Book Of Life 2: When Is The Release Date And Who Will Make The Cast? 

Book of Life 2
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Jorge R. Gutierrez’s animated adventure fantasy film, The Book of Life, which was originally conceived as a Trilogy, rocked the world of fans of animation in 2014. The film received mostly positive reviews from audiences and critics especially for its impressive visuals which earned it a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Here is everything you should know about the release date and cast of its upcoming sequel, The Book of Life 2.

The Book of Life 2: When Is The Release Date

The development of a sequel to The Book of Life was announced by Jorge R. Gutierrez, who served as the director of the first film in June 2017. This time, Jorge will be taking the producer and screenwriter seats on this one along with Guillermo Del Toro. Although an official date is yet to be scheduled, it should be released sometime between late 2020 or early 2021.

Who Will Make The Cast Of Book Of Life 2?

Set two years following the events of its predecessor, The Book of Life 2 begins as Mary Beth gets done reading a story from the Book of Life to a group of school children about a man named Manolo Sanchez and his journey to two imaginary worlds. Basically, this sequel revolves around the life of the character named Joaquin Mondragon as opposed to Manolo, the musician and bullfighter who was the focus of the first film.

The film sees Guillermo del Toro join the cast and while most of the actors from the previous film will be reprising their roles, new voice actors would also be coming on board. It will feature the voices of the following actors:

Channing Tatum As Joaquin Mondragon Jr.

Joaquin Mondragon Jr. is Manolo’s childhood best friend and San Angel’s local hero. Joaquin and his best friend, Manolo, both fall in love with Maria, with whom they grew up in San Angel, Mexico but Maria ends up marrying Manolo and Joaquin now has a new love interest, Xoco. He will embark on a journey to the land of the unknown to look for his deceased father, Captain Joaquin Mondragon Snr.

Diego Luna As Manolo Sanchez

A musician from a family of skilled bullfighters, Manolo is Joaquin’s childhood best friend and Maria’s husband. Father of Carlos, Alexis, Carrie, Hana, and Azcalxochitzin Sanchez, Manolo was killed by Xibalba, ruler of the Land of the Forgotten and must find a way to return to his love and family in the land of the living.

Zoe Saldana As Maria Posada-Sanchez

General Ramiro Posada’s daughter, Manolo’s wife and mother of his five children, Maria was Manolo and Joaquin’s best friend and love interest in the first Book of Life.

Javier Bardem As Antón

Anton is the original film’s main antagonist and brother of the bandit, King Chakal’s (Dan Navarro). He continues in his antagonist role in Book Of Life 2 and will be seeking vengeance for the death of his brother.

Ana de la Reguera As Carmen Sanchez

Credited as Skeleton Carmen in the first film, Reguera reprises her role in The Book of Life 2 as Manolo’s late mother. Manolo would team up with his mother, along with the rest of his ancestral family to defeat El Ferzov for good and keep his family safe again.

 'The Book of Life 2'
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Ice Cube As The Candle Maker

This character, a god, is the overseer of the Book of Life and also oversees the lives and stories of every living creature through candles.

Guillermo Del Toro As El Ferozv

Guillermo voices the character of El Ferozv, the antagonist who brainwashes and convinces Xibalba to regress to his old way.

Ron Perlman As Xibalba

Perlman returns again as Xibalba, ruler of Land of the Forgotten and La Muerte’s husband.

Kate del Castillo As La Muerte

La Muerte is the Ruler of Land of the Remembered and Xibalba’s wife who tries to help save the Sanchezes from her brainwashed husband and El Ferozv.

Emil-Bastien Bouffard As Carlos Sanchez

Bouffard who voiced the role of young Manolo in Book Of Life will be returning as Manolo’s young son, Carlos Sanchez.

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Other members of The Book of Life 2 cast include Francesca Marie Smith, who voices the role of Alexis Sanchez, the 16-year-old daughter of Manolo and Maria; Ursula Taherian the voice behind Manolo’s identical twin daughters, Carrie and Hana Sanchez; and Jason Drucker, cast as Azcalxochitzin Sanchez, Manolo and Maria’s 7-year-old son who is missing a left eye.

Also part of the cast of Book Of Life 2 is Sofia Vergara who voices the character of Xoco, Joaquin’s newfound love interest whom he eventually gets married to in Madrid, Spain; Eva Mendes as La Noche; Lin-Manuel Miranda as La Noche’s husband, El Chamuco; Chris Pratt as Quill Quill; Alison Brie as Nanci, Quill’s best friend, Anna Kendrick, as Destiny and America Ferrera as Angelica.