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The gaming niche on YouTube has become very popular and for those who have been following it, Azzyland is one of the main people that one cannot fail to spot no matter how crowded it gets. She is a Candian Vlogger who has become famous for creating gaming contents. Having reached a point where she became one of the fastest rising Vloggers on YouTube, here is all to know about her.

Who is Azzyland? Real Name and Age

As stated earlier, Azzyland is a gamer who has made a name for herself on social media. She was born on February 23, 1991, in her home country of Canada. Although many, including her close fans and subscribers whom she refers to as citizens of Azzyland have come to know her simply as Azzyland, Azra Bajrami is her birth name.

She was brought up in Toronto in a crowded apartment as her family was not exactly rich. Growing up mostly as a loner, she took to playing video games as an escape after learning it from her father and uncle who were always playing Nintendo games.

Even as she continued her education, Azzyland who was raised alongside her sister, still continued playing games and this was how she began her YouTube channel. For her education, the vlogger attended the Wilfrid Laurier University where instead of going into arts as one would expect, she majored in chemistry and biology.

Why She is So Popular

Just as it is with other YouTube stars, Azra Bajrami met fame and became popular thanks to the gaming contents she shares on YouTube as well as her cosplay videos and the variety she brings to her subscribers.

Beyond just her cosplay videos and gaming, she romanced fame in a rather different way from what many others would do. This is because when her channel was still young, she decided to break a twerking record in what she called TWERKATHON! The vlogger promised her fans that she would twerk for a complete 24 hours and that pulled a lot of followers for her.

Although she kept to her word by recording a video that lasted 23 hours and 28 minutes, there were many people who believed the whole thing was fake pointing out that the video was rewound many times. But rewound or not, the video did the right trick because barely a year after the video was made, it pulled close to 10 million views, and that shot up the number of her subscribers, making her a topic for many.

Azzyland and Kwebbelkop

More so, she also added to her popularity by promising her subscribers that as soon as she was able to hit a million subscribers, she was going to make a nude video of herself. Of course, that pulled even more subscribers to her channel and sooner than expected, her subscribers reached a million. True to her word again, she kept her promise but the video was blurred.

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As it is with her YouTube handle, Azra Bajrami started it in May 2017 and has since been able to build it to close to 4 million subscribers which is a feat not many others can achieve. What is more interesting is that the channel has already amassed close to a billion views.

Beyond just the platform, Azzyland has also become very famous on other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Twitter, she has close to a million followers while on Instagram where she describes herself as the Queen of Awkward Situations, she has over a million followers. More so, her facebook page has gathered close to a hundred thousand likes before the second half of 2018.

Dating Life and Boyfriend

As a result of her massive popularity, Azzyland got invited to the E3 gaming conference where she first met Jordi Van Den Bussche after they were introduced to each other. Soon after the conference which held in Los Angeles, the two began dating secretly until the info leaked out.

Jordi Van Den Bussche who is more popular as Kwebbelkop is a YouTuber just like Azzy.  He began his channel, Kwebbelkop in 2008. By mid-2018, he had already gathered over 8 million followers and more than 3.1 billion views.

The two lovebirds who love traveling now live in Spain where they continue producing videos for their different channels.

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