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Sports is one of the most popular events around the world. We not only watch sports for the excitement alone but also for the drama and as a true sports fan, being able to answer some sports trivia questions proves our common knowledge about sports. Our sports trivia questions in this article will include a selection of questions related to absolutely every sports activity you can think of: baseball, hockey, basketball, football, table tennis, and what have you.

120 Sports Trivia Questions and Answers 

Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

1. How high is a basketball hoop from the ground?

Ans: 10 feet (305 cm)

2. What is the name of the governing body in the world’s top basketball League?

Ans: FIBA – The International Basketball Federation

3. Who was the first-ever All-Star game MVP?

Ans: Ed Macauley (1951)

4. Every basketball game begins with what?

Ans: Jump ball or Tip-off

5. What year was the first time an NBA final went to 7 games?

Ans: 1950-51

6. Who was the first NBA MVP?

Ans: Bob Pettit (1955-56)

7. Which City Do The Warriors Play In?

Ans: San Francisco

8. What is it called when a player scores a point?

Ans: Goal

9. Who is the tallest everyday point guard of all time?

Ans: Magic Johnson (6′ 9′)

10. Who was the tallest player of all-time?

Ans: Gheorghe Muresan (7′ 7′-5/8)

11. Did The 76ers Win The NBA Title In 2017?

Ans: Yes

12. What NBA team plays home games at a facility nicknamed “The O-Rena”?

Ans: Amway Arena (Orlando Arena)

13. What player scored the most points in one game?

Ans: Wilt Chamberlain (100)

14. What team won the first NBA championship?

Ans: Philadelphia Warriors (1946-47)

15. Who was the first team to sweep an NBA finals series?

Ans: Boston Celtics (1958-59)

16. Who invented basketball?

Ans: James Naismith

17. How many players are allowed on the court for each team?

Ans: 5 players

18. What is the largest basketball arena in the world?

Ans: The Philippine Arena, in Bulacan, Philippines

19. What is the birthplace of LeBron James?

Ans: Akron, Ohio, USA

20. Who is the first player to be drafted #1 without playing college or high school basketball in the U.S.?

Ans: Yao Ming

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers – Golf

21. What is golf’s championship trophy?

Ans: Claret Jug

22. What golfer, who won the 1995 US Open, has the nickname “Bulldog?”

Ans: Corey Pavin

23. What is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed to carry in your golf bag?

Ans: 14

24. Who was the “Jackie Robinson of golf,” becoming the first African-American on the PGA Tour?

Ans: Charlie Sifford in 1960

25. What famous Canadian golfer is also known by the nickname “Disco Dick”?

Ans: Richard Zokol

26: In international golf games, what are the total number of holes?

Ans: 18

27: What golfer bid a tearful farewell to fans after playing his last U.S. Open, in 1994?

Ans: Arnold Palmer

28. Who was the first Swedish golfer to win the U.S. Women’s Open two straight times?

Ans: Annika Sörenstam

29.  What is Mulligan in term of golf?

Ans: Second chance to play the same short again

30. How old was Tiger Woods when he got his first hole in one?

Ans: 8 years old

31. How many rounds must a golfer have played to be eligible for a handicap?

Ans: 10

32. What’s a scratch golfer’s handicap?

Ans: Zero

33. The first official golf course was established where?

Ans: Byron Nelson

34. Which player won master tournament 2016?

Ans: Danny Willet

35. Who was nicknamed Fuzzy?

Ans: Frank Zoeller

Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Sport trivia questions and answers

36.  MLB (Major league baseball) founded on which year?

Ans: 1903

37.  Baseball is very much similar to which game?

Ans: Cricket

38. In baseball what is number 1 position called?

Ans: Catcher

39. What team got its name because of a second baseman named Louis Bierhaurer?

Ans: The Pittsburgh Pirates

40. A baseball field is also known as what?

Ans: Baseball Diamond/ Sandlot

41. Which two cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball?

Ans: Boston and Detroit

42. Which of these father/son combinations played in Major League Baseball?

Ans: Pete and Pete Rose, Jr.

43. Who was the first player to win the Triple Crown in major league baseball?

Ans: Tommy Bond

44.  Baseball hall of fame located where?

Ans: Cooperstown New York

45. Which U.S. President was the first to throw out a ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day?

Ans: William Howard Taft

46. Who was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award with 30+ wins in the season?

Ans: Denny McLain

47. Who was the first player to hit 50 home runs and 50 doubles in a season?

Ans: Albert Belle

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers – Tennis

48. Which tennis players won two men’s singles Grand Slam titles in 2008?

Ans: Rafael Nadal

49. Who was the first black tennis player to win the US Open?

Ans: Arthur Ash

50. At what Hills was US Open tennis played before it moved to Flushing Meadow?

Ans: Forest Hills

51. Who was the first American male to win three straight Wimbledon titles?

Ans: Pete Sampras

52. What’s the common term for the tennis ailment “lateral humeral epicondylitis”?

Ans: Tennis elbow

53. Which type of game is Tennis?

Ans: racket sport

54. What is the full meaning ITF?

Ans: The International Tennis Federation

55. Which player was known as “Boom Boom” when he first entered professional tennis?

Ans: Boris Franz Becker

56. How high is a tennis court net in the centre?

Ans: 3 feet (36 inches) – 90 cm

57. At the end of the 2008 US Open, who was the officially ranked number one female singles tennis player?

Ans: Serena Williams

58. What American sister and brother won the mixed double championship at Wimbledon in 1980?

Ans: Tracy and John Austin

59. Which tennis player famously yelled “You cannot be serious!” at an umpire?

Ans: John McEnroe

60. What coloured badge is mandatory if an umpire wished to officiate in the final of a grand slam tournament such as the ‘Australian Open?

