12 Ashlee Simpson Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

There are two things a seer shouldn’t tell you: your name and how entertaining it is to watch Ashlee Simpson movies and TV shows. At one time, Ashlee was one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. She began her career at 15 by appearing in commercials and serving as a backup dancer for her sister, Jessica Simpson. Ashlee has since established herself as a songwriter, singer, and actress, garnering considerable attention along the way. So far, she has released three highly successful studio albums titled Autobiography, Undiscovered, and Bittersweet World. She has also starred in over a dozen roles on film, television, as well as for the stage.

Although she took a long hiatus from the entertainment business and has only recently returned, many would agree that Ashlee is indeed a gifted performer. Despite the fact that she hails from a famous lineage, she has enough talent of her own to get by and take her far in her professional career. Ashlee endeared herself to fans from all over the world with her powerful singing voice and her exciting performances on screen. Her acting portfolio is not overflowing with credits, but that has not detracted from her quality as an actress.

Looking through her filmography, there are some amazing performances and a few not so flattering ones. Below is our list of 12 Ashlee Simpson movies and television shows ranked from her best to her worst outings.

Ashlee Simpson’s Movies and TV Shows

1. Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)

This crime comedy movie is considered to be one of the actress’ finest performances on screen. Written by Adam Minarovich and directed by Wayne Kramer, the film weaves a bizarre but somewhat intriguing tale of crime and the people that make it happen. Pawn Shop Chronicles goes heavy on the violence and action without letting them sour the plot. The storyline is further elevated by the inspiring performance delivered by its ensemble cast featuring Brendan Fraser, Chi McBride, Matt Dillon, Norman Reedus, Vincent D’Onofrio, and the late Paul Walker. Although the movie didn’t get favorable reviews from most critics, it still remains one of her better works.

2. The Hot Chick (2002)

Ashlee Simpson Movies and TV Shows
Melissa Lawner, Maria Elena Laas, and Ashlee Simpson in The Hot Chick: Image Source

Tom Brady’s teen comedy about a criminal and a high school cheerleader whose bodies are magically swapped after they unwitting put on separate pairs of enchanted earrings that are centuries old. What follows next is a lot of chaos, hilarity, and frustrating attempts at making the best out of the incredibly shitty situation until they can track down their real bodies and swap them back to the right owner. Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson plays another student who is stuck in a love triangle with a guy named Jake who is dating another girl. If you are one of those people who love a little intrigue shaken together with comedy, then you are in for a real treat with this movie.

3. 7th Heaven (2002-2004)

Set in the fictional town of Glenoak, California, 7th Heaven follows the lives of the members of the Camden Family. The family-friendly drama series centers around Reverend Eric Camden (a minister) his wife Annie and their seven children. The show tackled several serious issues in its ten-season run from peer pressure to premarital sex, and other concerns facing teenagers and adults as they navigate through life. Ashley Simpson played the character of Cecilia Smith, a girl who be ones closely linked with the Camden family after she begins dating one of the children, Simon. 7th Heaven helped bring a lot of attention her way in the industry and beyond, so it remains one of the best Ashlee Simpson TV shows you can watch.

4. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

This Emmy-winning sitcom is one of the best shows to air on television within the last two decades. The series revolves around a dysfunctional family and their lives. Frankie Muniz is absolutely enthralling as the eponymous Malcolm, a boy who is kind of a genius. Jane Kaczmarek plays his strict and overbearing mother, Bryan Cranston his loving and somewhat immature father, Justin Berfield his simpleminded older brother who lives for bullying him, Christopher Masterson his once rebellious older brother, and Erik Per Sullivan his smart and musically gifted younger brother. The show was one of Ashlee’s earliest roles and her character was only credited as a high school girl since she was only one of the minor characters.

5. Space Dogs Adventure to the Moon (2016)

Image Source

Like the original Russian animation released six years prior, the American version of Space Dogs follows the same premise: a pet who is brought from the Soviet Union and given as a gift to President Kennedy tells other pets the story of how him and other dogs ended up being used to test rockets sent into space by the Soviet Space Program. The film is based on the real-life story of the Soviet space dogs, the first animals to travel to space and back. It was created as a way of honoring this often-ignored legacy and a giant leap in science which was only made possible with the help of man’s best friend. Ashley lends her voice to one of the main characters, a dog named Strelka. Without a doubt, it is one of the outstanding Ashlee Simpson movies out there.

6. Undiscovered (2005)

Ashley plays a supporting character in this 2005 movie about a group of wannabe performers who are trying to get their careers off the ground in Los Angeles. It was her first significant film role as an actress, but it certainly wasn’t her most flattering. The film follows Brier, a successful model who falls in love with an aspiring musician whom she meets on a subway train. She never sees him again until many months later when she and a friend ran into him at a club where he is performing. The ladies decide to use what little influence they have to help get his name and music out there so he can land a record deal. However, fame comes at far too high a price. The movie tanked badly at the box office and it wasn’t critics’ cup of tea either. Still, Ashlee tried to put up a decent appearance even if her efforts proved rather unsatisfactory in the end.

7. Melrose Place (2009)

Although it only aired for one season before it was pulled off the air due to low ratings, Melrose Place is still one of the best Ashlee Simpson appearances on television. The actress played Violet Foster, a young woman who comes to California to find her birth mother and takes up residence at Melrose Place where she tries to fit in with the other tenants. She has a head full of schemes and does not hesitate to fight dirty should the occasion call for it. After her mother is found dead, she sets out to find who is responsible and ends up opening a can of worms in the process. Despite the complexity of the character, Ashlee Simpson manages to flesh out the role just right.

8. CSI: NY (2004)

Image Source

Crime Scene Investigation: New York is a hit American police procedural show that ran for nine seasons between September 2004 and February 2013. It follows a group of investigators as they unravel crimes and profile perpetrators in New York City. The series weaves in and out of their gritty work lives as well as the complex personal stories of its stories. Ashlee Simpson puts in an inspiring guest appearance as a character named Lila Wickfield in the Episode titled Point of No Return.

9. The Ashlee Simpson Show (2004-2005)

The actress starred as herself in the reality television show about her life. The series ran for two seasons and it focused on her career beginnings as a singer, the recording of her first studio album, her journey to stardom, and everything in between. Ashlee was able to showcase all the facets of her amazing personality and the show brought her exposure as well as the support of millions of fans who were drawn to her persona. As far as Ashlee Simpson movies and TV shows go, this was the one that really put her name out there.

10. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica (2003-2005)

The show starred Ashlee’s sister, Jessica Simpson, who is also a singer and actress, and her then-husband, Nick Lachey. It followed their short-lived marriage, while also establishing the couple as household names in the world of reality television. Ashlee also put in a couple of appearances as herself on the show, although they were never anything that could truly be described as artistic.

11. Ashlee + Evan (2018)

Ashlee Simpson Movies and TV Shows
Ashlee + Evan: Image Source

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Ashlee also starred in her own reality TV series alongside her husband Evan Ross, the son of the legendary singer Diana Ross. The show which airs on E! follows the couple as they try to navigate their lives as children of famous people, new parents, and other pressures that come with being celebrities.

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12. Punk’d (2005)

Created by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, Punk’d is a reality TV show that features celebrities being pranked and taped with hidden cameras. The show was wildly successful thanks to how wonderfully executed and hilarious pranks they pulled often were. Ashley’s episode on the series was quite memorable.


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