Anthony Anderson List of Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography 

In the American entertainment industry, Anthony Anderson is quite a prominent figure. He is a renowned writer, actor, comedian, and game show host. He had his first acting credit in Hang Time, an NBC American teen sitcom which began in December 1995 and ran till December 2000. Anthony’s character in the television series (Teddy Brodis) was seen in 39 episodes with his last appearance being in 1998. Aside from this work, the talented actor has had roles in so many other movies and television shows. Below is a list of Anthony Anderson’s movies and TV shows and how they are rated. You will find his highly rated works at the beginning while the poorly rated ones will find spots at the base of this list.

Anthony Anderson’s Movies and TV Shows

1. The Departed (2006)

Anthony Anderson in The Departed
Image Source

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score94%
$90 million$291.5 million

Top on our list as one of the best Anthony Anderson’s movies is The Departed. It is a 2006 American neo-noir crime film which starred industry greats like Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan, Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan, Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello, Alec Baldwin as Capt. George Ellerby, Anthony Anderson as Trooper Brown, James Badge Dale as Trooper Barrigan, etc. The film was written by American screenwriter and novelist William Monahan while Martin Scorsese directed it.

The Departed was about the state police force in South Boston which is waging a war against an Irish-American organized crime syndicate. The police sent Billy Costigan, a young undercover cop, to infiltrate the mafia headed by Frank Costello. While Billy grew in the criminal group and gained the trust of the gang’s chief, the gang on their own also planted a mole in the police named Colin Sullivan who was doing pretty well in the Special Investigation Unit.

At a time, both the gang and the police got to know that there was a mole in their respective operations and this put the life of Billy and Colin in danger as they both hurried to uncover each other. Trooper Brown (Anthony Anderson) played the role of Costigan’s friends from the police academy. Both men were however killed when Trooper Barrigan, Costello’s second mole in the police came to Sullivan’s rescue after he was held at gunpoint by Costigan.

2. Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ (2019)

Anthony Anderson movies
Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s All in the Family and The Jeffersons cast members

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience ScoreNA

This is one of the best, entertaining and newest television shows where Anthony Anderson will delight you. It is an ABC television special thought out and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. The show recreates live sessions of All in the Family and its spin-off, The Jeffersons, showing all the stars in both sitcoms.

Anthony Anderson stars in the show as Uncle Henry Jefferson alongside other cast members: Jovan Adepo as Lionel Jefferson, Ike Barinholtz as Mike “Meathead” Stivic, Fran Bennett as Mother Olivia Jefferson, Fran Bennett as Mother Olivia Jefferson, Jimmy Kimmel as the host and many others.

3. Black-ish (2014 – Present)

Anthony Anderson and Marcus Scribner in Black-ish (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score64%

Black-ish is one TV show that will hardly be left out in any list of Anthony Anderson’s movies and TV shows. The American television series began running in 2014 and has thus far aired 6 seasons with more than 100 episodes. The TV series addresses so many issues like the racism African-Americans face, the N-word and its meaning to different people, LGBT as a topic most African-Americans would rather not talk about, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The sitcom stars Anthony Anderson as Andre “Dre” Johnson Sr., Tracee Ellis Ross as Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson, Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, Marcus Scribner as Andre “Junior” Johnson Jr., Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson and others in various recurring roles.

4. Transformers (2007)

Anthony Anderson and Rachael Taylor in Transformers, Anthony Anderson movies
Anthony Anderson and Rachael Taylor in Transformers (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score85%
$150 million$709.7 million

Transformers is a hard-to-miss inclusion in any list of best Anthony Anderson’s movies. The American science fiction action film was a resounding success. The film was directed by Michael Bay while its production crew comprised of Don Murphy, Ian Bryce, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and Tom DeSanto.

Its cast includes Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, Tyrese Gibson as TSgt Robert Epps, Anthony Anderson as Glen Whitman, Josh Duhamel as Capt. William Lennox, Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes, Rachael Taylor as Maggie Madsen and others. The film is about the interstellar fight between two Cybertronian species; the heroic Autobots and their evil counterparts known as the Decepticons. The Cybertronians brought their fight to earth and caused much devastation as they both fought for their survival. Anthony’s character in the film is that of a hacker who is friends with Maggie, another hacker working with the U.S. Defense Department.

5. Liberty Heights (1999)

On the set of Liberty Heights 1999
L to R: Ben Foster, Bebe Neuwirth, Barry Levinson, Adrian Brody, and Joe Mantegna on the set of Liberty Heights 1999

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score76%
$11 million$3.7 million

Liberty Heights is a coming of age film that also explored the desegregation of kids in Baltimore schools in the 1950s and generally, every notable change that happened in that era including the dawning of rock’n’roll, the influx of automobiles, and many other new inventions. The film also showed the Kuzman family, a Jewish household that is coming to terms with the rapidly changing world around them.

