7 Crucial Facts About Arabella Rose Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s Daughter

Arabella Rose Kushner is the daughter of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and granddaughter of former United States President, Donald Trump. She is best known for being a part of the former first family in America.

North West is famous for being the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just as Blue Ivy is popular for being the child of music legends – Jay Z and Beyoncé. In the political scene, we know Malia Obama and Chelsea Clinton respectively because of Michelle/Barack Obama on one hand and Hillary/Bill Clinton on the other.

A new entry to the roster of children of famous political personalities is Arabella Rose Kushner, the daughter of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Here’s what we know about her.

Arabella Rose Kushner

Arabella Rose Kushner’s Early Life and Background

Arabella Rose Kushner was born on the 17th of July, 2011 in New York. Her parents Jared and Ivanka started dating in 2005. The couple met through mutual friends. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for her parents at the beginning of the relationship. They encountered negative reception from Jared’s parents and they broke up 3 years into their relationship in 2008. Their break up, however, didn’t last and they got back together and got married in 2009. They were married in a Jewish ceremony on the 25th of October, 2009.

Arabella is one of her parent’s 3 children and she has been drawing lots of attention lately as a result of the amazing things she does. Read all about it below.

1. She is the 3rd Oldest Grandchild of Donald Trump

It is a curious thing to be a relative of Donald Trump and amidst all the wealth and multiple children, Arabella Rose Kushner places as the third grandchild after Kai Madison and Donald Trump III, the children of Donald Trump Jr.

Those she is older than include Spencer Frederick, Chloe Sophia, and Tristan Milos who are the other children of Donald Trump Jr. Others are Eric Trump’s children who are Carolina and Eric as well as Arabella’s own younger siblings – Theodore James and Joseph Frederick.

President Trump and Arabella Rose Kushner
President Trump and Arabella Rose Kushner: Image Source

2. Arabella Rose Kushner is the Oldest Child of Her Parents

When Arabella Rose Kushner grows up, she will be the leader of the Ivanka-Jared household. She is the eldest child of her parents’ 3 children. She has two younger brothers, Joseph Frederick and Theodore James. Theodore James, many believe, is named after former American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and any of the 5 ‘Jameses’ who have been presidents of the US.

He was born in the evening of Easter Sunday (March 27) 2016 during the campaigns that eventually produced his grandfather Donald Trump as the President of the US. Theodore’s elder brother Joseph (born in 2014) was named after the biblical Joseph who became an Egyptian prince while on exile.

3. She is Receiving Jewish Education

Arabella Rose Kushner was already enrolled at the Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) Washington DC before her grandfather Donald Trump was elected the President of the US. She was earlier enrolled at a kindergarten in Manhattan, New York. The Jewish school she currently attends is notable for training kids from high-profile backgrounds.

For instance, the children of Rahm Emanuel, former Mayor of Chicago, and those of Connecticut Senator Joe Liebermann were once enrolled there. It may also interest you to learn that both of her parents are practice Modern Orthodox Jewish religion. Thus, apart from receiving Jewish education, Arabella Rose Kushner is also being raised in the Jewish religion.

4. She is Fluent in Mandarin

She started learning Mandarin at the age of 3 as a second language at the New York-based Carousel of Languages School. At age 7, Arabella is already fluent in Mandarin. It was reported that, initially, she did not show interest in the language. However, over time, she got interested in it and has attained a laudable level of proficiency.

Ivanka Trump’s daughter can sing kiddie songs, recite poetry and a lot more in Mandarin. Severally, her mother has uploaded videos of her singing or reciting or speaking in Mandarin to the delight of the global Chinese community who have been expressing the hope that, through the lass, the relations between China and the US is going to grow more amicable. In 2017, for example, her mom posted the video below of her singing a Mandarin song while playing with a traditional Chinese doll during the celebration of the Chinese lunar New Year.

Before this, she sung a Mandarin song at a China-US Summit. Thus, she is gradually being perceived as building a bond between China and the USA which, on the contrary, her grandfather is perceived as not being committed enough to.

Arabella is yet another case in a growing list of prominent people who are taking up Mandarin as a second language. In fact, Malia, daughter to the immediate past president of the US — Barrack Obama also has Mandarin as her second language. So also is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook Inc. and a host of others.

5. Her Social Media Presence is Getting More Dominant

Although Arabella Rose Kushner is still a minor (at the time of filing this report), her social media profile is already beginning to swell. Initially, she used to feature prominently on her mother’s Instagram page. Though she still does that, she now has her own Instagram page @Arabellarkushner. Managed by her mother Ivanka Trump, the page already boasts of thousands of followers.

6. Arabella Rose Kushner Plays the piano

Arabella’s parents are clearly very serious about her education. Apart from the fact that she is already fluent in Mandarin, the dashing lass is also getting ever better at playing the piano. Again and again, her mother has posted photos of her piano practice sessions on social media which received lots of positive comments.

7. Arabella Rose Kushner Does House Chores You Won’t Believe

Some people might presume that since she is the granddaughter of one of the richest American businessmen as well as the president, she would have assistants running all her errands. But, that is far from being so. Instead, not only does Arabella Rose Kushner perform domestic chores, she takes on difficult ones relative to her age and gender. One of the recent photos of her posted by her mother showed her cleaning up a dirty backyard full of dry and dead leaves.

What About Her Parents?

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is the daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump and also the mother of Arabella Rose Kushner’s. She has dived into various careers. She is a former model, who started modeling during her time as a high school student. She modeled for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans. She also worked the runway wearing different brands like Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler.

Since Ivanka quit modeling, she’s been a businesswoman, fashion designer, author and television personality. For the latter, she appeared on her father’s television show, The Apprentice. She has also co-hosted Miss Teen USA, was a guest judge in Project Runway and had a cameo appearance in Gossip Girl. As a writer, Ivanka has published two books, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life and Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success. Both books were published in 2009 and 2017 respectively.

In addition to all these, Ivanka is also a high ranking official in presidents Trump’s administration as she serves as a Senior Adviser to the President — this is a position she has held since 2017.

Jared Kushner

Arabella’s father, Jared Kushner has a less glamorous career. He is the eldest son of Charles Kushner, a real estate developer. He attended Harvard University and joined his father’s company after graduation. Since he completed his college education, his career endeavors have included being an investor, real estate developer and newspaper publisher. During his role as the chief executive officer of Kushner Companies, he increased the company’s presence in the New York City real estate market.

During his time as a newspaper publisher, he also increased the presence of The New York Observer in the newspaper market. Although Arabella Rose Kushner’s father started his political life as a Democrat, donating to various Democratic campaigns, he made a switch to the Republican party after he was disappointed by the Barack Obama administration.

Kushner joined the Trump presidential campaign and helped Donald Trump win the presidential election through a series of moves that have been described as “the locus of his father-in-law’s presidential bid”. Just like her mother, Arabella’s father Jared is also the Senior Advisor to the President. He was appointed on the 9th of January 2017.

Arabella’s parents have a combined net worth of over $1 billion dollars and a significant portion of it will be hers.

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