The Bogdanoof brothers facts you should know
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Back in the 1980s, the Bogdanoff brothers were hot commodities in France known for a series of science fiction shows they starred in. The twins are French television presenters, producers, and science essay composers. They are also doctorate degree holders and have on numerous occasions claimed to have been in communication with extraterrestrial life. The brothers have had their fair share of controversies and the most noticeable of all was the Bogdanov affair, a series of theoretical physics papers which was frowned upon by various scientists.

Who Are The Bogdanoff Brothers – Igor And Grichka Bogdanoff

The Bogdanoff brothers are French twin brothers who caught media attention for their roles as producers, presenter and scientific essayists in the 1970s. The twins were born on August 29, 1949, in Saint-Lary, Gers, France, to Yuri MikhaïlovitchOsten-Sacken-Bogdanoff and Maria Dolores FranzyskaKolowrat-Krakwská.

All You Need To Know About Them


Bogdanoff brothers’ father, Yuri was born in 1928 and he died in 2012, Yuri was a Russian painter who has origin from Tatar and is a descendant of a royal bloodline. The twins’ mother, Maria lived from 1926-1982. She was the daughter of Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Krakwská. The brothers were brought up in France and they lived in a castle with their maternal grandmother, Bertha Kolowrat-Krakwská.

Their Grandmother

  • Marriage into a Noble Family

Bertha Kolowrat-Krakwská comes from a Czech noble family from Bohemia called the Kolowrat family. She was married to a princely member of a noble family of the House of Colloredo-Mannsfeld, an Austrian family with Italian origin.

  • Marriage Scandal

She and American lyrics tenor Roland Hayes had an affair which resulted in Bertha getting pregnant for Hayes. Her affair with the lyrics composer crashed her marriage, it also tarnished her reputation in the society, as well as losing her entitlements to her homes in Prague and Berlin in addition to relinquishing her initial four children.

After she and her husband divorced, she gave birth to the mother (Maria) of the twins. Hayes and Bertha tried to work out their relationship but it failed after Hayes tried to adopt their biracial daughter to which Bertha refused. Hayes then returned to the United States, while Bertha moved to Château de Saint-Lary with her daughter.

  • Her Influence on the Twins

The twin’s grandmother spoke various languages, she even served as a translator for the Nazis during World War II. As she trained the boys and they also learned to speak multiple languages including French, English, German and Russian.

Bogdanoff Brothers Academic Accomplishments

The Bogdanoff brothers each have a doctorate degree from the University of Burgundy. Grichka got his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Burgundy in 1999, while Igor got his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in 2002, from the same university.

The Bogdanov Affair

They wrote a series of theoretical physics papers which was then known as the Bogdanov Affair. Their papers received a large number of criticism from other scientists who described it as meaningless, superficial mishmash and of low standard.


It’s been quite a while since we last heard of the Bogdanoff brothers, in 2018, the brothers were accused of defrauding a man named Cyrille of €800,000, with the false pretense of investing the money in scientific and artistic works. The case is currently under investigation.

One time, Igor’s ex-girlfriend, Julie Jordan files a complaint against him to the police for badging into her home. Igor was then fined €1,500 for the charges against him.

Trinh Xuan, Thuan, a Vietnamese-American astrophysicist and an astronomy professor at the University of Virginia, accused the brothers or plagiarizing his work from his 1988 book The Secret Melody: And Man Created The Universe when the brothers published a French bestselling book titled Dieu et la Science, which translates to God and Science. The Bogdanoff brothers, however, claimed that the inspiration to write the book was drawn from an interview with Jean Guitton, a French Catholic philosopher and theologian.

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Psychic Ability Claims

The Bogdanoff brothers have claimed on multiple occasions that they have come in contact with Aliens and Angels. They claimed they have the psychic ability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. Some of their followers refer to them as Angels owing to their unorthodox facial appearances.

Their Personal Life

BOGDANOFF BROTHERS family, wife and kids
Igor with wife and son-image source

Igor is married to Amelia de Bourbon de Parme. He has six children, only two of which are from his union with his current wife. Igor was previously married to Countess Ludmillad’Oultremont, with whom he had three of his children. His first child came from a relationship he had with Genevieve Grad.

While Igor is married and has six kids, his younger twin brother Grichka has no kids and is not married.

Plastic Surgery

In a bid to look younger, the twin brothers underwent several plastic surgeries but in the process, the results left their faces deformed and almost unrecognizable. No doubt, the Bogdanoff brothers made the list of our celebrity plastic surgery disasters you need to see.

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