B1A4 Members Profile (Updated) and Why Jinyoung and Baro Left The Group

The members of B1A4 could not be living life any better at the moment; all the training and hard work they went through prior to their debut in April 2011 paid off in leaps and bounds. Since the South Korean boy band came on the scene, they have released at least 7 Korean and Japanese albums, and that is excluding their compilation albums.

The group was introduced to the world in a relatively unconventional way—through a webtoon. The B1A4 members, through their band, are in a contract with WM Entertainment. They started out as a 5-man-team in 2011 including CNU, Sandeul, Gongchan, Jinyoung, and Baro. By 2018, however, they had thinned down to three members with the departure of Jinyoung and Baro. So who are the current members of B1A4? Why did Baro and Jinyoung leave the group? Here’s everything you should know about the past and current B1A4 members.

The Current Members of B1A4

Following the departure of two of their members in 2018, the group is now a three-man squad. The multiple-award-winning group currently has CNU, Gongchan, and Sandeul in its ranks. No changes have been made to their lineup since Baro and Jinyoung left.

1. CNU

B1A4 member - CNU
CNU was the last member of B1A4 to join the group

CNU serves as a rapper, lead vocalist, and the main dancer for the group. CNU may never have had the chance to become a member of B1A4 had he been allowed to quit music earlier. He has been in music his whole life and started playing the piano when he was three years old. Prior to B1A4, CNU had attended a plethora of music auditions with his friends but was, more often than not, the one to draw the short straw. He was the last person to join the group and made his debut as a part of the group on MBC’s Show! Music Core.

The musician who has been in stage productions of plays like The Three Musketeers is also responsible for writing and producing some of B1A4’s best songs. These include “Beautiful Target” and “Drunk With Music.”

2. Gongchan

Gongchan was scouted through a picture of himself on Cyworld

Gongchan is the singer and face of the group. Although he is the youngest in the group, he has a mature disposition being the oldest of his siblings. Gongchan was discovered on the social network Cyworld where he had just won an Ulzzang challenge at the time. He attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts and has also hosted the fourth season of the KBS show, A Song For You. He has also made an appearance on MBC’s Celebrity Bromance.

3. Sandeul

Sandeul - B1A4 member
Sandeul joined B1A4 as the fourth member

This Busan native was the fourth member of B1A4 to team up with the group. Sandeul who serves as the main vocalist for the group also has some interesting celebrity connections. Back in Busan, before his B1A4 days, he went to school with Day6’s Sungjin and has also been spotted on occasion with BTS’s Jin. Sandeul was scouted by an agent from WM Entertainment after he performed a Kim Yeon-woo song while contesting in a talent show. Along with Baro, he has tested the waters of acting by playing a role in the web drama Loss: Time: Life. He also contested on Idol Cooking King and has his own solo music career.

Why Did Jinyoung And Baro Leave The Group?

Jinyoung who was the leader of the group and Baro were the first two B1A4 members to be scouted and recruited. Baro, who was loved mostly for his looks, was scouted after a WM Entertainment representative had seen his pictures on one of his friend’s Cyworld homepage. During his audition, he did everything – singing, rapping, and beatboxing. Like Baro, Jinyoung was also snapped up after a WM rep saw his picture on Cyworld.

Jinyoung and Baro
Jinyoung (left) and Baro (right) left B1A4 in June 2018

On June 30, 2018, fans of B1A4 were shocked and heartbroken when WM Entertainment announced that Baro and Jinyoung had to come to the end of their contracts with the group. By mid-November, the label had not yet renegotiated their contracts and instead, announced that the group will continue to promote as a three-man act for the time being with only Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan.

During an interview with MBC’s Radio Star in February 2019, Sandeul opened up about how Baro and Jinyoung’s exit had hit the band emotionally. While they all did not like the new reality, Sandeul and Gongchan were the most hit. Sandeul said he stayed indoors a month, crying his eyes out and refused to talk to anyone. His fellow B1A4 members eventually helped him move on though.

Fans can continue to hold out hope though, WM has stated that they have not ruled out a five-man come back for the group in the future.


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