Blippi Net Worth: What Is Stevin John’s Net Worth

Blippi net worth is $140 million, according to the most recent calculation of his fortune. Born Stevin John, Blippi made his money from social media, the Blippi children’s series, tours and concerts, endorsements, and business investments like the sale of merchandise, stock market investment, and lucrative partnerships.

Blippi net worth started increasing after he launched his Blippi Children series in 2014. With time, the series led him to break new frontiers, and today, he can boast of so many other investments both in the entertainment industry and other fields.

How Much Is Blippi Net Worth?

The latest report from Forbes says Blippi’s net worth is currently $140 million. Obviously, this is in the absence of what he made from the sale of Bilippi. Since he made his debut on YouTube in 2014, the American children’s educator and entertainer has been taking some amazing quantum leaps.

Three years after he started trending on YouTube, Stevin John was reportedly worth around $40 million; this happened in 2017. Within just one year, he added an extra $15 million to his bottom line and this pegged his 2018 net worth at $55 million.

By 2019, John had already moved his wealth to $70 million and his activities between 2019 and 2020 saw him hit a high of $86 million as his net worth. Blippi’s pattern of exponential growth continued in 2021, landing him at a fortune of $115 million. In 2020, the children’s entertainer posted $129 million and the latest about his 2023 bank balance is that Stevin John has $140 million.

From what is obvious, sources are yet to include the proceeds he generated from the sale of Blippi’s into his net worth and when they eventually do, John is sure to come out as one of the multi-billionaires in the entertainment industry.

Quizzed about the secret to his unprecedented success in an interview session, John said it is all thanks to his natural ability to think like children. According to the entertainer, kids live a simple life and you can never catch them worrying about specifics. They go head-in first and as they are doing it, they will be figuring the details out as they move on.

Today, John has earned recognition in the children’s entertainment industry as an entrepreneur who took his passion and turned it into a profitable venture which has grown to become an empire.

How Much Money Does Blippi Make?

On average, Blippi makes an annual income of $25 million which accrues from all his ventures on social media and other businesses. Reports have it that he inherited $270k from family, while his stock portfolio is worth $48 million, and his investment in cryptocurrency is pegged at $15 million.

The children’s educator and entertainer also stashed away a retirement saving that is calculated to be in excess of $30 million.

How Much Does Blippi Make A Year?

Earlier in his career journey, Stevin John was raking in a handsome $12.5 million as his annual income. Around 2017, the popular American kiddies’ entertainer moved it to $17 million per year. However, current reports claim that Blippi now smiles to the bank with $25 million on a yearly basis. The amount is expected to continue growing as John is still relevant in the scheme of things.

Stevin John’s Sources of Income

As earlier mentioned, Stevin John made his massive fortune from multiple sources. On the internet space, he earns money through YouTube, Blippi show, Instagram, Facebook, his website, and more. He is also an active businessman with lucrative investments in different fields.

Blippi is into live performances and concert tours which has added a lot to his bottom line, he has done some endorsement deals with top brands and to crown it all, he raked in a huge sum from the sale of his children’s show, Blippi.

With that said, we must also acknowledge the fact that John was working and earning money before he launched his social media career. He was formerly employed by the US Air Force where he earned a monthly pay.

What Did Blippi Do Before His Show

Before he created his Blippi children’s show, Stevin John was part of the US Air Force which he joined in 2006. He immediately started serving as a loadmaster for the military transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster at the 4th Airlift Squadron located in Washington.

John’s work portfolio included doing calculations and planning cargo placements for the force to keep aircraft gravitationally centered during flight. He spent two years in Washington from July 2006 to June 2008. He then transferred to Los Angeles, California, where he started serving at Wpromot in his capacity as an SEO specialist; this post lasted from 2009 to 2010.

His Steezy Grossman Videos

Even before he created his Blippi series, Stevin John was already on YouTube under the moniker, Steezy Grossman. It was described as a series of childish gross-out videos where he played the titular character of Steezy Grossman.

The plot reveals Steezy as a man born as excrement after his parents had anal sex. During his time as Grossman, Blippi flooded the internet space with a plethora of videos that have been described as tasteless.

There was one really gross video where the children’s entertainer pooped on his nude accomplice following his performance of the Harlem Shake on the toilet.

John has since regretted creating the uncivilized video and apologized to fans in 2019 after his Blippi brought him to public attention. He later wiped it off the internet with the aid of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

John’s Blippi Children Series

Following his move from Los Angele to his hometown, Ellensburg, Stevin was greatly dismayed after he found his nephew that was just two watching poor-quality videos on YouTube. This was what motivated him to go into content creation on YouTube and started working on his children’s show.

John swore to make his show educational as well as fun for kids. Blippi eventually premiered on YouTube in January 2014. The children’s streaming show stars John as the titular character and he was featured as a childlike man always appearing in blue-and-orange attire with suspenders, a bow tie, and a beanie cap.


On the show, Stevin John provides his audience with educational and funny videos. The debut of Blippi’s video dropped on the 27th of January 2014 and according to John, he single-handedly undertook the filming, graphics, and editing. However, as the company grew, he started employing staff.

Apart from the success it has recorded on YouTube, Blippi broke new frontiers when it started streaming on major platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and more. John said he took inspiration from legendary kiddies show educators and entertainers like Mr. Rogers.

