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Being talented, hardworking and creative are the secrets to creating a long-lasting legacy in the entertainment industry. These are all secrets Bert Kish mastered during his time as a director and filmmaker. Beyond directing, he also worked as an editor, producer, writer, and cinematographer. Without a doubt, he was a man who wore many hats and excelled at each and every one of them. Here’s more information about the filmmaker.

Bert Kish – Biography

Bert Kish was born on the 15th of September, 1965. Though the director was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he relocated to Los Angeles, California assumedly to further his career. Growing up, he attended Westmount High School before moving on to study at McGill University. McGill is one of the most respected universities in Canada and Bert joins a league of extraordinary people who attended the university. Other notable alumni include William Shatner, Mackenzie Davis, Colin Ferguson, Samantha Bee, Jessalyn Gilsig, Sheldon Cohen, Evan Goldberg, Jaspreet Singh, Jan Wong, Leonard Cohen, Chilly Gonzales, and Mia Kirshner.

As previously mentioned, Bert Kish was a talented and well-known film and TV editor and director. As an editor, some of his most popular works include Longmire, Death Valley, Hemlock Grove, The Bridge, Legacy, Once A Thief and Jake The Kid. However, as a director, he is known for Snow Bride, Winter Song, Stranded In Paradise, The Deadly Pledge and many more. He also served as a producer on Death Valley, Winter Song, and Shah Bob.

It is not surprising that Bert Kish grew up to become an accomplished filmmaker when you consider the fact that he was the son of Albert Kish, a Hungarian-Canadian filmmaker. Albert, like his son, was a prolific and talented director who worked on several movies including Bighorn, Family House, Omnicity, Summer of ’67, Louisbourg and many more. For his long and accomplished work, Albert received several awards over the course of his career including the Gold Apple Award, the Silver Hugo Award, the Robert Flaherty Award among others.

Considering how prolific Albert Kish was, little wonder why Bert followed in his footsteps. For his efforts, Bert was nominated for several awards during his career but he notably won the Gemini Award For Best Picture Edition in A Dramatic Program or series. This award not only proved that Bert was a renowned film editor but also solidified the fact that he was respected in his career.

Family: Wife, Siblings

There is limited information available Bert Kish’s family life but it is known that he had a brother named Colin. It is also known that Bert Kish was married to Vanessa Trachewsky. No one knows exactly when these two tied the knot but it is public knowledge that they were together until his death in 2017. While married to Vanessa, the two had a son named Aris who was just eleven years old at the time of his father’s passing.

Beyond this tidbit of information, it was apparent that Bert Kish preferred to keep details about his family and his personal life away from the prying media.


Bert Kish
Bert Kish and friend, Dennys Ilic: Image Source

Bert Kish sadly passed away on the 24th of May, 2017. His loss was greatly felt by his family, peers and by friends as well. When he passed away, there was an outpouring of condolence messages from friends and fans who were certainly going to miss him. He was described by friends as one of the kindest, sweetest and the most passionate person they knew reiterating the fact that his death was greatly felt.

Sadly the cause of his death has not been revealed to the public; but it is known he died almost two years after the death of his father, Albert, who passed away on the 23rd of October, 2015. Albert died in Toronto General Hospital after suffering from cancer. One thing is for certain, both Albert and Bert Kish’s legacy will continue to live on, thanks to their hard work, tenacity, and passion.

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Net Worth

Thanks to his long and illustrious career in the entertainment industry, Bert Kish had a total net worth of $1.9 million at the time of his death. Considering how hard he worked to build a respectable name for himself, it goes without saying that he deserved every penny of the total net worth.

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