Why Did Aaron Kaufman Leave ‘Fast N Loud’? Does He Have a New Show?

Aaron Kaufman
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There may be millions of auto mechanics in the world but only a handful of them can boast of being as famous as Aaron Kaufman. His interest in auto mechanics which was born out of his childish tendencies to disassemble whatever he laid his hands on led him into deciding to take it up as a profession after undergoing several years of practical training. His skills in mechanics which include fabricating and hot rodding have seen him delve into reality television, with Fast N Loud being the first.

Aaron Kaufman’s Fast N Loud received massive recognition worldwide on its release, introducing Kaufman to a whole new level of stardom he never thought possible. For several years, he would remain a regular on the show until 2017 when Kaufman decided to call it quits, thus, throwing fans into a state of confusion as to his reasons for taking such a decision. Read along to get a vivid understanding of why Aaron Kaufman decided to call his time with Fast N Loud to a close, as well as his recent works.

Why Did Aaron Kaufman Leave ‘Fast N Loud’?

The law of gravity (which states that whatever goes up must surely come down) when used metaphorically can also translate to “everything must come to an end”. In the show business world, continuity is nothing more than a vague illusion, as it has been proved on many occasions that the importance of a particular person to a show is insignificant to his continued appearance on the show. The case of Aaron Kaufman is a very good example as he decided to bring his time on Fast N Loud to a close in 2017 after 5 years. Before we examine his reasons for opting to leave the show, lets briefly examine the events that led Aaron Kaufman into reality television.

As expected, Aaron  Kaufman didn’t wake up one day to see himself on TV, it all happened gradually, as a matter of fact, Kaufman had no dreams of ever becoming a reality TV star, his one goal was to be the best in his line of work. As a result, he dedicated his time towards auto mechanics, picking up new skills here and there until he eventually found himself working at a local garage in close proximity to where he lived.

As luck would have it, popular American entrepreneur and businessman Richard Rawlings happened to stop by the garage on a certain day and placed an order to the garage owner to have his best mechanic (which happened to be Aaron Kaufman) fix his 53 Ford Mainline. After a job well done, Kaufman caught the eyes of Rawlings whose business acumen thought it wise to involve the talented mechanic in his new venture; a garage named “Gas Monkey Garage”. Their strong working relationship saw them set up a reality TV Show titled Fast N Loud on June 6, 2012, which aired on Discovery Channel.

For several years, they would wow fans with their amazing skills as they restore tired and rundown cars, making a huge profit from their sales until early 2017 when Kaufman decided to quit the show, his reasons being that he was overstressed. According to him, he was always under pressure to get cars fixed in record time so it can be delivered to customers. In an interview, he described his 5 years on Fast N Loud as 20, just to paint a vivid imagination of the stress level.

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Does Aaron Kaufman Have a New Show?

Upon leaving Fast N Loud in 2017, there were lots of speculations as to what new business venture Kaufman was going to explore next, following his revelation that he intends to work at his own pace.

Thanks to his lovable personality and his long Viking like beards which make him look fierce and appealing, he was able to land his own show months after leaving Fast N Loud. The show titled Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman aired its first episode on Discovery on the 5th of March 2018. On July 15, 2019, Kaufman’s new show titled Aaron Needs a Job premiered on Discovery Channel, the show centers around the adventures of Kaufman who travels around the US in search of cars to repair.