the years, he was nominated for four Academy Awards and has also been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

Bradley Cooper's height 2

That’s not all, the star has been repeatedly honored with titles like, one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World (Time),  International Man of The Year (GQ) and Sexiest Man Alive (People). As impressed as we are by his numerous achievements, today it’s all about his statistics.

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So let’s get started with Bradley Cooper’s height.

Bradley Cooper’s Height

At first glance how tall do you think he is? Bradley is undeniably tall, and that is a Hollywood rarity. It’s not often we see tall leading men in Hollywood, do you need proof? Mark Wahlberg and Ben Stiller are just 5 feet 8 inches, hence they are both an lacking an inch from the average male height.

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Tom Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches while some do not believe he’s actually that ‘tall’, Robert Downey Jr. shares Tom’s alleged height. Oh wait, there’s more, Kevin Hart is 5 feet 4 inches and as short as that is he is still 4 inches taller than Danny DeVito who is just 5 feet tall. The list goes on, but we assure you it would take all day to get to the end of it.

Bradley Cooper's height 4

This should be enough proof that Bradley Cooper’s height sets him aside in the Hollywood scene. That still leaves us with the question at hand, what is Bradley Cooper’s height? The star stands taller than most of his counterparts at 6 feet an 1 inch tall.

Bradley Cooper's height 7

Now it’s time to check out another group of celebs; we are talking about those who share Bradley Cooper’s height. Well he is in some fine company right here as Barack Obama, soon to be Former U.S president, Leonardo DiCaprio, the award winning American actor who finally snagged himself an Oscar and Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best football players in the history of football players.

Bradley Cooper's height 5

So that’s all we have on Bradley Cooper’s height folks, on to the next one.

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Bradley Cooper’s Weight

It is not unheard of for actors and actresses to add or lose a little weight in order to slip more comfortably into certain movie roles. Bradley Cooper’s is one of those stories, the actor has painstakingly undergone tedious work outs and diet changes in order to alter his usual look, a couple of times.

Bradley Cooper's height 111

Bradley Cooper first stunned us with his bulk up in the 2010 movie, The A-Team, where he played the part of  Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck. To show you just how amazing the additional muscle made him look, he was awarded the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, by People. So what did the formerly scrawny star do to achieve this?

Bradley Cooper's height 11

Cooper did exercises mainly aimed at packing on a decent amount of muscular body weight, dropping his total body fat and developing an advanced level of cardiovascular fitness to carry him through the many stunts the movie script called for.

He also adopted a low carb, high fat / protein approach to getting the ripped mass that he was after, hence he ultimately turned his body into a fat burning machine. That evidently no easy feat, but the transformation that had everyone’s jaw dropping was when he gained 40 pounds for the movie American Sniper .

Bradley Cooper's height 8

What makes it even more mind blowing is that he did it in just 10 weeks. 40 pounds is not a joke people, that’s the weight of an average 5 year old, and make no mistake it wasn’t the fun kind of weight gain, he was constantly working out to gain muscle.

Bradley Cooper's height 10

Fret not, he had help from a personal trainer, Jason Walsh so we are guessing that made his weight gain journey as bearable as it could be. Now to the main issue at hand, how much does he weigh? Bradley currently weighs 83 kg.

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Bradley Cooper’s Body Measurements

In addition to Bradley Cooper’s height and weight, we have some of his other statistics here for you, so sit tight. His chest is 40 inches, his waist is 32 inches and his biceps are 15 inches.

Bradley Cooper's height hangover

Also the star wears a US size 14, European size 47 and UK size 13.5, with that, we can call it a day.


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