10 Angelique Boyer Movies and TV Shows Rated From Best To Worst 

Angelique Boyer is one of the fast-rising stars in the telenovela industry. The French-Mexican actress has appeared in over a dozen movies and television shows, picking up several awards along the way for her dazzling performances. She has charmed her way into the hearts of millions of soap opera fans from all across the world, and she continues to earn their admiration by giving her best to whatever role she is given. Below is a list of 10 Angelique Boyer’s movies and TV shows ranked from best to worst.

Angelique Boyer’s Movies and TV Shows


Angelique Boyer's Movies and TV Shows
Michel Brown and Angelique Boyer in Amar a muerte: Image Source

Most people seem to agree that Amar a Muerte is one of the best Angelique Boyer’s TV shows there is. The Spanish-language drama tells the story of destinies that cross paths when a media mogul is murdered on the day of his wedding, at the exact same time when an assassin is being executed by electric chair in San Antonio. The media tycoon’s soul is reincarnated in the hitman’s body, while the soul of the hitman ends up in the body of an anthropology professor. Consequently, each man will have to deal with their new bodies and the challenges that come with it. Boyer plays Lucia Borges, the wife of the media mogul who gets murdered and reincarnated.


This award-winning show manages to bring a fresh take to what would otherwise have been a tired telenovela trope. It focuses on three identical triplets (Ana Lucia, Ana Leticia, and Ana Laura) all played by Angelique Boyer. The sisters have completely different identities although they look alike. Ana Lucis gets separated from the others and is presumed dead after they get involved in a car accident that claims the lives of their parents, however, she is saved from drowning and adopted by a local woman. Life goes on for all three until their lives become interwoven in unexpected ways. Boyer picked up a Best Actress award at the Premios TVyNovelas for her epic performance as the sisters.


Lo que la vida me robó
Daniela Castro and Angelique Boyer in Lo que la vida me robó: Image Source

Montserrat Mendoza, played by Angelique Boyer, is a beautiful young woman whose family is experiencing financial difficulties. To save her family from ruin, she breaks off her engagement with her boyfriend and marries Alejandro, a rich man that her mother made a deal with. In exchange for her hand in marriage, Alejandro will pay off the family’s debt. Although she never planned on it, Montserrat ends up falling in love with Alejandro after they get married, but they will have to overcome a few trials to get to happy ever after. The series picked up several awards during its run, including a couple of nominations for Boyer.

4. TERESA (2010-2011)

In this telenovela, Boyer gives life to the titular character Teresa, a beautiful, brilliant, and scheming young woman who is determined to go to any length to escape the poverty she was born into. Despite growing up in a loving and supportive household, she is constantly resentful and miserable. When her sister dies from heart disease because her family couldn’t foot her medical bills, Teresa vows that she will no longer be poor and begins plotting to use her beauty to ascend the social ladder.

She falls in love with Mariano, a young man with great potential who loves her greatly, but she doesn’t want to wait around until he becomes successful enough to take care of her. She breaks up with him to pursue a rich student at her school, who then breaks up with her when he discovers she comes from a poor home. This strengthens Teresa’s resolve to be somebody in life, but how many people will she hurt to achieve this goal? If you need any more convincing as to why this is one of the best Angelique Boyer’s TV shows, remember she won three best actress awards for her role in the series.

5. REBEL/REBELDE (2004-2005)

Angelique Boyer's Movies and TV Shows
Anahí and Angelique Boyer in Rebelde: Image Source

Rebelde is a remake of the hit Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way, specifically adapted for Mexican audiences. The setting for the series is Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school attended by children of the high and mighty in Mexico. The school has international prestige and is considered one of the foremost outlets that prepare children for greatness. The institution runs a scholarship program that allows students from low-income households with excellent academic records to attend the school. However, these students are persecuted until they’re forced to withdraw by a secret society of students called La Logia, whose aim is to preserve the integrity of the school as an institution for the privileged class.

There are also subplots involving some of the students who unite to form a pop band and others that focus on the school’s faculty and parents of the students. The success and popularity of the series make it one of the best works in any list of Angelique Boyer’s movies and TV shows.


Angelique Boyer earned two nominations for Best Young Actress for her role as Jimena in this Mexican soap opera. The story follows a woman who ends up separated from her child and the love of her life because of her sister’s hatred for her. Her son who is left for dead in a jungle is found and adopted by a new family and he soon grows up to seek revenge on the people who wronged his biological parents. However, he ends up falling for the daughter of the man he has sworn to hate and destroy, and this unspools a series of complicated events involving adultery, heartbreak, lies, trials, and tribulations.

During its 135-episode run, the series brought in millions of viewers and received consistently high ratings from viewers and critics alike. It is one of the most beloved telenovelas to air in recent times.


Abismo de pasión
Alejandro Camacho, Eugenia Cauduro, and Angelique Boyer in Abismo de pasión: Image Source

This Mexican telenovela stars Angelique Boyer in the lead alongside Mark Tacher, Blanca Guerra, David Zepeda, Altair Jarabo, Livia Brito, Salvador Zeboni, Alejandro Camacho, and Sabine Moussier. Her character is Elisa Castanon Bouvier de Arango, the daughter of one of two rival families. The series details the bitterness that has run amok between the families for generations, destroying friendships, romantic relationships, and everything in between. Abyss of Passion follows the lives of different members of the family as they try to move on, mend the damage the years of betrayal and malice has wrought on them, and forge a new future for themselves. It is full of spine-tingling drama and wonderful performances from its incredibly talented cast. It is one of the best Angelique Boyer’s TV shows and she earned a handful of nominations for her role in it.


When children in a quaint Mexican town start vanishing without a trace, the townspeople attribute the disappearances to a local legend about a weeping woman who had drowned her two children five hundred years early. The people believe that she has returned to claim more children as her own. After Tom Parker’s half-sister disappears, he travels down to help his estranged mother find her, refusing to believe her going missing has anything to do with the supernatural. He ends up being a jerk to everyone he meets on his quest for truth and refuses to buy into the superstition even when he starts seeing things.

Although it’s budgeted as a horror movie, J-ok’el only manages to be creepy sometimes. While the movie can hardly be described as good, it’s not completely awful either, especially because of the cinematography and soundtrack. It is the only Angelique Boyer’s movie out there, and she plays a character called Chica Francesca.


Angelique Boyer's Movies and TV Shows
Alma de hierro: Image Source

The Hierro family are the focus of this comedy-drama. It revolves around the patriarch Jose Antonio Hierro, his wife Elena Jimenez, and their children: Sebastian, Wicho, and Sandy, played by Boyer. Her character is a brilliant girl who is her father’s pride and joy. Although she’s studying medicine, she would rather pursue her passion for dance and entertainment, but there is no way her father would allow her to do that. As the story progresses, each member of the family finds themselves in all kinds of situations ranging from love triangles to betrayals, heartbreak, and run-ins with the law.

Although the series was positively received amongst the general audience, it is one of the less-appreciated TV shows that Angelique Boyer has been featured in.

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The story centers around the lives of four girls from different class backgrounds, who meet at an acting school and become friends. The difference in their social status does not bother them as the bond of friendship is strong enough to hold them together. Two of the girls soon discover that they’re half-sister because their parents had a romantic relationship many years ago. On another hand, there is Federico, a cousin to one of the girls, who is psychotic and full of greed. His goal is to steal every penny of his uncle’s fortune for himself even if it means having to resort to murder.

Although the show received heavy criticism in Mexico, it managed to achieve great success. In fact, its final episode was the most-watched at the time. However, many people still consider the series to be one of the worst when counting Angelique Boyer’s movies and TV shows.


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