Allie DiMeco – Biography & Family Facts, Movies and TV Shows

Allie Dimeco
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Allie DiMeco is one of those celebrities who attained fame and recognition in Hollywood only for them to give it all up. She is popularly known as the former actress and talented instrumentalist whose fame grew as a result of her uncanny ability to play different types of instruments combined with her acting ability. As an actress, her work on the musical comedy television series titled, The Naked Brothers Band, endeared her more to film lovers. Though she has since moved on from the world of showbiz, Allie now focuses on other aspects of life. Here are more facts about her career and personal life.

Allie DiMeco – Biography

Allie DiMeco was born Alexandra Jean Theresa Dimeco in Waterbury, Connecticut on the 12th of June 1992. From her parents, she has a mixed ethnicity including; Korean, German, French, Caucasian, and Japanese. At a very tender age, she became very passionate about acting. In addition, she was also exposed to different kinds of musical instrument which she started practicing with as well. Some of them include; the cello, drums, bass guitar, and the violin. Her nickname is Rosalina.

With regards to her education, she graduated from a private Catholic school known as the Holy Cross High School which is located in Waterbury, Connecticut. After her graduation, Allie DiMeco gained admission into the Florida International University. Whilst in college, she was a known member of the sorority called Phi Sigma Sigma.

Movies and TV Shows

Allie Dimeco
Allie Dimeco (R) and some of “The Naked Brothers Band” cast

Allie DiMeco was just five years old when she was introduced into the world of acting. In 2005, she was cast in a lead role alongside Alex Wolff and Natt Wolff in the Nickelodeon TV movie titled The Naked Brothers Band. Due to the exciting reception and success of the movie, it was further developed into a series with the same title name.

Fortunately for Allie, she was billed to reprise her role as Rosalina in the musical comedy series whose pilot episode was launched in 2006. Just like the movie, the series was quite popular and successful as well which in turn got Allie nominated in 2008 for a Young Artist Award, in the category of, ‘Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series.

She has also made special guest appearances on television shows such as; One Life to Live, The King and I, Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live. In terms of ad campaigns, Allie DiMeco has worked with LG for its mobile harassment campaign, “Give it a Ponder.”

Leaving Hollywood

Allie DiMeco was projected to be a rising star set to etch her mark in Hollywood whenever she was ready to make the transition from child actor into more mature roles. However, her fans received a shocker in 2009 after she announced that she was retiring from professional acting. This news which came in the same year her show, The Naked Brothers Band ended, got a lot pondering on the reasons behind her decision.

It was soon discovered that Allie decided to leave the dreams of an acting and singing career behind after several unclad pictures of her and a few close friends of hers were released online without her consent. The major sites the pictures were released on were first Tumblr and MySpace before they went viral.

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Now Allie Dimeco is a lot more focused on the furtherance of her education and still enjoys playing musical instruments such as the bass guitar, cello, drums, and the violin. Going forward, she might probably settle for a normal 9 – 5 paying job outside the glitz, glamour and sometimes scandal-laden Hollywood. On the other hand, she might just pull up a surprise and return to Hollywood since she has an undeniable talent for showbiz.

Family Facts

1. Allie DiMeco happens to be the only daughter and child of her parents.

2. Her mother’s name is Laura DiMeco while her father’s name is Daniel DiMeco.

3. Her small unit family was thrown into grief when her beloved father, Daniel died when Allie was just five years old.

4. Allie DiMeco is an ardent lover of dogs. In fact, she owns a Shih Tzu whom she named, “Chloe.”