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When you first hear the name Angry Joe, you will expect to meet a man named Joe with an angry face who yells at every given opportunity and drinks water on his videos a lot to keep cool. Rather than that, Joe has become popular amongst people on YouTube, the gaming community, movie lovers, and much more for his great commentary skills and excellent and sometimes angry reviews of games and movies trailers.

He is very popular for his YouTube channel The Angry Joe Show where he reviews games and gives angry trailer reviews for movies. In his various productions, he takes the character of Angry Joe and makes a parody of games.

Who is Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) – The YouTuber?

Even as the YouTuber has become popular across platforms as Angry Joe, it was as Jose Antonio Vargas (Joe Vargas) that he was born on June 18, 1984, in Austin Texas.

Like many other YouTubers, Joe has kept his family life and how he was brought up almost completely away from the public.

It was in 2008 that he began his The Angry Joe Show YouTube channel with the video Shit that Pisses Me Off – Madden 2009 Hardcore Gamers. From then, he kept building the channel which by 2019, has got over 3 million subscribers and close to 950 million views. Most of his videos have been watched into the millions.

Others that have made part of the Angry Joe Show include the “Other” Joe (Joe Lopez) who has been friends with Vargas since both were in school and Jacob. The trio forms the “Tres Amigos.” There is also Marobot whose work is to come up with ideas and visual FX and also Tom Salamunic who does creative artworks for the show.

While he has gained massive followership for his great reviews that are everything but boring, he has also faced some challenges in the past. In December 2018, Angry Joe made a video review of Hellboy trailer, leaving a bad review. In January 2019, the company behind the movie, Lionsgate Films filed a copyright infringement claim against Vargas to YouTube.

Because of this, all the revenue he made from the video went to the film company. According to Joe, the copyrights claim was only a way Lionsgate took to get back at him for leaving a bad review. He claimed that it was just a bully tactic by the giant film production company against any bad review.

In 2018, he released his game, Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game using characters from the Street Fighter games. The project made $400,000 on Kickstarter on its very first day. By 2019, it had exceeded $2 million dollars.

His Net Worth

Based on the policy of YouTube, one can lose revenues made from videos once there is an issue of copyright infringement. Because of his case with Lionsgate, the YouTuber lost the revenue he made from the particular video. Nonetheless, he is still doing good on a general ground, having a net worth that is estimated between $350,000 to $1.5 million.

There is no knowledge of his exact financial value but considering that most sources have placed him in the aforementioned net worth range, there is no reason to believe he is not doing good.

Angry Joe made his fortune from his career as a commentator and YouTuber through revenues from his channel and other sponsorship deals. Because of great viewership he gets on his channel, he makes significant money with each ad displayed on his videos. More so, he also cashes in from the sale of his merchandise.

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Who is His Girlfriend?

Angry Joe
Angry Joe and Purrluna (Image Source)

It is not unusual for YouTubers to date other YouTubers or people they meet on social media or even the internet as a whole since that is where they spend most of their time. Hence, it was not surprising when the news broke that Joe was dating Purrluna, a gamer on Twitch and YouTube.

The only surprising thing was that the age between the two is 10 years. Nonetheless, Purrluna who is from Sweden, flew to meet Angry Joe in the States, attracting a lot of backlash from people.

As it was claimed, Joe and Purrluna later broke up but Purrluna took to her Twitter in 2017 to claim that she had been single for close to six years at the time. When asked by fans about Joe, she claimed they were just close but had never dated.

Apart from Purrluna, Joe has never been openly linked to any woman; albeit he made a tweet about losing two girlfriends in the past over the game, Fallout.

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