Baron Corbin
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Baron Corbin is an American wrestler signed to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) who has a successful background in the National Football League (NFL). He was a football player before coming to have WWE to make a name for himself as a wrestler. Since he started out in 2012 as a professional wrestler, Corbin has come a long way in building a generous followership for himself. Here is all to know about him.

Baron Corbin’s Biography, Age

Corbin was born as Thomas Pestock on September 13, 1984, in Lenexa, Kansas. He was raised by his parents, Mona Pestock and Steven Pestock alongside his brother, Danny Pestock. While growing up, he had always been very athletic, but instead of the ring, it was the football field that was on his mind and that was what he started until he left it for the wrestling ring.

But before the wrestling ring, came the boxing ring. Corbin fought in the Golden Gloves National Tournament of Champions in 2008 as an amateur boxer. He attended the Northwest Missouri State University after his high school education. It was from here that he moved on to play football with the Indianapolis Colts after he was undrafted in 2009.

His NFL Career

Having signed to play in the National Football League with the Colts on April 27, 2009, his dream was cut short as he was released four months later (August 13) only to be resigned by the same team six days later (August 19). He moved on to the Arizona Cardinals, one year later, and played there for another year before calling it quits.

With three seasons in the league to his name, it was quite obvious to him that football was not what he should be doing as he didn’t record anything significant in terms of statistics.

WWE Career

Over everything else, what has brought Thomas Pestock to public reckoning is his metamorphosis into Baron Corbin which he achieved from his decision to begin fighting as a wrestler. He signed to WWE’s NXT in 2012 and his first fight was in October of the same year, just two months after he signed on. Unfortunately for him, he lost the fight against Dante Dash before going again to lose to Damien Sandow in his first televised battle.

Before too long, he got to record some victories, but hardly anything of great significance in the NXT challenge. At the WrestleMania 32, he made the roster with a debut performance that landed him the André the Giant Memorial battle royale.

Just a night after his Smackdown debut, Corbin also made his RAW debut, but his big moment came when he was drafted to the Smackdown brand at the WWE draft of 2016 on July 19. He participated and won the 2017 Money in the Bank Ladder match. Of course, he has gone on to have many interesting and entertaining fights, but there was hardly anything that was very significant.

Also known as the Lone Wolf, his career is decorated with a WWE United States Championship title, an André the Giant Memorial Trophy, a Money in the Bank victory, as well as his ranking by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated among the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2017. He was ranked as No. 49 in the listing. Another thing is that Corbin was named the Most Metal Athlete of the year in 2016 by the Revolver after he was voted above people like Robin Lehner, Drew Stafford, Julianna Peña, and Matt Brown.


Baron Cordin
Baron Cordin and Rochelle Roman

The rather arrogant wrestler, as it is with many others in the sports, has been married to Rochelle Roman since April 2017. Although it is not known for how long the two have dated before deciding to settle as man and wife, it is known that his wife, Rochelle was born on August 29, 1991, in Florida. Rochelle Roman is not the only woman that Corbin has dated. Before her, he was in a relationship with American singer and songwriter, Maria Brink.

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Height and Weight

Without any doubt, Baron Corbin is a figure that can easily intimidate one, most especially if you consider his size. In fact, that has been his drive as regards sports, moving from boxing to football, and then wrestling. In numbers, he stands a massive 6 feet 8 inches, which places him as a tower over some opponents, and he has a weight of 285 lbs (129 kg).

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