Lesser Known Facts About Alex Watson and His Relationship With Emma Watson

When it comes to the most popular actresses in the world, Emma Watson is one of the few leading the pack. However, due to her preference in keeping her personal life away from the media, even the staunchest fans of the actress might not know about her relationship with Alex Watson, who also had a career in show business.

Vastly less popular than Emma, we give you every piece of information you need to know about Alex that not only familiarizes us with him but also provides insight into his life with Emma Watson.

Alex Watson’s Early Life

Alex Watson was born in Paris, France, on the 15th of December 1992. His full name is Alexander Chris Watson. Little is known about his mother who divorced his father Chris Watson when he was a child. However, we know that he has a step-mother called Jacqueline Luesby. Through her, Watson has three additional siblings, Toby, Nina, and Lucy Watson. Both his father and stepmother are lawyers.

While his only biological sister, Emma, found fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Alex, despite appearing as an extra in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, found less success in front of the camera.

He did, however, find his little success as a model. According to him, he was out shopping in Burberry for a suit to wear to a Harry Potter premiere when someone walked up to him and suggested that he meet with their Creative Director (Christopher Bailey). This meeting was successful, as was his shooting and it earned him some flowers and a thank you card.

The meeting led to a 2010 commercial photoshoot with his sister for Burberry Fashion for the Spring Campaign. He also appeared in a music video for Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott and worked with Silhouette for the Titan Minimal Art eyewear campaign.

However, despite his early opportunities in show business and his sister’s shoulders to ride on, Alex Watson opted for life away from the show business. After completing high school, he attended Bristol University, where he studied Philosophy and Politics. Since he graduated, he has dropped off the radar, leaving the spotlight to his beloved sister.

Relationship With Emma Watson

Apparently, Alex and Emma Watson are siblings but because the two Watson siblings are known for keeping their personal and private lives under wraps, it is difficult to determine the exact nature of their relationship. However, remnants of information from his early years under the media spotlight suggest a close relationship with his iconic sister.

Not just siblings, but the only biological children of their parents, the Burberry shoot and his appearances in the Harry Potter series suggest a close bond between them. A bond that seems to remain well into adulthood from rare photos that have made it onto online platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

A Few Facts About Him

Alex Watson
Alex and Emma Watson

He Wanted to Become a TV Journalist

Back when Alex Watson was a child, he wanted to become a TV journalist, specifically like Louis Theroux. Why that childhood dream failed to come to pass is unknown. Perhaps, it was the realization of the level of attention that comes from living under media scrutiny. Guess we will never know.

Alex Watson was a Brilliant Student

Anyone who has listened to or watched Emma Watson knows she is an intelligent woman, and it appears it might be in the genes. Alex Watson is said to have been a straight-A student during his high school and college years. He’s also a talented young man who engaged in extracurricular activities like being a member of the political and debate society.

He is Taller Than his Sister

Even though Emma is two years older than his brother, he towers above her significantly. The Harry Potter actress has a height of 5 feet 5 inches while Alex stands at a higher 5 feet 11 inches.

Some of his physical qualities include brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Alex Watson Loves Shoes

Every detail about Alex Watson we know so far suggests he is a brilliant young man who cares more for intellectual stimulation than material pursuits like fame. However, it does seem the younger Watson has his vanity – shoes.

He admitted to being a shoe lover and has several of them. He did, however, mention that many of them were gifts.

He Has a Weird Ability

We all have our weird traits and abilities that not many people around us can pull off. For Alex Watson, that is the ability to speak backwards. According to him, he is pretty good at it. Just don’t ask him to do it.

Chinedu Ndubueze
Chinedu Ndubueze
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