Amirah Dyme
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Modeling has become an all-comers affair with the coming of the internet. Many individuals, both young and old, are now upcoming and established models. The internet has provided a vast means of showcasing modeling talents. It provides not only an unlimited audience but also various technological features that assist. One of such people who have tapped into the benefits of the internet to showcase their talents is Amirah Dyme. The curvaceous African is an Instagram personality, who is best known for modeling for various brands.

She has been doing a great job at creating awareness for brands such as NA-KD, Fashion Nova and Blanco Bay as they keep patronizing her. It is not known when she launched her Instagram account, however, it is known that she began posting on the account in June 2016. Her account is eponymous, which means it bears her name.

The Cake Queen, as she is often called, keeps a very low profile when it comes to her personal life. Little is known about her biological family and siblings. She has seven siblings, whose names are unknown. It is also not known if she is into any relationship. There are no records that indicate if she has ever been married or if she has any kids. However, the most popular fact about the Instagram celebrity other than her social media presence is her patriotism for her home country, Sudan.

Amirah Dyme’s Bio (Age)

Amirah Dyme is Sudanese by descent but was born in Germany. She was born on the 14th of January, 1995 but it is not known where she grew up. Also, nothing is known of her parents; their identity and occupations remain a mystery. Concerning her siblings, it is known that she has seven siblings, one of which – a brother – appears on her posts on Instagram.

Nothing is known about Cake Queen’s educational background. The elementary and other schools she might have attended are not known. Her only career that is known to the media is her modeling career on social media. This social media platform has brought her fame, followers, and cheques. She models for various fashion brands and has been nicknamed the Cake Queen. Amirah Dyme began posting on her page in 2016 and since then has garnered over 2.3 million followers. It is not known if she plans to become a professional model in the future or be represented by any agency.

Height and Body Measurements of the Sudanese Model

When the word ‘model’ is used for females, we often expect a slim tall figure but today, this is not always the case. Models of today come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, everyone now has a category they can belong to. Our celebrity subject, Amirah, doesn’t have a slim figure, rather she is sinfully curvy with surplus bodily endowments. She uses this body and her beautiful face to advertise products for her clients. Sadly, her exact body measurements have not been revealed. It is not known at what height she stands or what she weighs,

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Other Facts About Amirah Dyme

Net Worth

Over the years, modeling has proven to be a very lucrative career. Little wonder then, why Amirah cued into it and built her career therein. The Sudanese model has been modeling for fashion brands through social media since 2016. With this, it is expected that she has gained a certain amount of financial stability. However, it is not known how much the model earns, neither is her net worth available to the public.

Relationship Status

From all the research that has been carried out, nothing pops up with regards to the young model’s love life. A young beautiful and very attractive lady will surely have numerous admirers. However, despite this indisputable fact, Amirah has been able to completely keep such information away from the media and the public. There has been no news about her relationship life so far. Nothing is known about her previous relationships – if at all they existed. Currently, all indications point to the fact that she is single or she doesn’t want to let on the public on her relationship.

Patriotic Sudanese

Amirah Dyme, as mentioned earlier is Sudanese by descent. Sudan in a country in North Africa which is popular for its long history of unstable paramilitary government. Many, including Amirah, have taken to their social media accounts to plead of peace in the country. Sometime in 2019, she used her Instagram page to spread the message about the need for peace in Sudan which brought the happenings in the African country to the knowledge of many of her followers.

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