Majority of Stevin John’s Net Worth Came from YouTube Revenue

Though he later launched his presence on many other social media platforms, Stevin John earns a lion’s share of his income from his YouTube channel, @Blippi. He joined YouTube on the 27th of January 2014 and since then, he has shared 652 posts. The number of views on his YouTube came to a jaw-dropping 14,547,044,376 views at the last count.

The sole reason his channel became very popular is the children’s show and that has led him to garner over 17.7 million subscribers and still counting. Prior to that in 2018, John was at the 3 million subscription level, it only took him less him five years to achieve the milestone he enjoys today.

An analysis of Blippi’s YouTube channel revealed that he made his debut on the channel in February 2014 with a video called, “FARM TRACTORS – KIDS SHOW”. Among his most popular videos are “Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids | Educational Videos for Toddlers”, “Detective Blippi Video for Children | Police Videos for Kids”, “Videos for Toddlers with Blippi | Learn Colors and Numbers for Children”, and more.

However, “Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids | Educational Videos for Toddlers”, tops the list with over 908 million views.

Stevin John’s earnings on YouTube are broken down into ads revenue, sponsorships deals, and the money he gets from merchandise sales. According to reports, only ads on his channel can generate as much as 7 million annually.

There is a daily income of $15,000 from the Spanish version of @Blippi and the first known revenue he earned from YouTube was $470k in 2017. In 2018, he earned a cool million dollars and 2019 saw him garner $3 million. His YouTube income increased by $6 million in 2020, $9 million in 2021, and currently, he is said to be making $11 million from YouTube alone.

He has a Second YouTube Channel

After John launched his merchandise which include toys, he went on to create a second YouTube channel called @Blippi Toys. This latest channel is dedicated to trucks, airplanes, trains, and all sorts of road vehicles.

While @ Blippi is topping the chart in subscription level, Blippi Toys is fast closing in on ten million subscribers and so far, it has recorded over 10 billion views. The most popular videos on this particular channel are “Blippi Plays at the Children’s Museum | Learn Colors for Toddlers”, “Learn Colors and Learn Shapes with Blippi | Educational Indoor Play Place”, “Blippi at the Indoor Play Place | Learning Movements”, and more.

He is on Instagram

Stevin John also shares his Children’s educational and entertainment videos via his Instagram handle @blippi, though it is less popular compared to what he has achieved on YouTube. So far, his Instagram boasts 721k followers with 956 posts.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Another huge source of revenue for Stevin John is his sponsorship and endorsement deals with many educational and manufacturing companies. In 2021 alone, he raked in $18 million from media licensing deals and royalties.

He is a Shrewd Businessman

Following the success of his Blippi series, John was shrewd enough to see the stardom as a business opportunity. That was what birthed his popular merchandise line that includes toys, books, and clothing items.

Blippi merchandise can be accessed via his website and he also sells through other known platforms like Amazon and Walmart at a price range that goes from $3.99 to $19.99 Notable among his merchandise is the “My Buddy Blippi” plush toy; this is quite popular as it reproduces 15 of his signature sounds and phrases.

The franchise also comprises a spinoff series called “Blippi’s Treehouse”. This debuted on Amazon Kids+ in December 2021.

Earns through Partnerships

The success of Stevin John’s Blippi led him to go into partnership with streaming platforms such as  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and more. These are successful exclusive licensing deals that churn out revenue on a daily basis. To watch Blippi’s on Hulu alone, a $5.99 monthly subscription charge applies.

Amazon takes as much as $1.99 per episode and those who wish to view a complete season can pay $59.99. His Blippi stories entitled Bedtime With Blippi and My Buddy Blippi are also sold on Amazon where his DVD sales rate has remained in the top 100 to date.

There are also documentaries and web series like Blippi Wonders that stream on both Amazon and Hulu. His Blippi children courses where the kids are meant to do assignments is another money spinner. At the end of their courses, children are awarded certificates

What the children’s entertainer earns on Netflix has never been disclosed, but he sells his collection of DVDs on all the platforms.

Live Performances and Concert Tours

After creating the Blippi show Stevin John wasted no time in taking it on the road with a successful live show. During the summertime of 2021, John he performed his Blippi, The Musical North American tour, in Charleston, US. The tickets were sold out and he also generated revenue from merch.

Organizers of children’s events pay heavily for his appearances which is another source of generating revenue.

Before then, in 2019, Stevin John organized a live show, “Blippi The Musical,” where he contracted Clayton Grimm who was later dubbed an impersonator to represent him. The action attracted heavy criticism from ticket-holders who later got refunds.

Tech Stocks Airline Firms, and Stashed Cash formed a Major Part of Stevin John’s Investments

Stevin John used part of his accumulated fortune to make investments in other areas like airline companies and tech stock.

His government securities and stock market investments came to $15 million at the last check; this also includes what he has in firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla.

John has a personal cash reserve in excess of $18 million that generates interest per annum.

How Much Did Blippi Sell For?

Trusted sources revealed that the children’s educative and entertainment series, Blippi was sold together with Cocomelon for an astounding $3 billion. In 2020, Moonbug Entertainment started negotiating to purchase the series, and since they sealed the deal, the entertainment firm dubbed it in several other languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, French, and Arabic.

Though Blippi has been sold, the series remains a favorite among children.

Did Blippi Retire?

No Blippi did not retire, however, it turns out that we are now going to be seeing two Blippis. While Blippi, Stevin John continues bouncing and beeping his way around in future videos, Clayton Grimm is set to be in charge of his stage shows. Thus, the question of impersonation is no more likely to arise since it is pre-stated that Grimms is now part of the Blippi team. Besides, he is really doing great in his performances.

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