Allegra Gucci Net Worth and How She Made Her Money

Allegra Gucci has a joint net worth with her sister, Alessandra Gucci, which is estimated to be around $400 million. Their huge net worth was a result of their share of their father’s inheritance after his death. Allegra also has other sources that she earns from, which include her book and her profession. 

The Italian high-end luxury fashion house heiress was born to Maurizio Gucci, who was once the head of the Gucci fashion house, and Patrizia Reggiani. Allegra became a millionaire as a teen and has maintained her net worth to date. Here is everything to know about Allegra Gucci’s net worth and how she made her money.

Allegra Gucci Shares a Net Worth of $400 Million with Her Sister

Allegra Gucci came from a wealthy and influential family that has made a fortune from their family business. Together with her sister, they have been able to inherit quite a huge sum after the death of their father. In addition, she also has other sources that she earns from.

The Major Source of Allegra Gucci’s Net Worth is Her Father’s Inheritance

Allegra Gucci’s father, Maurizio Gucci, was a businessman. He was once the head of the Gucci fashion house founded by his grandfather, Guccio Gucci. He inherited about 50% of the company’s shares and some other properties after the death of his father.

In 1972, Maurizio Gucci got married to Patrizia Reggiani and welcomed two daughters, Alessandra and Allegra. After being married to his wife for about 13 years, Maurizio decided to end their marriage, which led to his death.

In 1985, Maurizio left for Florence for business and sent his childhood friend to inform his wife that the marriage was over and that he was not coming back anymore. As of then, he was already dating his childhood friend, Paola Franchi. By 1994, he finalized his divorce from his wife, giving his full attention to his childhood lover.

In 1995, Maurizio was murdered in front of his office at Via Palestro in Milan, a year after he finalized his divorce from his wife, Patrizia Reggiani. His ex-wife was reported to have hired a hitman to kill him after he divorced her. The assassination was reported as a result of the jealousy and hatred she felt toward her husband at the time.

Two years after his death, Patrizia Reggiani was arrested with two other perpetrators; her close friend, Giuseppina Auriemma, and the hitman, Benedetto. The arrest came after the police were tipped off by an anonymous person and after they had gathered enough evidence to nail her as the mastermind behind the murder. After 5 months of the court trial, Patrizia and her perpetrators were sentenced accordingly.

This incident gave Allegra and her sister, Alessandra, the privilege of inheriting their father’s money and properties. Allegra Gucci, together with her sister, inherited their father’s yachts, Avel and Creole.

Allegra Gucci’s Net Worth is Boosted By Real Estate Ownership

Alongside her sister, Allegra Gucci also inherited homes in Milan, Saint Moritz, and New York. In 2015, the duo put up an eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half-bathroom penthouse on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, for sale at $45 million. The apartment, which is on the 50th and 51st floors of the Olympic Tower, was acquired by their father in the 1970s.

She Earns From Her Career As A Lawyer

Unlike her sister, who is successfully carving a niche in the fashion world with her fashion line, Allegra chose another career path. After their mother was sent to jail, she enrolled at Milan University, where she bagged a degree in law. It is expected that she makes a living from her law profession if she is practicing.

Allegra Gucci is an Author

Allegra Gucci is also an author and has one book credit to herself. She released a book in 2022 titled Fin Dei Giochi, which means Where, Game Over. The book revealed all about herself, her childhood, the details about her father’s death, how her mother went to prison, and what has become of the family recently.

Allegra earns also from the sales of her book on various book marketing platforms. Her book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book marketing platforms.


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