Amber Heard Movies and TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

A good number of Amber Heard’s movies feature well-received performances, regardless, her movies are not all that she is known for. The Aquaman actress also caught the public eye with her marriage to Johnny Depp especially because of the domestic violence issues that plagued their relationship and their eventual breakup which have all added to Heard’s fame.

The rate at which actors become famous and get known for their work differs from each individual actor. For the actress Amber Heard, it took four years and more than six movies before her name became a household one. Now, she is a part of one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the film industry which is the DC Extended Universe.

The actress was born Amber Laura Heard on the 22nd of April, 1986. She is the first child of her parents, David Heard and Patricia Parsons. The family, which includes her younger sister, Whitney, lived in Texas were Amber was also born. Heard was raised to be Catholic but when she turned 16 her life changed after the death of her best friend which then led to her becoming an atheist.

Atheism made her observe the world around her in a different way and by the time she was 17, she decided that Texas was not the place for her. This led her to drop out of high school and head to New York. It was during this period her career as an actress and model began and then she committed fully to acting by moving to Los Angeles.

Like every other actress, Amber Heard has delivered a number of noteworthy performances as well as performances that are not worthy of praise. Follow us on this journey of the best to the worst-ranked Amber Heard movies and television shows.

Amber Heard Movies and TV Shows – Best to Worst

Aquaman (2018)

Amber Heard Movies
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Begining from 2013 there has been a rise in the number of movies released under the DC Extended Universe with 2018’s Aquaman being the 6th film from the extended universe. The superhero film tells the story of the Atlantean, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. Amber Heard plays Y’Mera Xebella Challa, Arthur’s love interest who was raised to be the Queen of the Atlantean. This role happens to be one of Amber’s biggest roles.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics and like most superhero/comic films, it was a hit at the box office, grossing over a billion against a $200 million budget. Amber received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress and a Teen Choice Award nomination for Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actress.

Her Smell (2018)

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This 2018 film chronicles the dysfunctional behavior of the musician, Becky Something and how her dysfunctional behavior brings her career in music and life to ruin. Amber Heard plays the role of Zelda E. Zekiel – a mentor to Becky Something but their relationship deteriorates as a result of the latter’s behavior. With 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film sat very well with critics with a good number of the actors lauded for their performance.

The Danish Girl (2015)

Amber Heard Movies
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In the twenties, which in Western countries was known as the Jazz Age, there was a shift in the social preoccupations of people and this led to advancement in different fields, it was the same period that the first sex reassignment surgery known to the world was carried out. The recipient of this surgery is Lili Elbe who was previously known as Einar Wegener and the movie, The Danish Girl, is loosely based on her journey.

Heard played a supporting role in this movie, but like every other cast member, she put her best foot forward and gave an unforgettable performance. Although a box office success making over $60 million from a $15 million budget, the film had some parts that did not sit well with critics like the historical accuracy but overall, it received more positive than negative reviews.

Pineapple Express (2008)

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The year 2008 was a great year for Amber Heard’s career as she starred in two films that were a huge success at the box office, one of them being Pineapple Express – an action comedy film, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Though Rogen played the lead role, Heard’s minor role no doubt contributed to the overall success of the film. The story follows the attempts of a stoner to flee from a man who he witnessed kill another person. For the work she did in Pineapple Express and Never Back Down – her other 2008 hit film, Heard received the Breakthrough Award at the 2008 Hollywood Film Festival.

North Country (2005)

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This Amber Heard movie is based on a novel that chronicles the first case of class action and sexual harassment suit. Heard plays a younger version of Josey Aimes who is a fictionalized version of Lois Jenson. Aimes is the victim of sexual harassment and assault because she chose to work in a mine which was considered as a man’s job.

This was one of the actress’ earliest movies and her performance together with Charlize Theron‘s who played the older version of Heard’s character received lots of critical praise. The film earned a plethora award nominations including an Oscar nod for Best Actress for Theron.

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The Joneses (2009)

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Keeping up with the Joneses is a common phrase in social relations that means trying to keep up with a certain trend or maintaining a certain social standing. This film employs certain tips from marketing psychology and consumer behavior. Amber Heard plays the role of Jenn Jones and she is one member of the Jones family, the only problem is that they are not a real family. The other members of the “family” are Steve Jones, Kate Jones, and Mick Jones.

The family is a team of stealth marketers who are supposed to infiltrate neighborhoods and advertise certain products; they carry out their advertising by using these products and every single thing they use is provided by different brands. Heard’s character is a nymphomaniac who cannot stop sleeping with her “fake fathers” and this keeps putting the team at risk. The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics but was a box office disaster.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

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Amber Heard is the lead in this 2006 film, she is the titular character Mandy Lane who blooms over a summer holiday and becomes the subject of attention of the male population of her school. Mandy Lane is not only a beautiful girl but she is also a murderous person who in cohorts with her best friend Emmet played by Michael Welch, kills a significant number of her classmates.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is packed with the experiences of different teenagers in high schools in the United States and how they navigate their identities, bodies, and sexualities. This film was not released in America until seven years after it was completed. It was still able to make a profit at the box office and was met with warm reviews.

The Rum Diary (2011)

Amber Heard movies
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Amber Heard met Johnny Depp while shooting this film. Depp played Paul Kemp, an uninspired author and she played Chenault, his love interest. The Rum Diary is about this author’s attempt at finding his voice and writing a story that shows the true nature of society. Depp’s character constantly has obstacles placed in the way of doing his job properly – either placed by external forces or from the failings he has a writer. But by the time the film ends, he grows into a better writer and marries Chenault. This is one of the Amber Heard movies that struggled both critically and at the box office, with reviewers rating it an average.

Never Back Down (2008)

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This Amber Heard movie shares certain elements with another fight film, The Karate Kid and it toes the line of other teenage fight films that have come before it. The film is generally regarded as Heard’s breakout. She plays the role of Baja Miller and stars alongside Sean Faris who portrays Jake Tyler, a hothead kid who finds rest by performing Mixed Martial Arts. Though performing well at the box office, the film was critically panned receiving 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Syrup (2013)

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Not only did Amber Heard act in this film, she was also one of its executive producers. Syrup is supposed to be a satire in the world of marketing. The character she plays is called Six and is a pun on the word sex which she uses to draw more attention to herself. The film is riddled with the many examples of how to effectively market a product while showing how sometimes these marketing strategies can blow up and ruin a company. It was both a box office bomb and critical failure earning a ridiculous $663 from a $25 million budget.

The Playboy Club (2011)

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A list of Amber Heard Movies and TV shows show more movies and fewer TV shows most of which she acts in just a single episode. Heard, as of this writing has only had a major part in two TV shows – The Playboy Club being one of it. The show is based on the lives of fictional members of the Playboy Mansion and Heard plays one of the leads, Playboy Bunny Maureen. The show was heavily criticized for being overly sexualized and degrading women. It premiered in September 2011 and aired for just 4 episodes before getting canceled.

Heard’s other TV show Hidden Palms a teen series didn’t fare any better receiving negative reviews from critics and getting canceled just after 8 episodes.


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