Ans: Gold

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers – Soccer

61. What team is the first in history to win a trio of consecutive global and continental trophies

Ans: Spain

62. Who scored the first-ever live, televised Premiership goal?

Ans: Teddy Sheringham

63. Who was the first goalkeeper to score a Premiership goal?

Ans: Peter Schmeichel

64. Which country has won the second most number of World Cups?

Ans: Italy

65. Who won the 1994 FIFA World Cup?

Ans: Brazil

66. Why did the Indian national team withdraw from the FIFA World Cup competition in 1950?

Ans: Because they could not play barefoot

67. Who was the first player to reach 100 Premiership goals?

Ans: Alan Shearer

68. Who is known as the “King of Soccer”?

Ans: Pele

69. What is the highest number of goals scored in a soccer game?

Ans: 13

70. What are the home colours of the FC Barcelona soccer uniform?

Ans: Blue and Red

71. According to the official FIFA rulebook, how long can a goalkeeper hold onto the ball for?

Ans: 5 seconds

72: Who was the first African to play in the Premiership?

Ans: Peter Ndlovu  from Zimbabwe

73. Including penalty shootouts, which goalkeeper holds the record for the most penalty saves in a single tournament?

Ans: Manuel Almunia (Faced: 14 Saved: 6)

74: Which player has scored the most total goals at the World Cup?

Ans: Miroslav Klose – 16 goals for Germany between 2002-14

75: Which country will host the 2022 World Cup?

Ans: Qatar

76: Who has scored the most goals in a Premiership debut season?

Ans: Fernando Tores

77. Who has the most career league appearances in the British Leagues?

Ans: Peter Shilton

78. What does FIFA stand for?

Ans:  Fédération Internationale de Football Association (In English: The International Federation of Football Association.)

79. Who was the first player to miss a penalty kick at the world cup?

Ans: Valdemar de Brito (Brazil, 1934 in Italy)

80. How many teams competed in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Ans: 32 Teams

Field Hockey and Cricket Trivia Questions and Answers

81. How long is a field hockey match?

Ans: 2X35 min

82. A Field Hockey game begins with what?

Ans: Passback

83. Who is Australia’s most capped player?

Ans: Rechelle Hawkes

84. Field hockey sticks are always right-handed

Ans: True

85. What are the referees called?

Ans: Umpires

86: What kind of surface is field hockey played on?

Ans: Grass or Turf

89. You can touch the ball with …….. side of the stick?

Ans: Left-hand side

90.  How many times can a team sub-out players?

Ans: Unlimited times

91. Which Australian opening batsman, considered one of the greatest openers of all time?

Ans; Matthew Hayden (achieved the 5,000 runs milestone in 95 innings?)

92. How many players are on a team for a game of cricket?

Ans: 11

93. Who holds the best test batting average

Ans: Donald Bradman

94: The highest individual scores in both Tests were by Australians. Who were they?

Ans: Norman O’Neill and Dean Jones

95. Who was the 1st president of BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in

Ans: R E Grant Govan

96: What does the cricket term “LBW” stand for?

Ans: Leg Before Wicket

97: When was the first cricket Test match played?

Ans: 19 March 1877

98. The first official international match of cricket was held in….?

Ana: 1844

99. In cricket, the Duckworth-Lewis method is?

Ans: The awarding system for victory in matches interrupted by the weather

100: What are the three wooden posts that make up a cricket wicket called?

Ans: Bails

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers for Volleyball and HandBall

Volleyball Sports trivia questions and answers

101.  When two opposing players simultaneously attempt to play a ball above the net is called what?

Ans: Joust

102. What is a Fish or Tuna at volleyball games?

Ans: Player who is entangled in the volleyball net.

103.  In what country was volleyball invented?

Ans: The Unites States of America USA

104. Who invented the game of Volleyball?

Ans: William Morgan

105. How many players are on a court at a time in a regular volleyball game?

Ans: 6 (Six)

1006. In volleyball, how many positions are there on a court in a 6-2 rotation?

Ans: 6

107.  How many total players are all on the court at a time?

Ans: 12

108. The captain or coach is required for substitutions when

Ans: he or she is no longer needed

109. When do you rotate as a team?

Ans: When you  win a hit

110: What is a Wipe during volleyball games?

Ans: When a hitter moves the ball from the opponent’s block in order to be out of bounds.

111. How many players from each team are allowed to be on the field?

Ans: 7 (Seven)

112. Penalties are thrown from what distance?

Ans: 7 meter

113. What team won the Champion’s League in the 1999-2000 season?

Ans: Hypo Niederosterreich

114. Where are free throws taken?

Ans: From the point where the violation occurred

115. What size is Handball court?

Ans: 20×40 m

116. Which Swedish handball player almost died when he bumped into the goalkeeper during a game in 2002?

Ans: Johan Pettersson

117. Who scored the most points for Norway in the 2007 World Championship?

Ans: Gro Hammerseng

118. When was the Standard Size of Team fixed as seven-A-Sides?

Ans: 1952

119. Which country hosted the 2001 Men’s Handball Championship?

Ans: France

120. Which country won the 2003 Handball World Cup?

Answer: Croatia

Test your sports knowledge with these 120 sports trivia questions and answers. Check out these tricky questions about all kinds of sports activities.

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