Annie Leblanc
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Annie Leblanc is a young American YouTuber passionate about gymnastics and martial arts for which she makes videos on and posts them on YouTube. Her social media fame budded off her parents’ YouTube channel where she regularly appears as one of three siblings who make appearances on their family videos. Find out more about her here, her age and other interesting facts about the youngster.

Who is Annie Leblanc And How Old is She?

Annie whose original name is Juliana Grace Leblanc was born to Billy (father) and Katie (mother) Leblanc on the 5th day of December 2004 in Augusta Georgia. She is now the eldest of their three children made up of Hayley and Caleb Leblanc. Sadly, Caleb died in 2015. Annie Leblanc holds an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

From an early age, the Augusta-born Georgian native loved gymnastics and actually started performing at the tender age of three. She is said to be training for the US 9th Level Gymnastics which is quite an impressive accomplishment being as young as she is.

YouTube Fame

The teen was first noticed on her parents family videos on a YouTube channel known as Bratayley. Originally, there were 3 of them but following the death of her brother to a rare form of inborn heart disease, she is now seen with her younger sister and parents on the channel.

It wasn’t long before it dawned on her that she could do what her parents do on YouTube for her gymnastics passion, this revelation birthed a YouTube channel called Acroanna on the 21st day of October 2008. Here, she posts gymnastics video tutorials that have seen over 340 million views. The channel which is maintained and closely monitored by her parents has close to 3 million subscribers and many interesting and well-made videos that will keep you glued.

In addition to her personal channel, Annie Leblanc also subscribes membership to other collaborative YouTube channels like OMMyGoshTV and truthplusdare with her sister and brother when he was alive. Outside her family circle, she was a member of SevenAwesomeKids but couldn’t devote time to the group’s video productions and had to leave. She joined another collaborative channel named Gymscool and has been active there.

Annie Leblanc
Annie Leblanc and Gymscool members

Annie Leblanc made her debut television appearance on a family TV show titled Neon Arcade and has also signed up with Disney Maker Studios. This means more things will come from her and you should relax and see it all.

Apart from YouTube, Annie is also famous on other platforms like as annieleblanc where she enjoys the virtual listening patronage of over 12 million followers. You won’t find her missing on the more popular social media platforms like Instagram where she has more than 5 million followers, and thousands on the twitter community. Being a young girl who commands such social media followership, you will be justified to describe her as a social media influencer. As she gets older and is properly guided or make good decisions on her career path, we should see a lot more of what we currently know about her at the moment. While we watch her grow, here are interesting facts to note about this young talent.

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Facts About Her

  • Home

She lives with her parents and sister in Maryland.

  • Pets

She has three dogs which are named Winnie, Piper, and Gigi.

  • Birth Sign

She was born on the 5th of December which makes her birth sign Sagittarius, Her father Billy LeBlanc, born in Louisiana in 1980 and now an ex-US navy personnel was stationed at Fort Gordon Georgia when she was born.

  • Body Measurements

For now, she is still a teen and is still growing. Her height was obtained to be 5 feet 2 inches with a body mass of 95 pounds. She has brown eyes and hair and is beautiful with a slim body.

  • Education

Owning to her social media and gymnastic successes which came quickly over the years, people often wonder whether she makes out time for school. Well, she does have time for school but not in the regular traditional sense we are used to. Annie Leblanc began homeschooling in her elementary school to make out time for her gymnastics and hopes to attend National Collegiate Athletic Association College in the future.

  • Net Worth

We all probably know by now that a lot of money is made on the internet by content creators; be it videos, pictures or text. When we have YouTube to be the number one ranked website in cyberspace, then you can imagine how much is made on the site. Annie Leblanc earns generously like most other YouTubers, her net worth for her active years so far has been reported by a couple of websites to seat above $500, 000.

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