60 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Their Answers

The Christmas season is a festive season like no other. Among other signs that welcome the season is the classic Christmas movies flooding our TV screens. Most of the time, these movies feature heartwarming tales that tend to bring families together. You may have seen some of these Christmas movies including It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Holiday Affair, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Man Who Invented Christmas and, of course, Home Alone. Some of the movie collection either break you into great laughter or leave in an emotional mood. If you are searching for some top Christmas movie trivia questions, then you are in the right place. Get your self tested with these trivia questions of the most famous Christmas movies.

Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Their Answers on It’s a Wonderful Life

1. In the Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” what does a ringing bell mean?

Ans: An  angel got its wings

2. Who sacrificed his dreams in the movie  Its a Wonderful Life? 

Ans: George Bailey

3. What is the name of the Angel in Its a Wonderful Life? 

Ans: Clarence

4. In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, what was Harry’s wife’s name?

Ans: Ruth

5. What kind of animal does Martini own on “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

Ans: A goat

6. What does George wish for in Gower’s drug store?

Ans: That He Was Never Born

7. How did George Bailey become deaf in It’s a Wonderful Life?

Ans: George lost his hearing in one ear after saving his younger brother Harry from drowning in a frozen lake

8. What is the name of George Bailey’s guardian angel?

Ans: Clearance Odbody

9. In the movie, what dance contest do George and Mary enter?

Ans: The Charleston

10. Othello the jealous teenager who caused George and Mary to fall into the pool was played by who?

Ans: Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer

A Christmas Story

11. What are the three Christmas ghosts that visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Ans: Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

12. Who said the following line:

“Ho, ho, but no matter. Christmas was on its way. Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, upon which the entire kid year revolved”

Ans: Ralphie 

13. Which Christmas gift does Ralphie want so badly?

Ans: Ralphie wants a Daisy “Red Ryder,” a carbine-action, 200-shot, range-model air rifle.

14. What happens to Ralphie’s little brother Randy?

Ans: He falls down in his snowsuit and can’t get up.

15. In A Christmas Story, which department store has the item in its window that Ralphie wants?

Ans: The gift Ralphie wants is in Higbee’s

16. How many “smelly hound dogs” does Ralphie say his neighbours, the Bumpuses, own?

Ans: 785

17. Where did A Christmas Story take place?

Ans: Indiana

18. Which department store has the item in its window that Ralphie wants?

Ans: Ralphie wants the gift in Higbee’s.

19. Whose tongue got stuck to the iced pole?

Ans: Flick

20. A Christmas Story was based on a book by author Jean Shepherd. What was the full title of the book?

Ans: In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash

Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Their Answers on Elf

21. In Christmas comedy Elf, what was the first rule of The Code of Elves?

Ans: The Code of Elves’ first rule is “Treat every day like Christmas.”

22. Which American comedian played the role of Papa Elf in the movie “Elf”?

Ans: Bob Newhart

23. What was the first rule of The Code of Elves?

Ans: “Treat every day like Christmas.”

24. What is that actor’s name of the actor who play elf Ming Ming and also appears in A Christmas Story”

Ans: Peter Billingsley

25. Where did Buddy live for most of his young life?

Ans: North Pole

26. In “Elf,” how does Buddy end up at the North Pole?

Ans: He crawled into Santa’s toy sack.

27. In Elf, what name is given to the human child Santa accidentally carries to the North Pole?

Ans: The human child is named Buddy.

28. How did the elves come up with the name Buddy?

Ans: They saw it on Buddy’s diaper

29. What toy does Buddy not like?

Ans: Jack-in-a-Box

30. Finish this sentence ” If he hasn’t figured that he’s _____ by now, I don’t think he ever will.”

Ans:  Human

Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Their Answers: Home Alone

31. In “Home Alone”, what was the name of Kevin’s neighbour who was played by Roberts Blossom?

32. In the 1990 film “Home Alone”, the family of little Kevin McCallister, who was played by Macaulay Culkin, flew off to France without him. How old was Kevin in that movie?

Ans: 8

32. Despite my parents leaving me home alone, I managed to guard the house on my own. Who am I?

Ans: Macaulay Culkin

33. What nick-name did Marv and Harry refer to themselves, when getting placed in the police car?

Ans: The Wet Bandits

34. What is the name of John Candy’s polka band?

Ans: Polka King of the Midwest

35. Which soft drink is Fuller told to ‘go easy on’ in Home Alone?

Ans: Pepsi

The Santa Clause 1, 2, 3

36. In the Santa Clause, which day does Bernard say Scott is due back at the North Pole

Ans: On the day of Thanksgiving

37. What is the name of Santa Clause’ son?

Ans: Charlie

38. After Scott has become Santa he returns to work and attends a presentation on a new ad campaign for a toy. What is the toy called?

Ans: Total Tank

39. When the toy company are showing the ad campaign for the new ‘Total Tank’ toy, whose house does Scott mention the tank destroying?

Ans: Pearson family

40. In “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”, what is Mrs Claus’ first name?

Ans: Carol Calvin

41. Who plays Trish in The Santa Clause 3?

Ans: Abigail Breslin

42.  In The Santa Clause 2, Who was the blond woman dancing to “Everybody Loves Christmas” in that mid-credits scene? Was she Principal Carol Newman or that Shaina Twain-wannabe?

Ans: The actress dancing to “Everybody Loves Christmas” is Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Mrs Claus/Principal Newman.

43. In The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, which member of the Council of Legendary Figures is the film’s villain?

Ans: The film’s villain is Jack Frost.

44. In The Santa Clause, what is the name of the dark-haired head-elf that Scott Calvin meets when he first arrives at the North Pole?

Ans: Bernard.

45. How many days does Santa have to find a wife when he is first told he has to marry?

Ans: Santa had 28 days to find a wife

Miracle on 34th street

46. In what city did the 1947 movie “Miracle on 34th Street” take place?

Ans: New York City

47. In “Miracle on 34th Street”, Kris Kringle is hired to play Santa Claus in what store?

Ans: Macy’s department store

48. In the movie Miracle on 34th street, who played the role of Santa Claus and also did the same role in the 1946 parade?

Ans:  Edmund Gwenn

49. In Miracle on 34th Street, what did the little lady played by Natalie Wood want for Christmas in?

Ans: A House

50. Aside from the made-for-TV movies, how many Miracles on 34th Street movies are there?

Ans: Two

The Nightmare Before Christmas

51. Tim Burton’s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas was adapted from what?

Ans: A poem

52. “And since I am dead, I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations.” Which character says this?

Ans: Jack

53. What part of his body does Jack take out to play with his dog with?

Ans: One of his Ribs

54. What flower did Sally continually slip the doctor so she could escape for a short while and explore Halloween Town?

Ans: Deadly Night Shade

55. Who wrote Nightmare’s music?

Ans: Danny Elfman.

56. Jack tasks a trio to “kidnap the Sandy Claws.” What are the names of each individual in the trio?

Ans: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

57. What type of king is Jack?

Ans: Pumpkin

58. Finish this line: ‘To a guy in Kentucky I’m ‘Mister Unlucky,’ and I’m known throughout England and _________.’

Ans: France

59. What are the names of Oogie’s henchmen?

Ans: Lock, Shock and Barrel

60. “I am the one hiding under your bed, … , and eyes glowing _____.” What is the next word?

Ans: Red.


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