Anthony Joshua’s Height and Weight Are Awesome But His Net Worth Is Insane

How tall is Anthony Joshua and what is his net worth? Anthony Joshua’s height is 1.98m or 6 feet 6 inches and weighs about 109 kg. He has garnered an estimated net worth of $80 million owing to his very successful boxing career.

The name Anthony Joshua rings a very loud bell in the world of boxing at the moment and the reason is very obvious. The man behind the name has risen through the ranks to become one of the most formidable forces in the heavyweight division of boxing and has stunned fans severally with his charming looks and incredible punching power.

All over the world, Joshua has won so many fans for himself; as a matter of fact, he often instantly becomes a top trending name on social media whenever he fights.

Anthony Joshua’s net worth has significantly increased since he became a two-time unified world heavyweight champion; holding the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles between 2016 and June 2019 and reclaiming the title in December 2019.

Summary of Anthony Joshua’s Bio

Net Worth:
$80 million
Income Sources:Professional Boxing career
Age/Date of Birth:
34 years old (15 October 1989)
6 feet 6 inches (198 cm)

Apparently, Anthony Joshua’s rise to fame has endeared him to many boxing lovers with a lot of people curious about his background, as well as how tall the man is. Other fans have wondered what his net worth is at the moment, considering all the feats he has achieved in his career.

It is expected that the boxer has made a lot of money since he kick-started his boxing career, having become a top force in the sport, but exactly how much money has Anthony Joshua accrued from the sport? Is he very rich? Let’s take a look at these details, including his body statistics.

Anthony Joshua’s Height and Weight Explored

Anthony Joshua is a very tall man and is often hailed as ‘the big man’ by his numerous admirers. His height makes him look really formidable and intimidating as he often towers above people when he stands with them at events. As one of the foremost athletes in the world, it is expected that Anthony Joshua is in excellent shape; and he is.

Anthony Joshua’s Height Is Impressive For A Boxer

Anthony Joshua’s height is 1.98m or 6 feet 6 inches; standing well above the average height for men in the USA. This classifies him as tall, and closely matched among other professional boxers such as Tyson Fury who’s height is 2.06 m, and Deontay Wilder with a height of 2.01m.

What Is Anthony Joshua’s Weight?

Anthony Joshua’s weight is quite commensurate with his height. The boxer works hard to stay in shape, considering his chosen career in which one cannot afford to not stay fit. According to our sources, the boxer now weighs about 109 kg.

To achieve his near-perfect physique, the sportsman spends a lot of time training and working out. Being in top shape is not only necessary for aesthetic purposes but also for the sake of his profession. When it comes to his fitness regime, Anthony does a little bit of everything, including cardio, heavy bag, weight training, speed bag training, strength, conditioning, running and bike work.

Prior to a fight, the athlete can train up to 30 hours a week to be at his peak. He is able to do all these by maintaining a 4,500cal diet which consists primarily of a lot of protein such as salmon, chicken, and eggs. He consumes these many calories because his workout routine is quite demanding and burns out the calories fast.

His diet is also one of the best when it comes to putting on muscles, which he needs to maximize his athletic and professional potentials.

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua celebrates after winning one of his many fights

Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth Today

At the moment, Anthony Joshua’s net worth has been pegged at $80 million by different sources and the figure keeps growing constantly. Apparently, a large part of Joshua’s insane net worth came from boxing, however, it is noteworthy that he has made money from other sources as well, including endorsement deals.

It has become one of the most frequently asked questions about Anthony Joshua revolves around what his net worth is. Considering the height he has attained in boxing, it is expected that he has made a lot of money over the years and this is why fans are curious about his net worth.

Since he started his boxing career, Anthony Joshua has been approached by different clothing brands, car companies and electronics manufacturers who wanted him to be the face of their products.

These deals which he sealed have helped to skyrocket his net worth. Some of the companies that Joshua has signed with include Lucozade Sport, Beats by Dre, Sky Sports, Texo Scaffolding, Under Armour, BXR, Lynx, StubHub, Jaguar, and many more.

Anthony Joshua has always said he hopes to become the first billionaire boxer ever at the time he eventually retires. Now, looking at his career growth and trajectory, his business dealings, investments and current earnings per match, it is safe to say that the young athlete still has a lot to offer.



How Tall is Anthony Joshua?

Anthony Joshua is quite tall. He measures 1.98m or 6 feet 6 inches in height, standing well above the 5 feet 9 inches average height mark for men in the USA..

What Are Anthony Joshua’s Body Measurements?

The boxer’s body measurements are chest-48 inches, waist, 39 inches, hips- 37 inches, and biceps- 18 inches. Additionally, his thighs measures 27 inches in circumference, his calves 17 inches in circumference, and his neck 18 inches. He also wears XXXL clothes and shoe size 45.

How Much Does Anthony Joshua weigh?

Anthony Joshua weighs 109 kg. To maintain his body weight, he exercises a lot and also eats 5,000 calories a day, which is twice the amount of daily calorie consumption recommended for an average male.

Profile Summary
First Name:Anthony
Last Name:Joshua
Estimated Net Worth:
$80 million
Source of Wealth:Professional Boxing career
Also Known As:
OBE, "Femi"
Professional boxer
Famous For:Two-time unified heavyweight champion
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Kings Langley Secondary School, England
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
34 years old (15 October 1989)
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Birth Place:
Watford, United Kingdom
Country of Residence:
United Kingdom
Physical Attributes
6 feet 6 inches (198 cm)
108 kg
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Family and Relatives
Robert Joshua
Mother:Yeta Odusanya,
Siblings:Jacob Joshua, Janet Joshua, Loretta Joshua
Other Relatives:


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