Intriguing Facts About Annie LeBlanc’s Net Worth, Family And How She Became Famous

It is safe to say that Annie LeBlanc has been in the public eye almost all her life as her parents began to share videos of her on YouTube at age 3. Growing up in the public eye has had its advantages for the stunning Annie. For someone in her teenage years, she has achieved quite a lot. She is a professional gymnast, social media influencer, YouTuber, musician, and actress who has got some prestigious recognition in her short but eventful career. Some of them include the Teen Choice Awards and a Shorty Award.

Annie LeBlanc’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The Young Star?

For someone so young, Annie has done quite well in her career. She got thrust into the limelight before she knew any better and continues to ride the waves of her popularity. No wonder Business Insider named her as one of “the most famous teens in the world.” The bulk of her earnings is from her YouTube channel, but she has also made money from acting, music, and merchandise sales.

With close to 4 million subscribers and 460.2 million views, YouTube is Annie’s major source of income due to the number of views she commands. She also earns money from her hosting and acting YouTube gigs. Annie has a jewelry line called Annie LeBling, and she makes money from sales of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and socks.

According to reports, her net worth is estimated to be within the region of $600,000 and $800,000. Moreover, with the number of projects that she is currently involved in, her earnings and net worth are bound to increase in the coming years.

Annie LeBlanc At A Glance

How Did Annie LeBlanc Become Famous?

When she was two years old, she began taking gymnastics classes. Her parents began to post videos of her gymnastic meets and tutorials in 2008 when she was 3 years old. They created a YouTube channel for her, which was then called ‘Acroanna’ but now ‘Annie LeBlanc.’ It was from there that her popularity began.

Another major thing that made her famous was the videos her parents used to post of her and her 2 siblings on the family YouTube channel ‘Bratayley.’ As she grew up, her talent, beauty, and down to earth nature began to gain her followership on social media. She continued to train as a gymnast while she pursued her long life dream of being a singer. She later quit gymnastics in 2017, stating that she hated the competitive aspect of the sports.

Annie received massive attention on TikTok for her music, where she has over 15 million followers with more than 14 million likes. This helped her win a ‘Shorty Award’ for ‘Muser of the Year’ in 2018. The amazing singer did a cover of “Little Do You Know’ by Alex & Sierra with Hayden Summerall, and it appeared on #48 on the Emerging Artists Billboard.

Under the management of ‘Heard Well’ music label, Annie began to release her original singles which received lots of positive response. She has had 2 tours in her musical career to date and they include The Left Me Hangin’ Tour (2017), and Rock Your Hair Tour (2018).

From music, Annie ventured into acting, appearing as a main cast member in the YouTube series We Are Savvy from 2016 to 2018. She also features in the YouTube series “Chicken Girls,” which focuses on her relationship with Summerall, and her group of friends. The debut episode of the show has received more than thirteen million views on YouTube, with Lionsgate attaining the right to distribute a full-length movie titled Chicken Girls: The Movie. The talented actress also has a lead role in a Brat YouTube channel series called A Girl Named Jo.

Annie Leblanc
Annie Leblanc and Gymscool members

Meet Her Family Members

Bratayleys – image source

The young YouTube star was born to American parents – Katie and Billy LeBlanc on the 5th of December 2004. She is second of the three children born to her parents; she has an older brother and a younger sister. Annie LeBlanc’s family lived in Maryland, USA, for a while before they relocated to Los Angeles in a bid to help her secure better opportunities in her singing and acting career.

Her elder brother Caleb Logan was born on the 13th of July 2002 but he sadly lost his life at age 13 on the 1st of October 2015 to a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her younger sister and only surviving sibling is Hayley, with whom she appears on several of their family YouTube videos. Hayley is following in Annie’s footsteps, and also has millions of followers on her personal YouTube channel. She continues to show lots of potentials.

Annie enjoys a close relationship with her mother Katie. She refers to her as her greatest confidant and best friend. Although they maintain a united front in raising their girls, her parents are currently divorced. While they didn’t state the reason for the dissolution of their marriage, there are speculations it might be linked to the loss of their son, and the pressures of raising a family in the limelight.

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