Despite its interesting storyline, an ensemble of notable casts and every other thing that prepares the ground for a great movie, Liberty Heights is still not listed as one of the most commercially successful Anthony Anderson’s movies. It performed poorly at the Box office.

6. All About the Andersons

Anthony Anderson movies, All About The Andersons
All About The Andersons casts (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience ScoreNA

All About the Andersons starred Damani Roberts, Aimee Garcia, Roz Ryan, John Amos and of course Anthony Anderson. It is an American sitcom created by Marco Pennette, Adam Glass, and Anthony Anderson which tells the story of Anderson, a struggling actor and a single father who is trying all he can to give his son a better life.

He decided to move in with his parents only to discover that his room has been rented out to a nursing student. Though Anderson had the support of his mum when he returned and even when he wasn’t at home, his father, on the other hand, sees him totally different. This is so because of his decision to pursue a career in acting instead of running the family barbing salon business. All this played out with a mix of comedy all over the film which is Anthony’s trademark. The sitcom ran from September 12, 2003, to February 12, 2004

7. K-Ville (2007)

Anthony Anderson as Marlin Boulet and Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb
Anthony Anderson as Marlin Boulet and Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience ScoreNA

K-Ville (Katrinaville) is a 2007 American crime drama television series that starred Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb and Anthony Anderson as Marlin Boulet; they are police partners. The TV series is centered on the efforts of the men and the New Orleans police department to maintain law and order after Hurricane Katrina. Other casts and their characters in the film are Maximiliano Hernandez as Billy Faust, Tawny Cypress as Ginger “Love Tap” LeBeau, John Carroll Lynch as Capt. James Embry, and Blake Shields as Jeff Gooden.

Though it’s one of the best Anthony Anderson’s works, K-Ville was canceled after its first season with 11 episodes.

8. Barbershop (2002)

Anthony Anderson in Barbershop (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score66%
$12 million$77 million

Barbershop brought together an ensemble of industry greats like Ice Cube who acted as Calvin Palmer Jr., Anthony Anderson as J.D., Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie Walker, Keith David as Lester Wallace, Eve as Terri Jones and others.

The storyline of the film is about various characters who assemble in a barbershop on the south side of Chicago where they share their life stories, trials, and also jokes. The Barbershop was originally owned and ran by Calvin’s father. However, following his death, Calvin inherited the shop which he initially saw as a waste of his time. He sold the shop but instantly came to realize how important the shop is to its employees and customers. He thereafter sets out to do everything possible to reclaim ownership of the shop.

Anthony played J.D, the cousin of Ricky Nash who was accused by the police of stealing an ATM machine. However, it turned out that the theft was actually carried out by J.D. He later got arrested alongside his accomplice while his previously accused cousin walked free.

9. Two Can Play That Game (2001)

Anthony Anderson and Morris Chestnut in Two Can Play That Game (2001)
Anthony Anderson and Morris Chestnut in Two Can Play That Game (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score83%
$13 million$22, 391, 450 million

In Two Can Play That Game, Anthony played the character of Tony alongside Vivica A. Fox as Shante Smith, Morris Chestnut as Keith Fenton, Gabrielle Union as Conny Spalding, Wendy Raquel Robinson as Karen and others. The romantic comedy film was directed by Mark Brown.

The film centered much on Shanté Smith and her boyfriend Keith Fenton. Smith, despite being a master of love and romance began losing to a side-chick (Conny). So she began to try everything possible to win her man back. From wearing sexy lingerie to cooking good food, she was willing to go any length to have her man back. However, things got a lot more complicated for her when her boyfriend’s friend (Tony) began advising the love of her life to be a player.

10. Exit Wounds (2001)

Anthony Anderson movies, Anthony Anderson in Exit Wounds
Anthony Anderson in Exit Wounds (image source)

IMDb RatingRotten TomatoesBudgetBox Office
Audience Score45%
$33 million$79.9 million

Exit Wounds is one of Anthony Anderson’s movies that didn’t perform well as much as it was expected to. The 2011 film starred Steven Seagal as Orin Boyd, DMX as Latrell Walker/Leon Rollins, Anthony Anderson as T. K. Johnson, Michael Jai White as Sergeant Lewis Strutt, Isaiah Washington as George Clark and others.

In the film, T.K Jonson is the fast-talking sidekick of Latrell Walker, a drug dealer. The men found themselves on the wrong side of the law with Detroit Police Department’s Detective Orin Boyd chasing after them. Meanwhile, while he was after the bad guys, some cops working in the same police station with him were involved in shady drug deals up to the extent of stealing drugs stored as evidence.

Despite Exit Wounds’ interesting storyline with some top-rated actors in the industry acting out the storyline, the film didn’t perform very well.


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