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Amanda Balionis
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In the world of sports, other than sportsmen and women who do incredible things in their respective areas and in turn, emerge fan favourites, a crop of non-sporting celebrities who also enjoy a relatively large following and are equally celebrated in their respective sectors are sports reporters and anchors. One of such sports celebrity is Amanda Balionis, a CBS sports anchor who has covered many professional golf tournaments of both men and women, football and lacrosse.

Beyond covering and making reports of any sporting activity, Amanda has an interesting life which you will soon learn about below.

Amanda Balionis Bio, Age

The American sports reporter was born to Anthony Balionis and Dana Balionis in the 1980s. While some reports have it that she was born in 1987, others stated 1986 or 1985. Nevertheless, they all agreed she was born on August 6, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By the age of 10, the little girl relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania as her parents changed their abode.

Born into a sporting family, particularly one that fancied golf a lot, she was naturally inclined to the sport and as well, participated in other sports. During her high school days in Manheim Township High School where she studied from the year 2000 through 2004, Amanda Balionis played volleyball with her school’s team and proved herself to be an indispensable member of the team.

Following her high school graduation, she enrolled at Hofstra University where she subsequently graduated in 2008 with a Broadcast Journalism degree. As someone who already knew she would make a living talking about sports, Amanda was active with WRHU radio station, in addition to writing for The Chronicle student newspaper and the Association for Women in Communications.

From the foregoing, Amanda Balionis actually started pursuing her career before her graduation. She interned for New York Jets, CBS 2, the New York Islanders and ABC News NOW while still in college. As she graduated, the Pittsburgh-born sports enthusiast secured a job as a reporter for Lancaster Newspaper. She did this job for one year including hosting a weekly online segment before beginning a higher phase of her career on TV.

AB began her television career as a sideline reporter who covered Rutgers Women’s soccer & basketball competitions of high school teams for Verizon Sports. In no distant time, Amanda started covering “High School Game of the Week” and then came her coverage of football and volleyball games for MSG Varsity.

She attained another career milestone in March 2011 when she became an anchor and reporter for PGA Tour, Amanda worked in this position for 5 years, hosting PGA TOUR Today and other shows. The sports television personality became a host and presenter for Callaway Golf in 2016, and in the following year, she became a member of the CBS Sports Golf Team. She has since then been the host of many other CBS sports shows and possibly more to come.

Married, Partner, Boyfriend

Being someone who has been regular on our television screens for a long time, covering one sporting tournament or the other, questions like whether or not Amanda Balionis is married or has a boyfriend are sure to come. We have equally got an answer to it and will serve it to you as raw as it is.

Amanda Balionis, for the much we have researched about her and closely observed her, to see if there is any inkling of a man in her life, has not conformed to popular assumption. The lady has no known man in her life. However, she has at various times hinted on her relationship status via her social media pages about “being taken” and having an affair in the past.

Pending when she makes a definitive revelation about who her significant other is, it will be a truism that Amanda Balionis is not married, has no known boyfriend or partner.

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Body Measurements

Amanda Balionis is no doubt a beautiful woman, she can pass for a model any day and on any occasion because of how uniquely beautiful she is.

The sports reporter stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches with a supporting body mass of 125 pounds or 57 kg. Her significant body measurements as a woman are given as; bust of 37 inches or 94cm, hips of 25 inches or 64cm and a waist of 36 inches or 91cm.

She has a pair of charming blue eyes which complement her black-brown hair colour.