Is Aaron Schock Gay, What Is He Up To Now? All You Need To Know

Aaron Schock was once considered the next big thing in the Republican Party, a view that was shared by President George W. Bush who made an effort by accepting an invitation to Peoria so as to help raise money for the rising star’s congressional campaign. The Illinois native rewrote history as he overachieved in both his political and personal life until he disgracefully resigned from office over the misuse of campaign funds. Read on to find out more about his rise and fall in politics, as well as the juicy details surrounding his sexuality.

Age and Background Details

The former politician was born Aaron Jon Schock on the 28th of May, 1981 in Morris, Minnesota. He is the youngest of four children born to Janice and Richard Schock. His father is a physician and a former school board member while his mother was a homemaker.

Schock attended Richwood High School in Peoria, Illinois, where he completed all the requirements to graduate from high school in his junior year. Due to school board regulations, however, he was not able to graduate early, so he had to attend Illinois Central College in his senior year to earn dual credits before eventually graduating in 2000 and attending Bradley University.

Just a few months after graduating from high school, however, Schock ran for the Peoria Board of Education but was unable to get on the ballot due to a lack of the required number of signatures needed on his petition to run for office. That did not discourage him as he successfully organized a campaign and beat the incumbent to become the youngest person serving on a school board in Illinois.

In 2002, Aaron Schock graduated from university, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. The following year, he successfully ran for the Illinois House of Representatives, beating four-term incumbent Ricca Slone. He went on to spend two terms as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives before choosing to move a step higher by running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives from Illinois’s 18th congressional district.

After a few years of what seemed like the rise of the next big thing in the Republican party, Aaron Schock was accused by The Washington Post of lavishly redecorating his congressional offices to look like the homes seen on the television show, Downtown Abbey. Following the uproar that the report caused, it was further found that Schock had spent over $100,000 in government funds on office decorating and renovations, as well as on private flights, new cars, tickets to the Super Bowl, and Country Music Awards. This and many more findings forced the former distinguished politician to announce his resignation from Congress, effective on March 31, 2015.

Following a federal grand jury indictment, Shock was embroiled in a long legal battle that lasted for about four years before eventually coming to an end in March 2019 when both parties reached an agreement that he will not face any more charges in exchange of him paying $42,000 to the IRS and $68,000 to his congressional campaign fund.

Is Aaron Schock Gay?

Aaron Schock
Sam Smith and Aaron Schock (Image Source)

For many years, Aaron Schock has been rumored to be a closeted gay man. His physique and strict workout regime, along with the secrecy surrounding his sexuality were said to be the reasons why the rumors began. Going through his social media accounts, Schock looks to be proud of what he has been able to achieve in the gym as he loves to share the results on his pages. He also seems to have a taste in clothing that would make gay people proud, hence the rumors were able to gather momentum.

The rumors resurfaced recently after the disgraced congressman posted a picture of him and Grammy Award-winning gay singer, Sam Smith. The two attended the music concert of the gay icon Elton John at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

While in Congress, the Republican took a strong stance against LGBT issues. His voting records show that he was 100% anti-LGBT, voting against the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Matthew Shepard Act, and more.

What Is He Up To Now?

According to reports, Aaron Schock might be considering a return to politics. Ever since he resigned, however, the former Illinois Rep, who has split his time between Los Angeles and Peoria, has worked in real estate development, an industry in which he has invested in since he was in college.

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Other Facts You Need To Know

1. As a young boy, Aaron Schock and his siblings were charged with looking after a three-acre patch of strawberries and selling the fruit.

2. Prior to his disgraceful exit, Schock and his loved ones must have been really proud of what he was able to achieve. At 19, he became the youngest person serving on a school board in Illinois, and by 23, he was the youngest school board president in Illinois history. He further became the youngest member of the Illinois General Assembly in state history. Schock continued his streak by becoming the youngest member of Congress at the young age of 27.

3. As a fifth grader, Schock began doing database management as an independent contractor for a bookstore chain. In his eighth grade, he began doing accounting work for a number of businesses as he went on to start his own Individual Retirement Account. The young man carried on his business acumen all through his school years as he started a garage organizing business in college called Garage Tek. The business was later sold as he began running for a legislative seat in 2004.


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