Anjulie Persaud – Bio, Family, Facts About The Canadian Singer

Most successful careers did not start in a big way, there are some stars who are natural late bloomers and Anjulie Persaud belongs to this group. Though she was born in 1983, her debut studio album ‘Anjulie’ came to light in 2007. In addition, she has released a total of eight music videos and nine singles, the early days of her career saw her co-write songs like ‘The Philosopher Kings’ with Jon Levine and her other songwriting credits include ‘The Boys’ which she co-wrote for Nicki Minaj and Cassie. She single-handedly wrote ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ for singer Kreesha Turner. ‘I Want You’ is the title of the song she co-wrote with Fefe Dobson for her album popularly known as ‘Joy’.

The MTV reality TV series ‘The Hill’ featured her songs ‘The Heat’, ‘Crazy That Way’, as well as ‘Rain’. Moreover, The City featured one of her tracks known as ‘Addicted2Me’, while several TV shows, including the likes of ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Eastwick, ‘Canada’s Next Top Model’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ have used her single ‘Boom’. In 2009, she was on the set of ‘The Fame’ – a musical movie where she wrote, as well as performed the song ‘Big Things’. Anjulie is also the producer of the theme song for Bill Maher’s television show known as ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

Anjulie Persaud’s Bio

Her ancestry is traceable to Guyana and India but she was born in Oakville, Ontario Canada, on the 21st of May 1983, The Canadian national grew up in her place of birth alongside three siblings, though their identity and that of her parents are yet to be made public.

Her earliest education was accomplished in an elementary school located in her native Oakville Ontario, after which she joined St Ignatius Loyola Catholic Secondary School. Her years at St Ignatius were quite difficult as she passed through all sorts of maltreatment and bullying at the hands of her fellow students who deemed it necessary to discriminate against her due to her racial ambiguity. It would appear that the emerging talent was not deterred by the emotional abuse from her fellow students because she went ahead to make a success out of her chosen career, even without attending college.

Family Life

It has been established that her parents are Indo-Guyanese and that her grandparents immigrated into India from Guyana. In a bid to get a better life for themselves and their children, Anjulie’s own parents migrated from India to Canada. She is the youngest member of the Persaud family and during her formative years, she enjoyed listening to reggae and calypso music often played in their home by her parents.

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Facts About Anjulie Persaud

  • Her boyfriend Bill Maher is way older

Anjulie Persaud
Anjulie and Bill Maher

Age is just a number as they always say and Anjulie Persaud seems to totally agree with that particular assertion. In fact, her current boyfriend Bill Maher is older than her by 27 years and she doesn’t seem to care about the raised eyebrows.

They first spotted in 2014 which is probably the onset of their dalliance and in the first month of 2015, the singer was seen holidaying with Bill on a Hawaiian beach which immediately gained a lot of media and public attention – because of their massive age difference.

On his own part, Bill, who is renowned as a TV host cum comedian is a confirmed bachelor who has publicly dated the likes of Coco Johnsen – ex-Playboy model and flight attendant, Karrine Steffans – former hip-hop model and Cara Santa Maria – journalist, science communicator, podcaster and television host. Looking at his relationship history, one would not be totally wrong to surmise that Bill Maher is not in the least interested in matrimony.

According to the popular musician, she is not interested in having Bill as a husband either, since she does not even believe in marriage. Her fear is that venturing into matrimony is likely to bring about a divorce soon after, so she prefers the single life.

  • She has had collaborations with big names in the music world

Although she is relatively a beginner in the world of music, Anjulie Persaud already has one studio album to her credit. Her debut album was released under Hear Music record label and she has launched several videos for many of her singles. As a songwriter, Anjulie has gone into collaborations with many big names in the industry; notable among them is American singer cum rapper, Nicki Minaj.

  • She is an award-winning singer/songwriter

Throughout her career, she has emerged as award nominee several times over but in 2013, her song ‘You and I’ earned her a Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year.


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