Andy Warski (YouTuber) Biography: What Happened to Him, Where is He Now?

Andy Warski is a comedian, vlogger and YouTuber of Canadian descent with a very large following all over the world. His YouTube channel, Andywarski, boasts of over 250,000 subscribers and 600 videos as of February 2019. The social media star’s vlogs have earned him the ‘controversial’ tag as they are sometimes sexist, nasty, anti-feminist, and non-white. Often times, his videos speak against the LGBTQ community.

The YouTuber also increased his following by doing mocking or spiteful videos of other known YouTubers like Jaclyn Glenn, Laci Green and Franchesca Ramsey. What really happened to this promising star? Let us find out together as we take a look at his life and career.

Biography of Andy Warski (YouTuber)

The Canadian YouTuber was born on 5th January 1989 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. His parents have never been mentioned as to what they did or if they are still alive. Nevertheless, he was raised in his hometown alongside his two sisters- Melanie and Carrie. He went to St. Martin’s High School before moving on to Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for his college education.

In 2012, Andy Warski kick-started his career with the film “Dark Fist” which he did not only write and directed, but also starred in as an actor. It wasn’t until 2015 that he started posting comedy skits on YouTube (an online video-sharing platform). Popular among his rants included “Dumbest Celebrity Quotes ever”, “Dumbest Instagram Posts Ever”, and “I Got a Child Arrested”.

As of 2017, Andy’s videos began to take a political perspective, portraying racist and anti-feminist views. This attracted more following thereby increasing his popularity and fame. Some of his most viewed videos on YouTube include “Riley Dennis is a dummy”, “How YouTube Is Ruining Your Channel: More Secret Codes”, “Anita Tries To Ruin Blade Runner Just Like Everything Else She Does”. Others are “Lena Dunham Says Something Stupid…As Always”, “No Violence at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech”, “Wearing a Trump Hat in Public, Attacked on Camera: 100% Real No Jokes” and “Kilroy Free Speech Event – This Is Gonna Be Great”.

Andy Warski
Chris Warski and Andy Warski in Warski Live (2017) Image Source

Most of his critics have described him as Pro-Trump (President of the United States) mainly because he is a conservative and thinks of himself as a Republican. This is evident in his views and opinions which are considered to be alt-right (or alternative right). Statements directed at women such as “Women if you want your equal rights, go f*** yourselves” have been credited to him.

Andy Warski started producing the American T.V series “Warski Live” since 2017 starring as himself alongside fellow YouTuber Chris Warski.

What Happened to Him?

This question has been on the minds of everyone who still care or once cared for the YouTuber as he has been bleeding followers on YouTube lately. Ever since Chris Warski, his co-host, on “Warski Live” took some time off the show, his channel has been going downhill. Many critics and some of his early followers have blamed this on his transition from doing entertainment stuff to that of issues that had a political undertone.

The Canadian’s sexist and anti-feminist views coupled with his rants against the gay community have been the forefront reasons why he is losing his followers. Most of Andy Warski’s avid followers lost interest after he switched from regular videos that lasted for about 10-20 minutes to doing just live streams which could run for hours.

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Warski eventually shifted focus from being an Anti-SJW to attacking fellow YouTubers verbally through his rants and live streams. He had feuds with Jaclyn Glenn, Laci Green and even with Franchesca Ramsey. Andy had a fall out with former co-host of “Warski Live”, Jean Francois Gariepy, popularly known as JF, following misunderstandings that erupted on an episode of the show. Things have gone from bad to worse as Warski’s recent videos centre on attacking JF.

Where is He Now?

The Canadian born vlogger and YouTuber has not been entirely off the grid. He has posted quite a number of tweets and videos this year alone with most of them not entertaining but focused on his feud with Jean Francois.

Andy Warski is still single at the moment but in a relationship with a lady whose identity is not yet known. At present, the YouTuber still resides in Canada, reportedly Ontario.


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