10 Best Chick Flicks On Netflix You Can Watch Now

Chick flicks are primarily targetted at young female audiences but the truth is that quite a number of male folks enjoy some movies in this genre with themes that often revolve around love and romance. There are even quite a few recommended for guys to watch as they could definitely pick a lesson or two to help them understand their female counterparts better. In recent times, feminists and some movie critics have expressed their disdain for the name which they deem rather derogatory, one of them suggested it be called “chick lit,” instead.

Despite the criticism that chick flicks have received for its cliched content, Hollywood has stuck to making these feel-good movies and thankfully, a good number of them are available on the giant streaming platform Netflix. So, for your next girls’ night/slumber party or a movie night with your lover, we’ve selected out of the pool, the 10 best chick flicks on Netflix that are available for streaming right now.

10 Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

1. Set It Up (2018)

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Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are two people in their twenties who share a lot in common; they both have their workplace in the same building and work as an assistant for their bosses who underpay them and worse, treat them like dirt. After they meet in the building, they come up with a plan to make their bosses fall in love after they realise that they just might become better people if they had some love in their lives. But while they are setting up their bosses, they indirectly set themselves up for a romantic relationship. Though they initially resist what they feel for each other, they eventually get past their self-denial. Unlike most chick flicks, Set It Up which was well-loved by viewers was also met with rave critical reviews. The 2018 film featured other stars such as Lucy Liu (Harper’s boss), Taye Diggs (Charlie’s boss), Puerto Rican supermodel, Joan Smalls also played a role as Charlie’s girlfriend.

2. The Age of Adaline (2015)

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Send out a questionnaire asking people about their top 5 wishes and you’d get a good number wishing they’d never get old. While the ability to remain ageless might immediately appear as a good thing to have, this movie gives many reasons why it can be an absolute horror. Adaline, who is portrayed by Blake Lively, is a young woman in her late twenties who lost the ability to age after she was involved in a freak accident. For a whopping 8 decades, she has managed to keep her ageless ability a secret by changing her name and appearance, but this is not good for her love life as she tries hard not to get too close to anyone, lest they notice her agelessness.

Soon, her path crosses with Mr. Perfect – a charismatic philanthropist named Ellis Jones (portrayed by Michiel Huisman) who sweeps her off her feet, leaving her with a very difficult decision to make. The chick flick fared very well with critics with Lively receiving a lot of award nominations.

3. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

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Despite the seemingly familiar and easily predictable storyline, Always Be My Maybe found a way to keep its plot fresh, qualifying it as one of the best chick flicks on Netflix to watch right now, plus, it is pretty new. Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim are childhood friends who practically grew up together, however, things become awkward between them, culminating in a fall-out after their first-time sex together. Years later, they are reunited when Tran (portrayed by Ali Wong) who is now a successful celebrity chef returns to her hometown, San Francisco, to set up a new restaurant.

Both are in a relationship with other people, though Tran’s is quite shaky. She later breaks up with her equally successful boyfriend and falls back in love with Marcus (portrayed by Randall Park). However, their romance doesn’t move quite smoothly as the two are now from different worlds. Marcus who has remained in San Francisco all his life working for his father seems threatened by the very ambitious Sasha.

4. Dumplin’ (2018)

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Based on an adult novel of the same name, this coming-of-age movie has been greatly praised, especially for its soundtrack which includes a handful of Dolly Parton songs. The cast, including, Danielle MacDonald and Jennifer Aniston (who played the former’s mother), have also been commended for their terrific delivery. Willowdean Dickson is the plus-sized daughter of a former beauty queen who struggles to wrap her head around why people are so interested in the world of pageantry. As some sort of protest, she signs up for one of her mother’s pageants and as a result, makes history in their small town in Texas where her mother is a celebrity.

5. One Day (2011)

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Though the performance of the movie paled in comparison to its source material (David Nicholls’ 2009 novel of the same name), One Day was still deemed a great watch. The British-American film tells the story of Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) who begin a journey of lifelong platonic friendship right after college graduation. They agree to meet with each other every 15th of July (the day they graduated from college) and do so for the next 20 years, however, as they go through life’s ups and downs, including a period of troubled marriages to other people, they soon realize that they are meant to be with each other. One Day ended in a plot twist and is not one of those chick flicks with a happy ending.

6. Falling Inn Love (2019)

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Falling Inn Love is one of the newest and best chick flicks on Netflix to stream right now. It stars Christina Milan in the role of Gabriela Diaz. She is an executive at a San Fransisco design firm. Unfortunately, she goes to work one morning to discover that the firm she works for has folded up. Her job loss is exacerbated by her boyfriend’s non-commitment which forces her to break-up with him. With lots of free time in her hands, she surfs the web and comes across a contest to “Win an Inn” in New Zealand which she enters and wins.

She then travels to New Zealand only to discover that the Inn looks nothing like its online photos. As a design expert, she chooses to remain in New Zealand to remodel the house. She comes in contact with a hunky native Jake Taylor (Adam Demos) who, despite their rocky first meeting, later enters into a 50-50 partnership with her to help remodel the Inn, but soon, they become more than just business partners.

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7. About Time (2013)

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About Time is one of the science-fiction-themed chick flicks on Netflix. Tim Lake (portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson) learns from his father upon turning 21 years of age that the family has a secret ability to travel through time, but cannot actually change history, but Lake is not one bit worried about altering history as he uses his gift to find love. Adding a bit of craftiness, Lake is able to make Mary (portrayed by chick flick staple Rachel McAdams) fall in love with him. The British film as written by Richard Curtis was a commercial hit and fared fairly well among critics.

8. Nappily Ever After (2018)

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Nappily Ever After, a movie centered around a woman’s insecurity with her hair is as chicky flicky as it gets. Based upon Trisha R. Thomas’ novel of the same name, the film stars Sanaa Lathan in the lead role of Violet Jones. Jones has been made to feel insecure about her kinky hair by her mother Paulette Jones (Lynn Whitfield) since she was a child. Thus, she is obsessed with having her hair look silky and straight but she snaps and starts to care less about her hair when she can’t get her boyfriend to propose to her despite her always perfect looks. She begins a new hair journey that blossoms into a romance with a saloon owner Will Wright (Lyriq Bent) after an accident at his saloon on the day she was expecting a proposal from her boyfriend. However, their relationship does not go as smoothly as her new hair journey after her ex shows up back in her life.

9. Someone Great (2019)

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Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about break-ups, some of which are those she’s experienced IRL, and this hit chick flick was said to be inspired by one of her songs – Clean from her hit album 1989. It stars Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez in the main role of Jenny Young. She is an upcoming music journalist who, after her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her because he cannot handle a long-distance relationship (as she has to move to San Francisco where she has just landed her dream job), decides to have a last hurrah of New York with her two best friends.

10. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

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This chick flick was so successful it spawned a film series. It is based on a 2014 novel of the same name by Jenny Han and follows a high school junior, Lara Jean Covey who writes letters addressed to boys she’s crushing on and stashes them away. One of them is a boy dating her older sister but after her sister breaks up with him, she struggles with the decision of letting him know how she feels.


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